Lake Minnntonka
Lake Minnetonka

Fun at the lake


10 George Street, Excelsior, Minnesota

Our grandparents, Harry & Esther, purchased the cottage on Lake Minnetonka in the 1940's. They lived there in the summers and rented apartments in Minneapolis during the winter. Grandpa's sister, Dorothy Moore, owned the cottage showing on the left in this picture. It was set back a few feet from our grandparents cottage. Both cottages were torn down in the late 1950's and the property sold to my uncle, Bill Moore and his wife Maryann. They built a new home and lived there permanently. Bill passed away in 1986 and in 1994 his wife Maryann sold the property.

My cousins and I spent many summer weekends at the cottage. We had picnics, went fishing, swimming, and on special occasions we might have gotten to go to Excelsior Amusement Park. Grandpa had one or two row boats that we could take out on the lake, and bamboo fishing poles were always lined up against the front porch for anyone who wanted to fish off the dock. Some of my best memories are of the times at the lake and being together with my cousins and family.


10 George St.
as it appeared in 1994 after it was sold and remodeled by the new owners.






Harry & Esther Moore at the lake.



The couple on the left, sitting in the chair with the baby, were friends of aunt Lil & Doug's. (names unknown). Uncle Harry is standing holding the baby, which was probably Jerry or David Moore, and Grace is on the right. Sitting in the middle is Grandpa Moore, and standing to the right is Doug and Lil Raze. Front row: Boy with his back to the camera is probably Varyl Raze, next to him is Joyce Moore, then Barbara Moore, and in back of her is her brother Pat Moore. The boy with his head down, who looks as if he's crying (and may have just gotten in trouble) is probably Dick Moore?, and the boy on the right with the smirk on his face is Duane Raze. He's probably smirking because he wasn't the one in trouble!


From Left to right: Duane, Kenny, & Sandra.
Sitting, Lynne, Aunt Lil, Claudia & Donnie

Left to right, Lil Moore, Maryann, Kenny, Jessie, Aunt Lil Raze, Duane (showing his muscles), middle, Barbara Moore, Claudia, & Sandra in front.



Some of the cousins. Linda Moore is on the far right. Not sure of the others.

Pat & Barbara Moore (children of Miles Moore) and one of the other cousins out in the row boat.




Swimming in front of the cottage

More "Moores"




Barbara Moore
Claudia & Sandra Hartl

Lots of Moore cousins!! Can you name them all?? I can!  


L-R ,Maryann Moore, Grace Moore, Helen Moore, Betty, Sandra and Grandma Moore in front of the cottages. Dorothy's Cottage - Pat, Barb and Miles Moore



Bill & Harry Moore in kitchen of the cottage
Linda Moore, Duane Raze, and Claudia
(standing behind)



Grandpa Moore (in hat) and his brother, Les Moore

Left to right: Grandpa Harry Moore, Les Moore & Grandma Moore (Esther) in the living room of the cottage.



Grandpa on the porch at the cottage, and Grace standing by the door. Grandma in the living room of the cottage


Grandma Moore with her bird

Grandpa after a day of fishing


Varyl, Lil and Duane at the cottage

Lynne and Scott Moore at the cottage

Keith Moore



Les & Dorothy Moore at the cottage.
In the background is the famous "Outhouse" which had a flush toilet!!

        Left to right - Maryann, Sandra, Aunt Lil Moore, Claudia, Betty, and Lil Raze.


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I apologize for the blurriness of the photographs. some of these are copies. If anyone has the originals and would like to send me copies to scan I'd appreciate it.