Laura Louise Keith

Laura Louise Keith


Laura Louise Keith was the daughter of Laura Bryan and William "Harve" Keith. She was also my father's first cousin. Laura was only two years old when her mother died of typhoid in July of 1908. She and her sister, Katherine Ruth lived with Martha Keith, their paternal grandmother. Their father remarried and lived in Stephenville with his new wife, Beulah McCommons. Harve and Beulah Keith had four children.

Laura's sister Katherine married Wayne Chandler in Erath County in 1920 and died prior to 1928.  In 1930, Laura was living in Denver, Colorado and was employed as a saleslady at a dry goods store. She was living in what appeared to be a boarding house. In 1932, Laura's father, the Police Chief of Stephenville, died. Laura did not attend the funeral and was listed as living in San Francisco at the time.

According to the Social Security Death Index at, a Laura Louise Keith died on January 8, 1980. Laura did not marry. She was a buyer for the Mays Company and left a substantial inheritance at the time of her death.

I have this picture which, due to the location of the studio and age differences of the girls, I believe might be Laura Keith and her sister Katherine. I would love any additional information about this family.








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