Frances Young


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Frances Young
Born: 01 May 1848 South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., VA    
Married: 16 Jul 1771 Granville, NC   Marriage Bond
Wm Webb to Frances Young Bond dated July 15, 1771 Signed by Wm Webb & Samuel Smith. Wit. James Benton Grandville NC
Died: 27 Feb 1810 Tallyho, Granville, NC    


Henry Young


Rachel Smith


William Webb


1. Rachel De Witt Webb b. 25 Apr 1772

2. James Webb b. 20 Feb 1774

3. William Smith Webb b. 02 Feb 1776

4. John Webb b. 26 Jan 1778

5. Thomas Webb b. 22 Oct 1779

6. Mary Edmondson Webb b. 18 Jan 1782

7. Henry Young Webb b. 04 Aug 1784

8. Frances Young Webb b. 05 Dec 1786

9. Samuel Smith Webb 01 May 1791

Children of William and Frances Young Webb included: Rachel DeWitt Webb who m Mark Howard 1792; James Webb who m Anne Alves Huske 1807; Dr. William Smith Webb who m Mildred A. Turner; John Webb who m Margaret Howard 1802; Thomas Webb who m Martha Dickens 1800; Mary Edmondson Webb who m Baxter Davis Jr 1801; Henry Young Webb who m Elizabeth Forney 1812; Frances Young who m Portius Moore of NC; and Samuel Smith Webb who m Anne Moore Dickens

Order Bk 23, page 293 "Frances Young (orphan of Henry Young, deceased, chose James Jones as her guardian."  It seems she was over 14 at this time and the court considered to have reached the age of reason (14).  The Webb Kin of Dixie say, "She was a mere child when her father died.  Her tombstone inscription in Granville Co., show that she died in 1810, aged 61 years."  If she were born in 1749 she would have only been about 12 when she "chose" her guardian.

1764 Guardian, James Jones, is settling account. "Sep 10 Expenses at King and Queen Court to settle (?) Gardian Acct with (?) W Smith's Admn." Guardian BK 1761-1796 pg 56

1765  Frances Young orphan of Henry Young of lawful age to choose Henry Young her guardian.  Order Bk 26 pg 285