Churches and Chapels which feature in my Family History - Index

Churches and Chapels which feature in my Family History.

                CAMBRIDGESHIRE, U.K.:
        Christchurch Parish Church
        St. Augustine's Church, Lynn Road, Wisbech
        St. Leonard's Church, Leverington
        St. Mark's Church, Fridaybridge
        St. Mary's Church, Burwell 
        St. Peter's Church, Upwell
        St. Peter's Church, Wisbech
        St. Peter & St. Paul's Church, Chatteris
        Elm Parish Church, nr WisbechE

        Baptist Chapel, School Road, Upwell
        Crescent Methodist Chapel, Wisbech
        Ely Place Baptist Church, The Crescent, Wisbech
        Methodist Chapel, Christchurch
        United Methodist Church, Little Church Street, Wisbech
        Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Chatteris

        The Catholic Church, Wisbech

        Leverington Road Cemetery, Wisbech
        Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Wisbech
                NORFOLK, U.K.:
        All Saint's Church, Hilgay
        St. Botolph's Church, Tottenhill
        St. Clement's Church, Outwell
        St. Edmund's Church, Emneth 
        Denver Parish Church
        Methwold Parish Church         
        St. Mary's Church, Welney

        Primitive Methodist Chapel, Three Holes
        Primitive Methodist Chapel, Outwell  


             HERTFORDSHIRE, U.K.
         Great Wymondley

             NORTHUMBERLAND, U.K.
                SUFFOLK, U.K.:
         All Saints Church, Gazeley

          Church of the Sacred Heart, Copenhagen 
                 - if anyone can help me with a picture of this church, I'd be very grateful.
                 As I am sure my cousin Terry would be as it was his grandparents that were 
                 married there in 1907.
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