Aitch, PA


Aitch, PA

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If you have any history of Aitch, stories to tell, pictures you would like to see here, please email me and I'd be happy to put them online. I'd like the people of the country to know that Aitch is more than just a boat launch. It was once full of happy, loving families, who had lived their most of their lives, and were displaced by the Army Corps of Engineers. Granted, Raystown Lake, which was created from the town of Aitch and a lot of other towns, is a beautiful place to boat and camp. We hated it for many years, because of the displacement of my husband's aunt and uncle, who were never the same after.

Little Town of Aitch
This is the little town of Aitch, as it existed before the flooding. Edith and Bob Gilbert lived in the house furthest from the railroad tracks, on the left side of the road, in the bottom left corner of the picture. It's mostly hidden by a tree, next to a large white house. The old railroad bed is still visible at the boat launch area.

Click the picture for a larger aerial view of Aitch

This is what was left of that white house after demolition. Bob and Betsy's house was Demolished Houseone of the last ones standing.

If you go to the boat launch area now, there is a park with a pavilion. The pavilion is in approximately the same place as the white house. (If I'm wrong, please correct me.)

At the point where the walk to the house was stands an old crooked pine tree. It's very big now, but we can still find it. Bob's roses are entwined in the brush. The hill behind where the house was is full of blooming flowers, most of which were planted by Bob.

Behind the house stood a large grape arbor, and a stone walk going back to the outhouse - a 2-seater!! I was always scared to death to go back there (city girl!). Bob had a pen of doves he kept right next to the outhouse, and they cooed the whole time you were in there, sounding like they were laughing at me.

Home of Milton Huston Garner and Mary Elizabeth Kyler


This is the home of Milton Huston Garner and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Kyler. My husband was born in this house. Betsy (Mary Edith Garner) lived for many years in the house with her parents.

I believe this is the old mill in the Aitch area. I don't have any history on it.

Old Mill

Aitch School



The school in Aitch

Aitch Post Office

Aitch Post Office

Aitch General Store


This is the General Store in
Aitch - the one from the
Enyeart poster.

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