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Information needed:
    Yehuda Lombrozo parent's names.
    Miriam Lombrozo maiden and parent's names. 
    Riva's Lechno's brothers and sisters names.
    Yehuda and Miriam's children's name's.  
    Does Sason belong as chldren to Yehuda and Miriam?
    Yosef Lombrozo's wife and children's names.
    Was Shmuel Lombrozo married?
    Moshe (Morris) Lombrozo wife's name.
    David Lombrozo's wife's name.
    Brian Silverman's wife and children's names.
    Paul Silverman's wife and children's names.
    Ira Silverman's wife's names.
    Lee Silverman's wife and children's names.
    Charlene Silverman's husband and children's names.
    Contact information for Mary and Jack Kajia's children.
    Dates of birth/death for people in the tree.
    At least one picture of every one in the tree.

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