18th Century Joseph Tilby from High Wycombe
Family History of his Descendants

'The Joseph Tree'
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The first identified ascendant of this family is Joseph, b. c.1775 in the High Wycombe area of Buckinghamshire, UK. Clara's ancestors, from Wycombe to her home in Canada; Joseph's descendants including William Tilbury & Eliza Gunn ... David & Charlotte ... Frederick on Frogs' Island ...

Joseph's son David was amongst the early settlers of Australia whose passage and initial upkeep was hosted entirely by the British government! Sadly he did not live to enjoy his new country. In-depth documented research by Clara of David's experience and details of the convict system then.

This Joseph (grandson of the first) married Elizabeth Crook and founded a family some of whose descendants are now in contact through the Internet. From Hazlemere to Chelsea, London, his line continues in UK, Australia, Canada, S. Africa, Zimbabwe.

Do given names carry inherent characteristics? This is a David - in jail... in the company of a James Tilbury, who may have been his nephew. David's wife Selina [Porter] had recently given birth to their first child: did they go out to celebrate and get carried away?

Another James, descendant of Joseph & Elizabeth, married Sarah Chamberlain, and lived in the Chelsea area. His descendant Tricia tells of the accident which cost James his life.

David's memories of his father, Walter Frederick Tilbury (son of George Alfred of Chelsea), his journey to Australia, return to England and war-service and his - two - families.

My thanks to B&DT who generously sent me copies of certificates of bmd which they hold for Tilbury and related families. I have copied the details onto this page, since adding them to the Joseph & Elizabeth tree might have made it difficult to read - C.

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