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(-Bef 1778)
Anna Mary
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Nancy R. Young

Anthony A. Holliman

  • Born: 27 Oct 1811, Muhlenburg County KY
  • Marriage: Nancy R. Young on 29 Oct 1835 in Ohio County, KY
  • Died: 12 Nov 1900, Garnett, Anderson County, KS at age 89
  • Buried: Garnett, Springfield Cem, KS

bullet   Ancestral File Number: 10.


bullet  General Notes:

First Legal Owner of 120 acre farm in Bush City, KS. He was issued aseal to this land under the provisions of a homesteader law signed by Pres. James Buchanan in 1860. He and his family moved from Kentucky in 1857. They had seven children.

From the History of Kansas, Anderson County: Lincoln Township was formed and its boundaries established October 3, 1870, as follows: Commencing onthe east line of Anderson County, at the northeast corner of section 3, township21, range 21; thence west to the northwest corner of section 4, township 21,range 20; thence south to the line dividing ranges 21 and 22; thence east to the county line; thence north to the place of beginning; containing 48 square miles.

The first settlement inthe township was in May, 1857, by Daniel Elsbury,on North Sugar Creek, and during the year the following persons also settledin the township: John Lawrence, Charles Vanguilder, Wm. Taylor, H.K.Robinson, Wesley Spindler, Mrs. Fry, Dr. J.W. Swank, M.E. Osborn, Benjamin Peoples,James D. ridgeway, B.F. Ridgewary, S.B. Miller, Mrs. Ashburn. Among those of1858 were R.H.P. Snodgrass, Riley Lawrence, Geor ENoch, James Lowry, DavidWright, A.W. Ross, Wm. Vess, Blaine A. Vess, Cyrus Morris,Presley Morris, Adison Morris, Samuel Morris, Anthony Holloman and Virgil Holloman. Prominent settlers of 1859 were C.T. Chpain, Samuel McCollum, Daniel McCollum,Nelson Tusteson, James Hourigan, Wm. Rebstock and Christian Rebstock.

The township is watered by several streams, which supply an abundance ofgood water. Timber is rather scarce. It contains numerous beatuiful roundmounds, and a great varity of valley land; and the soil of the township is aboutan average with other partsof the county.

The first death in the twonship was Mrs. Snodgrass, in July, 1858.
Are you still looking for Anthony Holloman? Today I went to a
different library and looked at a different set of books on NC. I found
an Anthony Holloman living Burke Co., NC in 1778, and still there in
1785. Living next door to him was Henry Holloman and his wife,
Elizabeth. Anthony was still there in NC in 1800, and Henry Holloman
sold land there in 1805. I saw no more references to Anthony or Henry in
NC. This is about all I can say for them, at this time.
I found other things, also, now, I have to go do some work,
again, and look deeper this time.
rootsweb email:
From: "M.A. Holloman" <[email protected]> <mailto:[email protected]> To: [email protected] . Subject: Hollomans & Paradise
I have been searching for a long time for any siblings or parents of Anthony Holloman (Holeman), born 27 Oct. 1811, in KY(?). Married Nancy R. Young, daughter of Polly, Ohio Co., KY, 29 Oct. 1835. Purchased land in Muhlenberg Co., around Paradise, in 1835. Sold land in 1855 to R.S.C.A. Alexander and moved to Kansas. Children of Anthony and Nancy were all born Muhlenberg Co. Mary Iam, 17 Feb 1837 Virgil Mabron, 9 Nov. 1839 Transylvania, 27 June 1841 Ira E., 30 June 1844 Louisa, 1846 Harvey Allen, 29 June 1850 Nancy E., 15 Feb. 1852. Nancy E. is not found in Kansas with family. Possibly died & buried in Muhlenberg County. Also, can anyone tell me if Paradise still exists? Thanks for any help.
Anthony Holeman and Nancy Young were married in Ohio County KY, Oct 29, 1835 - his name is spelled Holeman in those records...but from the census records for that county, it appears it is the Young family that lived there. Ohio County KY adjoins Muhlenburg County KY, where they lived a good many years.
The 1880 census for Anderson County KS, shows:

Name RelationMarital StatusGenderRaceAgeBirthplace OccupationFather's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Anthony HOLLOMAN Self M Male W 69 KY Farmer PA PA
Nancy HOLLOMAN Wife M Female W 62 KY Keeps House PA PA

Source Information:
Census PlaceLincoln, Anderson, Kansas
Family History Library Film 1254372
NA Film Number T9-0372
Page Number 162D

Joe, that Antony Holman in NC appears to be in Lincoln 1790...rather than Burke County...did the counties change or something?

ID: I15266 Name: Anthony Holeman Title: --C--T Sex: M Birth: ABT 1818 ZYXW: 68 Note: Ohio Co. Marriages Note: 68 Change Date: 19 NOV 2002

Marriage 1 Nancy Young b: 9 JAN 1818 in Grayson Co., KY
Married: 29 OCT 1835 in Ohio Co., KY 68
The Nancy Young buried in Grayson County KY is not my Nancy Young that married Anthony Holliman but that is their marriage record in Ohio County KY - in Greyson County KY there is however a John Holeman in the 1815 tax records, who could easily be Anthony's father (Char: info found Dec of 2003)

bullet  Research Notes:

probate records in Anderson County KS:
Case #:1175
parties last name:HOLLOMAN
parties first name: ANTHONY A.
date of filing: 11/22/1900
type of case: ADM.

There is an Anthony Holliman in Burke Co., NC in 1778. Henry and
Anthony were still there in 1785.
There is an Anthony and a Henry in the 1800 Census, Lincoln Co., NC, and
I think that the number is page 815 on these.

I have noticed that I did not answer your question some time ago,
about Anthony Holloman being Wilson Hollomans' brother. I don't really
know, for sure. I do know that in one of the versions of that clan, by
g-g-g-grandfather was not listed as a son of Wilsons', so I guess that
it could be that he was, but, I have no proof of such. You might take
the individual Census reports, and try to hang some names onto the many
ages of children of that family, and see if any fit.
All the records that I have seen of my g-g-g-grandfather
Holleman, shows that he was married in 1813, but records indicate that
his first child was born in 1817. This has never made me believe that
his first one was born in that year. In all probability, his first child
may have not survived long, and that could have been the same for the
second child, also. But, we have no way of tracing back to see, for
sure. I don't know if anyone has ever found him on the 1820 Census, but,
they may not have looked at the Census of KY, as he was know to have
been there in 1813. All of his children came with him to Rusk Co., TX,
in about 1852.
Char, I have a listing of marriages of Holleman people, that I
believe are mostly from the family of Christopher Hollyman. There are at
least 5 pages of them, giving dates of marriages, and, where possible,
the parents of those who married. Some of these are from copyrighted
material, but most come from records found in various counties in several
States, in cluding VA, MS, TN, and TX, plus a few others. I could send
this to you as an attachment, and I use MSWord 6.0 for all my work. My
list is not complete, but, I keep adding to it as I find material. You
are welcome to it, for reference purposes, if you wish.
I may get to spend a few days at the Clayton Library in Houston
this week, or early next week, so I will look, again for material. I
need to check some further references that I have located.
I guess that I mistated that bit of information, thanks for the
correction. Wilson's wife was Elizabeth Moody, who was the daughter of
Phillip Moody.
I can't say for sure who the children of Moodys' were, but they
are named in the Family Bible, with the exception of the 20+ year old
female in the 1840 Census. I don't have the foggest as to who that was,
but suspect it was a younger sister of Moodys' wife, or, possibly a
younger sister of Moody. Just don't know for sure, and don't have any
way of finding out, unless there is some paperwork availble to point out
some things.
Moody Holleman's grandmother was Elizabeth Moody, who was the
wife of Wilson Holleman.
Elizabeth was the daughter of Phillip Moody. I think that I have that
correct, as I looked at it today.
As for the Moody Holleman Family Bible, I would say that Moody's wife,
Margaret (Brown) Holleman was the one who filled out the family sheets.
This Bible is owned by a distant member of the Moody Holleman family, and
the Birth Sheets has been published by this individual. I suppose that
this would make it a Copyrighted printing.
There are Hollemans living in LaFayette Co., MS, and adjacent
counties in that area. This was primarily Jordan Holleman, who was born
in NC, and his family. There is a write-up in the LaFayette Co., MS
Family History book, that gives some data on this family. Most of the
data comes from word-of-mouth, and it is obviously wrong. Some of the
later generations are good, however.

The Moody Holleman Family Bible has ten children listed for Moody
and his wife, Margaret Brown.
The first child, Alexander was born 6 Feb 1821, but does not state the
State. The second was Wilson
who was born 6 Sep 1822, Jeremiah b. 2 Oct 1824, George Washington b. 16
Dec 1826, Patrick Henry,
b. 9 Dec 1827, Caroline, b. 14 Jun 1829, John Wesley b. 30 May 1831,
Emiline b. 22 Mar 1833, Feliciana b. 15 Jan 1835, Louretta b. 4 Mar 1837.
Moody was born 28 Dec 1784, and Margaret Brown was born 24 Dec 1794. I
have mariage dates for some of the children from the records of Hancock
Co., MS, and Harrison Co., MS. So, it appears that all the children were
born in Ky, Mullenburg Co. The female that is 20 to 30 years old, does
not appear to be part of this family, as the first daughter is born in
1829. Moody is listed in the wrong age group, but, these mistakes of a
few years are common on old Census reports.

I don''t know, but it could very well be. I really didn't know
they, or the three of them were in KY at the time that they were until I
saw you files on Yahoo. I had figured that Josiah John had been a
serviceman in that area in the War of 1812, and that would have been
where he met his wife. Many of the family of researchers have assumed
that the Hollemans spent all their time in TN, after they left VA.
Doesn't look that way now. I will be happy to see what you come up with
on them. I'm mildly curious about William Holleman being there, also. I
don't know where Hopkins Co., KY is located.
Keep up the good works; you are doing great.

I found some additional information on Robert Hollyman in my notes. He was a ships' commander in 1699, in Bedford, England, and had been a ships' captain in the 1660's, sailing his ships in and out of the Colonial Virginia ports. Certain members of our family of Hollymans owned shares in the ship Honor, which was captained by Robert Hollyman at one time. The information on this can be found in the Wills and Deeds of the counties in which the Hollymans lived at those times. I forget the exact details on this.
Wilson Holleman was the son of Joseph Holleman, jr and Elizabeth Wilson, Joseph, Sr was the son of Thomas Holleman and his wife, Unity, Thomas being the son of Christopher, sr. I don't know when Wilson died, and I have never been able to find any Will information out of TN. I guess this is one of the things I can further check on at Clayton Library on the 17th.
My records indicate that Mary Elizabeth Holleman married William White on 17 Aug 1787 in S'hampton Co., VA. Along with this, I note that many of the marriage records that I have do not correspond to the same dates that Tina Peddie has in her book. Most of my records comes from the transcriptions of writers who publish the records of various counties, ect. It would cost a "bundle" for me to obtain all these records.
Blanche Adams Chapman has published a book on the WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS of the Isle of Wight Co., VA, 1647 - 1800. The book does not always give you a date, but it does provide some information as to whether such is available, and a hint of what it covers.
Honestly, I am not "stringing" you along. I go thru my notes, and come across these little tid-bits of information, that I have found interesting, so I write them down. And, sometimes, I cannot even go back and re-construct what I was thinking about.
Probably this on Wilson Holloman was a settlement of Wilson's
estate. At the date of 1836, Wilson would have been about 86 years old.
And, this was probably some of the land that his father had parceled out
to his children when he passed on. I don't believe that he returned to
VA before he died, tho I have no concrete proof of that. I suspect it
was in Hardin Co., TN, at which time, Josiah John Holleman was living in
that same area. Much of the Census of that era, has the name of HOLMAN
rather than HOLLEMAN. At the time that I looked at this, I didn't
understand that the names are the same person, but, the clerks did not
spell it correctly. They used the phonetic spelling method.
I noticed that one of your files was on a Robert Hollyman. This
man was the Master of more than one vessel as they sailed and traded in
the Virginia Colony. The name first comes up in about 1637/1639, when
Robert is transported in Henrico Co., VA. The name is mentioned at a
later date also, but I did not copy the reference on that one. This
Robert Hollyman was out of Bedford, England, and apparently, this was a
port (I haven't looked at a map). This would tie in perfectly with the
family of the material you sent the other day. Robert is probably the
son of another son of the original John Holliman. Just a guess.
Many thanks, again, for the material.

First, the Hollimans, Hollemans, ect., are found in McNairy Co,
TN, Jackson Co., Tn, Henderson Co., TN, and some in Benton Co., TN and a
couple of adjoining counties around them.
Next, I want to thank you most sincerely on sending the data on
the Holliman family of Bedford, England. I believe that this is the
group that are the ancestors of our particular family. I believe that
the Thomas Holliman, is the same Thomas Holeman, who owned land -
headrights - around James City Co., VA in 1635, tho it does appear that
one of the sons remained behind in England. It does appear that there
was a Richard and a William Hollman in that area at that same time.
These were probably related to our Hollimans. I noted, with special
interest, that Judith Holliman was a younger sister of our Christopher.
It should be noted that Judith Holliman appears to have not been married
by 1662, as she was traveling with a woman companion that year, and this
appears to be the same woman that she traveled with in 1653. All this is
found in the books on CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS of VIRGINIA, by Nell
Micajah Holliman was the son of Joseph Holliman, jr, who was the
son of Joseph Holliman, Sr., who was the son of Thomas Holliman, who was
the son of Christopher Hollyman, Sr. Tina Peddie's book on the Hollimans
can help you wade thru all this stuff, otherwise, it can get very
confusing, i.e., which is to say why I have so little hair at this
If I can help with anything, let me know. I do appreciate all
your help, and it truly has been a big help.

Joe Parker
The name "Xtopher" is the same as Christopher, and it is used
interchangabily in legal documents on the same piece of paper in most
cases. If you seperate the name Christ opher, as such, many times in
the past and sometimes in the current times, an "X" is substituted for
the name Christ. Someone told me somewhere in the past - tho I don't put
much faith in the statement - that Jews would not write the name "Christ"
so they substitued the "X" for that name. I would put a "grain of salt
on that tale".
In one of your file postings on the Hollemans, some land, 5 and
one fourth acres, was sold in Surry Co., VA in the year 1836, by Wilson
Holleman. I would think that this was probably to settle some land deeds
rather than Wilson Holleman living in that area at that time. What is
your impression?? I have always believed that Wilson died in Hardin Co.,
TN, but the exact date is a mystery. What is your thoughts on that
subject. It has been so long since I went thru the Census records of TN,
that I can't remember when the Hollemans first appeared there.
You are doing some good deeds. Keep it up..!!

I have in my personal notes that John and James Atkinson were
brothers. This is determined by the Will written by the father of these
two boys. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the base note that
I transcribed this from. Like a bolt from Cupid's bow, it just hit me
where my note on this was. The Will of Thomas Atkinson: Leg, sons
William, Peter, Samuel, wife Susan, dau Sarah with wife extx, dated 10
Jan 1687/1688. Witness was Richard Holleman. This is found on the Book
of Wills of Isle of Wight County.
I have found tht it is not unusual for sons/dau to be left off Wills by
their parents. Sometimes the mother will add them back in, after the
father has passed.
I have a note on my genealogy that Wilson Holleman died in Hardin
Co., TN, but, I do not have a date on his death. Our Josiah John
Holleman came from in that general area and moved to Rusk Co., TX about
1850.It appears that Moody Holleman went on to live in Hancock Co., MS,
and died there in 1865.

The Volume by John Boddie, that mentions the headrights of
Richard Hollyman, is found in Volume I, not Volume 7. I just ran across
my notes on that.
I have never been able to find where the Josiah John Holliman mentioned in the 1716 land deed record, fits into the family. It is obvious that he does fit, as there are siblings in other families that are named after him, which does include my Josiah John, who was the son of another family member. The Hollemans intermarried with one another down the line, and my Josiah John is related to two different groups of the Hollemans. That is one of the areas that has just about stopped my research on them. I believe that I do have the basic family line down alright, but some of the side groups are causing me to pull out my hair.
The Richard Hollyman that sold his 1230 acres in 1702, appears to me to be a brother to our Xtopher
Hollyman. The number of acres is close to what was owned by Christopher on Black Water Swamp. Yet no other children appear to be involved in this sale. William owned 100 acres beside his father, Xtopher,
at Black Water Swamp. I believe it was John Boddie in his Southern Historical Families, Vol VII, I believe this is the correct volume, that states that this is probably the headrights of Richard Hollyman. I have, without further proof, believed that all headrights were issued in this area before 1650.
As for the books, CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS of VIRGINIA by Nell Nuggent, most libraries have copies of these volumes. I don't remember when they were last printed, but I think it was 1982.
Another set of good books on colonial Virginia records is by Beverly Fleet. These are abstracts of some of the Court Records and Court Orders of various counties in southern Virginia. I believe that the name of these books is called: COLONIAL ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA by Beverly Fleet. Some of her writings go back to the 1930's. Only your larger libraries will have these.
Let me know if I can help you any further.
I am definitely interested in William Holloman of Mulhulenburg
Co., KY in 1810. This is interesting in this way. It is known that my
g-g-g-grandfather was a Sergeant in the KY Militia in the war of 1812, as
based on known records, and it is known that his wife was one Jenny
McLaughlin, whom he married on 13 April 1813 in Mulhulenburg Co., KY. My
g-g-g-grandfather was Josiah John Holleman. Josiah John died in Rusk
County, TX in 1862, and is buried in the Holleman Cemetery in Rusk
County, TX. Many of his descendants are also buried in that family
One of our family researchers, Mr. E. Ray Green of Dallas, TX,
has stated that Josiah John Holleman was the son of Wilson Holleman. I
do not have a date/place of death of Wilson Holleman, but he was born in
Surry Co., VA about 1750. It is still possible that Wilson Holleman
himself was living in VA at about 1785, and moved to KY after Josiah John
Holleman was born. Wilson's oldest son, Moody, moved to Hancock Co., MS,
where he lived out his life there.
The only William Holleman that any dates close to that on the
census, is shown as dying in 1803.
I would appreciate any information that you may be able to pass
along on this line. Do you know where this Wm Holloman is from? Any
Thanks, in advance.

Joe Parker
Tina & all other researchers.
Let me give all of you something to think about, and let
yourselves do some research on this end of it.
The only "proof" that I have on this subject, can be found in Volume I,
of VIRGINIA, by Nell Nuggent. There are numerous entries on this subject
in just Volume I, alone, while the remaining volumes has some input on
In 1635, THOMAS HOLEMAN was granted some land in James City Co.,
VA for transporting some individuals in that area. It goes on to state
that THOMAS HOLEMAN was part of "Martin's 100" (I don't know what this
is, because I cannot find data on the subject.) At a later date(s) a
WILLIAM HOLEMAN and RICHARD HOLEMAN were also transported in the area
around James City Co., VA.
In May 1650, Xtopher HOLLYMAN and Judith HOLLYMAN were
transported in the area above.
It is noted in another item that Christopher Hollyman and Judith Hollyman
had received (purchased)? or sold land in the above area. Two of my
fellow researchers have noted that women were not normally permitted to
purchase land in the colony, but, a man and wife could purchase land
together. This would lead you to believe that the Christopher and
Judith, above, were married. The next entry along this line is where
Christopher and his wife ANNE are selling land, and ANNE is having to
sign the document to permit sale of this land. MARY HOLLYMAN does not
show up on legal documents of that area until 1668, and again, this is on
a land document. Could it be that Christopher's first wife was named
"Judith Anne"??? If we look at the births of their children, we note
that the first apparent child is named ANN. This same ANN gets married
in 1671 in Isle of Wight Co., VA. My estimate is that she was about 16
years old, making her born somewhere around 1655. There are several
children of the Hollyman families who have the name "ANN".
Of course, Mary is also a name that the children of several families is
I can't find the specific note at this time, but, the headrights
of RICHARD HOLLMAN were purchased by a William Exum(?) in 1702/1704. I
believe that this is the brother of Christopher, who also had brothers
named William and John.
I may be way out in left field on the above, but, I don't really
believe that I am. There are some indications that one of the Hollymans
came in from, probably, Barbados, but, based on what is written, it could
mean something else. One of my notes indicates that one of the HOLLYMANS
paid his way back to one of the Islands, and I believe it was Barbados.
James City Co., VA was divided up in the early years, and parts
of Isle of Wight County, which is across the bay from James City, and
part of Southhamton, and Surry Counties were created from the old James
City County.
I'd lilke to hear comments on this, if you would like to do so.

Joe Parker
Christening Records of St.Mary Parish Bedford,Bedford,ENGLAND
Thomas HOLMAN,cr 04,Mar.1576; Bedford,England;-m-Helena POYNARD,23 Oct 1609; their children were
(1)John HOLLIMAN,cr, 16 Sept., 1610;-m-Mary PARRELL,25 July 1641,St Mary,Bedford,Bedford,ENGLAND
(2) Ellenora HOLIMAN;cr., 13 Sept 1612;St.Mary Parish,Bedford,Bedford,ENGLAND
(3) Joan HOLLIMAN;cr.,14 Nov.1613; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
(4) Thomas HOLLOMAN; cr., 20 Mar 1616; """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
(5) Christopher HOLLAMAN; cr 2 Sept. 1618;"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
(6) Judith HOLLIMAN; cr., 11 Feb. 1621"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
(7) Eleanor HOLLYMAN; cr., 14 May 1623; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
(8) Stephen HOLLOMAN; cr 24 Dec 1625; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
(9) Mary HOLIMAN; cr., 13 Sept 1628; """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
transcribed from the original parish record...
> Who is your Holleman in Smith County TN...?

Many of my relatives lived on the Smith - Jackson Co TN borders.

Long story......

Martha King ROBERTS married Milton Doc YOUNG. Until recently I was never
able to find her in the 1850 census living with her parents. Finally found

1840 Jackson Co TN census p. 283
Roberts, William H.
1 between 20-30 (William)
2 under 5 (Martha & Jane)
1 between 30-40 (1800-1810) (Sophia) however, there was a 0 in the
slot. It looked like it was marked with a 1, then he made a 0 out of it. Is
this Sophia or another wife?

William H. Roberts
Mark Holleman
Elijah B. Holleman
James L. Holleman

1850 Jackson Co TN census, p. 625 #1078, Dist 15, Granville lists:

Roberts, William H. 42 NC farmer
Sophia 37 VA
Martha 15 TN
Jane 13 TN
William 8 TN

Their neighbors were:

1079 Elijah B. Holleman
1078 William Roberts
1077 Samuel Holleman
1076 Mark Holleman

1860 Smith Co TN census p. 26 #277 lists:

Roberts, William H. 52
Sophia 46
William F. 20

Martha and Milton were listed in a lawsuit in the 1850's with the Holleman's.
Apparently this was a lawsuit over the estate of Mark Holleman (who married
Glenn Sisters, Hanah and Elizabeth). Since Martha was married, she was
listed with her husband. However, William H. ROBERTS was listed as guardian
for Jane and William.

If Sophia were a Holleman, why wasn't she listed too? Thus, I have reason to
think possibly Sophia was not the mother of the 3 children (Martha, Jane and
William). Also looking at the 1840 census, there is a possible discrepancy.

So, reason stands that I am somewho kin to Mark Holleman and some of his

1850 Jackson Co TN p. 625 # 1076 lists:

Holleman, Mark 79 TN
Hanah 60 NC
Louisa 22 TN
Penelope 18 TN
John 16 TN
Rebeca 7 TN

Living next to:

1076 Mark Holleman
1077 Samuel Holleman
1078 William Roberts
1079 Elijah Holleman

From the information that I have dug up, to this time, it appears
that the Hollimans, ect., moved from VA to NC. BUT, I know that there
were Hollemans in NC shortly after these events, and those Hollemans are
not related to ours, because they changed their name to HOLLEMAN from
another name. I will pass this on, as soon as I find my note that has it
written down. The Hollomans of Bertie, Johnston, Wake, and at least two
other counties in NC, are descendants of the VA bunch. At one time,
Bertie Co., NC was part of Virginia, the line dispute being settled in
about 1729. Southhampton Co., VA is where many of the VA Hollemans
lived, and the Northampton Co., NC Hollemans were part of this group. At
one time, the two counties were one county. At one time, eastern KY was
part of the State of Virginia, and many land grants of Virginia were
issued on land that is now KY. Not only that, many of the NC Hollomans
moved to KY, and from there to parts unknown. My line came from VA to
KY, and then south.


Anthony married Nancy R. Young on 29 Oct 1835 in Ohio County, KY. (Nancy R. Young was born in 1818 in Ohio County, KY, died on 23 Mar 1888 in Garnett, Anderson County, KS and was buried in Garnett, Springfield Cem, KS.)

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