Phylldelfina PALMER

Phylldelfina PALMER
abt 1830 - September 1838

        Although Phylldelfina had a short life, her legacy to the PALMERs was her name -
        and the various spellings that enumerators and others have come up with!

        We have: Philidelphia for Phylldelfina herself.
        N.B. I haven't, as yet, been able to peruse the Burwell Parish Registers held at the CRO in
        Cambridge to form my own opinion as to the spellings above.  But 2 if not 3 of my mother's
        cousins have, and they all agree on the spelling I'm using on the page heading.

        Delphina PALMER	 bn 1841 Houghton, Hunts
        daughter of Stephen & Elizabeth PALMER, Ramsey
        [Stephen & Maria�s eldest son]

        Delphfenia or Delfina Honor PALMER	 also spelt Delphener on the 1881 Census transcription	
        bn 8 Sept 1869 Methwold, Norfolk    d 10 May 1910 Wisbech, Cambs.
        daughter of Emmanuel & Susannah PALMER, Methwold & Wisbech

        Delphenia PALMER   also spelt Delphena on 1861 Census � Burwell
        bn 1852  Burwell, Cambs  d Rawtenstall [?] Lancs? 
        daughter of William & Maria PALMER
        [Stephen & Maria�s younger son]

        Delphina PALMER  		 no details
        daughter of Reginald & Emily PALMER
        [son of Francisco]

        Vera Delphinia Irene vera HAYLETT   - my Auntie Vera.
        daughter of Delphfenia Honor & Archie HAYLETT

        Delphina DAWSON
        bn abt 1886 in St. Ives, Huntingdonshire; daughter of Henry & Hannah DAWSON 
        & grand-daughter of Honor PALMER & John DAWSON.	
        Daisy Delphina PALMER
        bn 1887  d 27 November 1894, Hilgay West Norfolk
        daughter of Ryfealyer DeSilva & Martha PALMER

        Delphenia DAWSON
        bn 1903 in St Ives, Huntingdonshire - either a grand daughter or 
        great-grand daughter of Honor PALMER & John DAWSON.	

        Daisy Delphena PALMER
        bn 13 November 1907  d 1927  London
        daughter of Ryfealyer (jun) & Annie PALMER

        Phyllis Delphena PALMER
        bn 16 December 1916   d 1986  Manchester area
        daughter of Angelo Steven & Elizabeth PALMER  & grand-daughter of Ryfealyer & Martha

        Do you have a Delfina/Delphena, etc in your family tree?  Please let me know, particularly if she was a PALMER!

        Phylldelfina's siblings:
             Emmanuel & Susannah
             William & Burwell PALMERs in Lancashire

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