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Patrick and Bridget Brown and Children Photograph circa 1894
Standing, back row:
William Brown, 1883-1941; Martin Brown, 1880-1919; Margaret Brown Healey, 1859-1932, sister of Patrick H. Brown; Nan Brown, 1877-1925; Leo Brown, 1878-1934; James Patrick Brown, 1881-1930

Seated, middle:
Julia Brown, 1888-1912; Bridget Theresa Burke Brown, 1855-1936; Julia Elizabeth Dugan Brown (mother of Patrick); Patrick Henry Brown, 1854 -1928.

Seated  Front row:  
Bernard, 1886-1965; Standing: Irene Brown, 1893-1924; Bess Brown, 1891-1925; Mary Brown, 1889-1917; Seated: Frank Brown, 1885-1945(?).

Patrick and Bridget Brown and Children 
Photograph circa 1900

Standing back row: Leo-1878; Ann Loretta-1877; Frank Aloysius-1885; Martin Joseph-1880; Bernard Truman-1886; James Patrick-1881; William Edward-1883. 

Seated: Julia Elizabeth-1888; Patrick Henry-1854;  Ursula Burke-1895; Harry Freoli-1897; Ella Irene-1893 (in front of Harry); Mary Virginia-1889; Bridget Theresa Burke-1855; Bessie Helena-1891.


Patrick and Bridget Brown and Children 
Photograph circa 1909

Standing back row: Frank Aloysius-1885; Leo-1878; Martin Joseph-1880; Mary Virginia-1889.

Standing second row: Julia Elizabeth-1888; Ann Loretta-1877; Bernard Truman-1886; Bessie Helena-1891; Ursula Burke-1895.

Seated: James Patrick-1881; Bridget Theresa Burke-1855; Patrick Henry-1854; William Edward-1883; Ella Irene-1893; Seated on the floor: Harry Freoli-1897.


Photograph circa 1903-1906, standing left to right is Leo Brown and Patrick Henry, seated is Estel of Leo's sons and Julia Elizabeth Dugan Brown (Patrick Henry's mother).


Grave site of Patrick Henry, Bridget T., and Martin J. Brown, St. Michael's Cemetery, Frostburg, Maryland.


Grave site of William F. and Mae L. Brown St. Michael's Cemetery, Frostburg, Maryland.