Francis ("Frank") Patrick Bodine - Elizabeth Grossman

Husband: Francis ("Frank") Patrick Bodine
Born: Feb 17 1882 in Flandreau, Moody Co., SD Died: Jan 11 1971 in Velva or Minot, McHenry Co., ND Buried: in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Velva, McHenry Co., ND Father: Aloysius ("Losh") I. Bodine (1844 - 1929) Mother: Ellen Catherine Creegan (1856 - 1951) Notes
Wife: Elizabeth Grossman Married: Jan 10 1917
Born: Feb 25 1898 in Poland Died: Jul 3 1986 in Velva, McHenry Co., ND 1 Buried: in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Velva, McHenry Co., ND Father: Mother: Notes
F Child 1: Luella E. Bodine Born: Feb 7 1918 in Voltaire, McHenry Co., ND 2 Died: Oct 6 2002 in Bismarck, Burleigh Co., ND Buried: in St. Cecilia Catholic Cemetery, Harvey, ND Husband: Emmanuel Fix b. Dec 25 1910 d. Dec 23 1998 Notes
F Child 2: Viola Margaret Bodine Born: Jun 10 1919 in Voltaire, McHenry Co., ND Died: Aug 9 1974 in Billings, Yellowstone Co., MT Husband: Philip Lewis Prescott b. Jul 2 1920 d. Mar 24 2010 Married: 1942 in Minot, Ward Co., ND Notes
M Child 3: Francis Stephen Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Virginia Mary Kletzin b. Nov 29 1923 d. ____
F Child 4: Mary Jenette Bodine Born: (details excluded) Husband: Wesley Vernon Warlick b. Jul 14 1925 d. Sep 19 2004
M Child 5: Paul Aloysius Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Deborah ("Debbie") Jane Jacobson b. Apr 23 1928 d. Jun 19 2010
F Child 6: Dolores Ellen Bodine Born: Apr 6 1925 in Voltaire, McHenry Co., ND Died: Mar 6 2013 in St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN Buried: Mar 11 2013 in Roselawn Cemetery (Roseville, MN?) Husband: Robert Joseph Bernards b. May 12 1924 d. ____ Married: Jul 18 1953 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR Notes
F Child 7: Loretta Ann Bodine Born: Oct 29 1926 in Voltaire, McHenry Co., ND Died: Apr 17 2015 in Velva, McHenry Co., ND Buried: Apr 24 2015 in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Velva, McHenry Co., ND Husband: Gerald J. ("Pat") Effertz b. Apr 15 1925 d. ____ Married: Oct 1950 Notes
M Child 8: Charles ("Chuck") Augustus Bodine Born: Aug 3 1928 in Voltaire, McHenry Co., ND Died: May 1 1996 in Sun City, Maricopa Co., AZ Wife: Donna May Boehmer b. Aug 20 1934 d. Jan 1 2003 Notes
M Child 9: John Ignatious Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Betty Ann Meyer b. (details excluded)
F Child 10: Monica Mae Bodine Born: (details excluded) Husband: Floyd Elwood Goetze b. Nov 19 1929 d. Oct 14 2007
M Child 11: Mark Anthony Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Maxine J. Lewis b. (details excluded) Wife: Ruth Ann Thuren b. (details excluded) Wife: Marilyn Jean Hansel b. (details excluded)
F Child 12: Audrey A. Bodine Born: (details excluded) Husband: Thomas McLaughlin b. (details excluded)
F Child 13: Patricia (Patty/Bernadette) Bodine Born: Oct 9 1935 in North Dakota Died: Oct 1 1999 in Richardton, Stark Co., ND Buried: in Sacred Heart Monastery Cemetery, Richardton, ND Notes
M Child 14: Robert Joseph Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Barbara Jean Bivens b. (details excluded)
M Child 15: Ronald ("Ron") James Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Carol Ann Wambach b. (details excluded)
M Child 16: Gerald ("Jerry") T. Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Margaret Mary ("Peggy") Albers b. (details excluded)
M Child 17: Dale Patrick Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Kathryn Marie Fischer b. May 26 1943 d. Feb 18 1986 Wife: Sandra ("Sandy") L. Sauer b. (details excluded)
M Child 18: William ("Bill") Douglas Bodine Born: (details excluded) Wife: Jeanne Lielke b. (details excluded)
Sources: (1) RB has that she died in Burleigh Co., ND. (2) I did have July 7, 1918 as her birth date. RB has Feb. 7. Dave's Bodine Genealogy Web Site Email me with revisions. Pictures under 100 KB (about 6x4) welcome. Home Page Click here to email me. Name Index