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David Goodstein & Olga Perkovic


Olga                       David

        Sophie                          Daria         (2009)      

My father Martin Goodstein (1927-1981) lived in New York his entire life (born in Brooklyn, moving as an adult to Queens, then Manhattan, then Queens again). He worked as a clinical psychologist. My mother Betty Blase (1926-2003) was born in Utica, NY and came to NYC after college.  She worked as an early childhood educator for vision impaired preschoolers at the Lighthouse for the Blind in Manhattan.  She passed away in Forest Hills, Queens.  I David, live in San Francisco with my wife (married 1993), Olga Perkovic, who hails from Belgrade, Serbia.  We met in graduate school at Cornell and were both trained as physicists, but I'm currently working (2004) in computational genomics and my wife is an executive at a San Francisco engineering/design firm.   My sister Susan lives in Northampton, MA (in the Berkshires near Smith College).  

My father's older half-brother Rueben Goodstein worked in sales, lived his entire life in NYC (Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Rockaway) and passed away in the late 80's (probably 1988). 

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