Death Certificate - Edward Schreiber
Edward Schreiber - Death Certificate

Edward Schreiber died on March 13, 1909, at his residence located at 563 9th Avenue, New York, New York. Born in Germany, he died at approximately 60 years of age due to "ulcus laryngis (tuberculosis ?)," "[indicipherable word] due to inability to swallow," and "asthenia." The attending physician who signed the death certificate was Gustavus Schlegel, M.D. Edward was widowed at the time of death, his wife Barbara (Wiegand) Schreiber having predeceased him (1902). Edward's occupation was listed as janitor. Burial took place on March 16, 1909, at Linden Hill United Methodist Cemetery in Ridgewood, New York. Edward was survived by three of his daughters, Ella (Schreiber) Quimby, Lena (Schreiber) Ziesse and Antoinette (Schreiber) Abbott, and by his son Charles Schreiber.

Source: Certificate and Record of Death, The City of New York, Department of Health, Certificate Number 7869. Certificate dated March 13, 1909, and signed by Gustavus Schlegel, M.D., 151 West 91st Street, New York, NY.

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