Our cousins, Pat and Vicky Moore, traveled to Ireland in the summer of 2002 and visited Hacketstown, County Carlow, where our Moore family immigrated from in the 1850's. Vicky provided an interesting description of their trip, and the visit with Kathleen (Murphy) Whelan, John & Larry Murphy, and their families. The photos (next two pages ) show remains of the old Moore homestead and the town of Hacketstown where our Moore ancestors lived. After all these years the property is still in the hands of descendants of the original Moores.

I'm sure you're all wondering how the Murphy family is related to us, and I will try to explain the relationship as best I can, and hopefully accurately. The following information has been gathered little by little over the years from various sources, and of course there may be errors. I welcome any corrections or additions.




Had the following children, some of whom emigrated to the US in the 1850's.


1. John Moore -emigrated to the US and settled in Hudson, St. Croix County WI. Married Catherine Gleason.
2. Thomas Moore -
emigrated to the US and settled in Auburn, Cayuga County NY and married Ann Judge.
**Dennis Moore, remained in Ireland and married Bridget Dunne.
Patrick Moore
(our great-great grandfather) emigrated to the US and settled in Hudson, WI., moved to Stillwater, Washington Co., and Swift County MN., and later to St. Paul, Ramsey County Minnesota. Married Norah McMahon.
5. Peter Moore,
emigrated to the US and settled first in Hudson, WI., then to North Dakota, married Ann Duffy.
6. Laurence Moore,
emigrated to the US and settled in Hudson, WI., later moved to Erin Twp. St. Croix county WI, married Catherine Clancy.
7. Joseph Moore,
emigrated to the US and settled in Pierce County WI. Unmarried.
8. Elisa Moore,
remained in Ireland and married Patrick McCabe.
9. Christopher Moore, emigrated to the US and settled in Hudson, WI. and married Bridget Dunn.

Now to explain the relationship to the Murphys who still live in Ireland. It can be very complicated, but hopefully you can follow along. Please make note of the ** astericks.

Dennis Moore and the sister Elisa (Moore) McCabe, were the only siblings to remain in Ireland when the rest of the brothers emigrated in the 1850's, including our great-great grandfather, Patrick Moore.

**Dennis Moore (son of Lawrence Moore and Ann Sweeney) married Bridget Dunne & had the following children:
Dennis Jr.
(The two Laurences may have died young and the Patrick has not yet been proved to be one of their children).

**Maryanne Moore, (daughter of Dennis Moore and Bridget Dunne) married William Murphy in 1880 and had the following children:

**John Murphy
Mary Murphy
Bridget Murphy
Dennis Murphy
William Murphy
Lawrence Murphy
Elizabeth Murphy

**John Murphy, (son of Maryanne Moore and William Murphy), married Kate Dalton, and had the following children:

William Murphy
Mary Murphy
**John Murphy (Who Pat and Vicky Moore visited)
Sarah Murphy
James Murphy
**Kathleen (Murphy) Whelan (Who Pat and Vicky Moore visited)
**Lawrence Murphy (Who Pat & Vicky Moore visited)


Below is Vicky's description of their trip:

Hi, Claudia - We are back and had a great time. Put 1100 miles on the car, saw everything from the northeast coast to the southwest coast.  All of Ireland is absolutely beautiful. We had kind of planned to call John Murphy on Friday and meet up with them on Saturday, but then we realized Friday morning we would be driving close to Hacketstown so we dropped in unannounced. We first stopped by the town of Carlow, which is the county seat, to see if they had any kind of family records, but theirs only went back to 1860. She referred us to the parish priest in Hacketstown, a father McDonald if I recall. He was not in when we got there, so we went across the street to a pub to grab a sandwhich. There we ran into a local farmer named Jimmy Goss, and asked if he knew the Moores or Murphy's and of course he did. The last Moore that lived on the family homestead apparently died a few years back, but he brought us to meet one of the other descendents, Kathleen Whelan. She is John Murphy's younger sister at age 78, and was overcome with emotion at meeting family from the US. She said everyone comes to visit John since he's the family historian, but it was the first time anyone had stopped to see her.  She lives across the street from the Moore family farmstead, in a home where she raised 14 children. I'd encourage anyone else who visits the area to stop and meet her also, as it meant so much to her.


Kathleen (Murphy) Whelan

After visiting with her for a while, she called John who then came to escort us on the next leg of the tour. He showed us the family farm with parts of buildings dating back to the 1600's. It is now farm storage buildings but you can still see where the rooms of the house had been attached. It overlooks 27 acres of rolling hilly land, kind of like Wisconsin. Just down the road from that, he showed us where 3 other homes had stood, but are now moss covered stone walls. After showing us the church in Rathnegrew where the Moores had been baptised, married, and buried, he then brought us to his home where we met his wife and one of his sons. Amazingly energetic, we could not believe he's 80. He's planning a trip to Australia to visit one of his son's who is there doing some research work for a university. One of the neat things he showed us was the local school archives from the 1800's, with attendance records of many Moore and Murphy children. He then called his nephew Brian Murphy who came to escort us on the next part of the journey. Many of the local roads had no name that we could see and were not on our maps, so it would be hard to find your way around without help. At Brians home, we met his brother William, parents (Larry is John's younger brother), and their grandson Emmet. They have another son living nearby who we did not meet. They also have a castle in view from their front yard - there are so many castles in Ireland that not all are named or mapped. All three of the families we met were excited to meet us, and full of hospitality even though we dropped in with no advance call. Each insisted on giving us the traditional afternoon tea or coffee with a snack - after about 8 cups Pat couldn't sleep till 4am that night. With all the animated conversation, we never did figure out exactly what the relationship is, but are thinking Pat is second cousin to John, Larry, and Kathleen. All they said is that their mother was a Moore, we're guessing their great grandfather was the brother of Patrick Moore who came here around 1850. Claudia, thank you so much for giving us the info on the family tree - this made the highlight of the vacation and would not have been possible without your help. We shot 8 rolls of film and almost 2 hours of video, would be happy to get together and show you if you like. Our video camera can plug right into the TV. Will also make copies of the photos of all the relatives for you to add to your archives.
Thanks again, Pat and Vicky Moore

Note: I can take credit for putting Pat and Vicky, and the other relatives who have gone to Ireland, in contact with John Murphy. However, the real credit goes to Barbara Swedenburg of St. Paul, Minnesota, who initially discovered the town in which our Moores came from in Ireland. In 1989, after doing extensive research in public records, she sent a letter to the newspaper in Carlow, Ireland to inquire if anyone had information on the Moore family. She received two replies, one from John Murphy and one from his brother, Lawrence. John Murphy is interested in the family history as well, and has been very helplful in providing information. He & his family have warmly welcomed several of our relatives who have made the visit to Hacketstown, and given them the grand tour of the town and surrounding areas where our Moore ancestors once lived. His brother Larry still farms the land originally owned by Lawrence Moore, who was born in 1795.

Click on the link below to go to the photos taken by Pat and Vicky Moore in 2002.