Joseph Pettes


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Joseph Pettes
Fought in American Revolution
Born: 22 Jul 1757 MA

Married: 18 Apr 1782 Hebron, Tolland, CT

  Died: 05 Dec 1811 Windsor, Windsor, VT

  Buried: old S. Burying Ground, Windsor, VT
Old South Burying Ground and Old South Church, Congregational
"Capt. Joseph Pettes Died December 5th 1811 AET. 54 years"


John Pettes


Rachel Rhoades


Charlotte Wales


1. Mary Pettes b. 20 Jan 1788 Amherst, MA

2. Frederick Pettes b. 17 Feb 1789

4. John Pettes b. 17 Mar 1793 (tombstone says 17 March 1783)

Source:  Land deed of 1803 proving that Benjamin Rhoades was the grandfather and John Pettis the father of Joseph, Lucretia and Rachel.  Land records below

The Revolutionary War - Vermont   "Pettes, Joseph, MA; b. 1757; Capt. Kenrick's co 1775; d. Windsor 1811; OS-121, p 172; W-13, p 250"
Listed as a Revolutionary Soldier buried in Windsor, VT  in "Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots"

From "The History of the Town of Amherst, Massachusetts," by Carpenter & Morehouse, 1896
"Captain Shays who commanded the insurgents paraded his men through the streets of Springfield and sent insolent demands to the court. -- Col. Burt, who commanded the government forces in Gen. Shepard's absence; the latter, desirous of avoiding bloodshed, allowed the rioters to parade, and, after the court's adjournment, when the government troops marched to the defense of the arsenal, the rioters were allowed to occupy the ground on which the troops had been stationed.  On Friday the rioters disbanded, satisfied with what they had accomplished.  Of the government forces, there was an Amherst company commanded by Capt. Moses Cook, which 'served in Defense of government at Springfield in September, 1786'; the following were members of this company; Joseph Pettis, etc.  They served seven days and their pay-roll amounted to 11 pounds, 15 shilling 9 pence."

Married in 1782 in Hebron, Tolland, CT

Listed on the voter's list of 1802 for Amherst, Hampshire, MA.  However, from "Epitaphs Old South Burying Ground Windsor, Vermont "Capt. Joseph Pettes (1757-1811) came to W. from Amherst, Mass. in 1793 and for many years kept the 'Pettes Coffee House', located on the site of the present Windsor House."

From Families of  Amherst, Massachusetts 1984 by James Avery Smith
"Joseph Pettis  Militia service at Charlestown January 1776 and at Mosses' Creek July 1777. Res of Amherst 1781.  Innkeeper at Amherst 1783 through 1789. In 1785 he had 14 acres dev, 61 acres undeveloped and a trade, Pvt in Capt Cook's military company of Amherst on duty at Springfield Sept 1786.  By 1790 JP was known as Capt JP, so also through 1800.  Gentleman at Amherst 1790 with 21 acres dev. 72 acres undeveloped and a trade; so also in 1791 also known as Capt Joseph Petty.  Between March 1800 and April moved to Windsor, Vt.  He sold his farm at Amherst April 1803.

From "The History of the Town of Amherst, Massachusetts," by Carpenter & Morehouse, 1896, "Innkeepers in the earlier history of the town were --- Seth Wales, 1779-80.  ---, Joseph Pettis, 1783-88."   And again, "in 1789____ & Joseph Pettis and Oliver Clapp were innkeepers."
The children of Seth Wales and Joseph Pettis married in 1782.

From the "History of the Town of Windsor" taken from Gazetteer and Business Directory of Windsor Vt for 1883-84, printed in 1884

"In 1800 there was a fire which destroyed "Capt. Joseph Pettes's Hotel, occupying the site of the present Windsor House, In 1801, Capt. Pettes advertised his 'new coffee house' as completed, showing the building to have been immediately rebuilt. He also erected a wood building upon the site of the journal building, called the Pettes block. Martin Cheney kept a jewelry store in the 'chamber,' and John and Frederick Pettes used the basement for a general store." In 1818 there was another fire and "the store of F. & J. Pettes, on the south, was consumed."

Leading up to the American Revolution, the townspeople needed a secure place to meet and discuss political issues. The "Pettes Coffee House" had "an upper room in a place remote from the public eye. They met, therefore, in that memorable south room of the second story, where, without interruption from either friendly or unfriendly spectators, they could proceed with their business most speedily and successfully. It was there, probably, that these men were busily engaged in deliberating upon the proposed articles of the constitution and in laying the foundations of the republic, which they had named Vermont."

The names and dates of birth of the children were taken from the Pettes Bible. However, the tombstone of John Pettes indicates he was born 17 March 1783

Hampshire Cty, Mass Land Deed BK 18 pg 496   pg 1
Hampshire Cty, Mass Land Deed BK 18 pg 496  pg 2
Hampshire Cty, Mass Land Deed BK 18 pg 496  pg 3

The deed, shown above is extremely important .Dated in 1803 it shows that Benjamin Rhoades was Joseph Pettes's grandfather, that John Pettes was his father, and that Lucretia and Rachel were his sisters. It also shows that Joseph had a real nexus to Amherst, Mass. This is important because it establishes that he was the Revolutionary soldier mentioned in Revolutionary records and in accounts of men from Amherst in the Revolution.
There are numerous other land transactions and debt repayments. They show a variety of interesting facts. For one, they show that Joseph Pettes lived in Amherst Mass and bought sold and inherited land in Amherst. After moving to Windsor VT, he still engaged in land transactions in Amherst. This pretty much proves that the Joseph we know was buried in Windsor VT is the same Revolutionary soldier enlisting in Amherst (Actually Granby a small town near Amherst) mentioned in "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War" and in "The History of the Town of Amherst Masschussetts."
For another they show that John Pettis( Joseph's father), almost certainly died in Amherst since that is where he is living and selling land to Joseph two days before John dies.
Finally they also pretty much show that Rachel Pettis, Joseph's mother, lived in Windsor Vt until 1803 and therefore might have died there.

20 Apr 1789      Joseph Pettes selling land in Amherst.Hampshire Cty Mass Land records Bk 1 pg 437

24 Dec 1792   John & Joseph Pettes are selling land.Hampshire Cty Mass Land record bk 8 pg 336.It appears that the John is Joseph Pettes's father.It also clearly establishes that Joseph lived in Amherst

06 Nov 1794   Rachel Pettis and Lucretia, her daughter, selling land in Amherst Mass. Hampshire Cty, Mass Land Record Bk 18 Pg 496.In 1794 Rachel (daughter) is married to Rufus Moody so Rachel P is mother


08 Apr 1803     Debt repaid while living in Windsor VT .Mortgaged by land in Amherst Mass. Hampshire Cty Mass Land record Bk 18,  pg 497

07 Apr 1806      Debt mortgaged by lands in Amherst MA and Windsor VT being repaid.Hampshire Cty Mass Land record Bk 24 pg 588