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This home page was created for descendents of  Laura Huffaker and Daniel Webster Clay Rector.  Much of this information was taken from The Rector's of Wayne County, Kentucky, by Clara Rector Barnes Smart, published in 1975 by Wayside Press.  The rest came from public family trees. Please note that most of the older information has not been documented and cannot be verified. I put it up for informational purposes, only. As with all genealogy info on the web - don't assume it is true unless you've documented it for yourself.

Marmaduke Vickery and Elizabeth Nation

This Marmaduke Vickery was likely born about 1715 (possibly to Hezekiah Vickery (1683-1736) and Merci Holland (1693-1736)? - not clear). According to some family trees, he was born in England or Ireland, but other sources list him as having been born in Randolph, North Carolina or even New Jersey. In her book, The Rectors of Wayne County, Kentucky, Clara Smart claims that the Wayne County Vickery's descend from two brothers who came from Wales. I have been unable to prove anything before his time. At any rate, we know our Marmaduke died Dec 1787 at Randolph, NC and is buried at the Timber Ridge Church Cemeter (Nr Deep River, Randolph Co., NC). He married Elizabeth Nation abt 1734. The Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution list a Marmaduke Vickery as a Revolutionary War soldier born about 1715 at England. He served as a private in Lytles' Company of the North Carolina Regiment. He was living in Rowan County, NC in 1752. In 1759 he purchased 151 acres of land in North Carolina.

Elizabeth Nation was born abt 1719. Possibly she was born at Monmouth,New Jersey to John Nation (1697 - 1772) and Bethia Robins (1701 - 1774)? It is also possible that she was named Elizabeth Swaim or that Marmaduke married two Elizabeth's (Elizabeth Nation and Elizabeth Swaim). However, this Elizabeth Nation seems to have died 26 Dec 1787 at Randolph, NC. Marmaduke and his wife (or wives) had at least the following children:

1. Christopher Vickery, b. abt 1737, d. April 1841; in about 1765 he married Hannah Hodge (1742-1801). They had at least the following children:

a. Elizabeth Vickery (b. abt 1766)
b. Charlotte Vickery (1769 - 1821; m. Peter Fields)
c. Absolom Vickery (1773-1816, m. Elizabeth Woods and possibly later he m. Cassandra Vickery, a cousin, see below)
d. John or Jehu Vickery (1775 NC -1869 IN; m. Lydia Leonard?)
e. Ruhamah Vickery (1778-1826; m. Jesse Fields)
f. Jereter Vickery (1780-1832; m. her cousin, Abner Vickery)
g. Marmaduke Vickery (1782-1857; m. Susannah Fitchett or Fetchell)
h. Harmon Vickery (1784 NC -1854 NC; m. Delilah Lamb)
i. Christopher Vickery (1786 NC - 1870 IL; may have m. Mary Arey?)
j. Sampson Vickery (1788 - 1824; m. Mary Gifford)

2. John Vickery, b. abt 1738 in Randolph, North Carolina (this is in my direct line - see below for more information about his family).

3. Elizabeth "Betty" Vickery, b. 1750 ; d. 3 Sep 1833; and on 19 May 1767 at Deep River, Rowan, North Carolina she m. John Swaim (1748 VA -1827 NC, son of Michael Swaim (1715-1782) and Martha Worthington (1718-1756)). They likely had the following children:

a. Massa Swaim (1768-1846; m. Daniel Robins)
b. William Swaim (1770-1850; m. Elizabeth Sherwood and Christianna Stone or Swaim?)
c. Joshua Swaim (1772 NC -1855, m. Sarah Elliot)
d. Christopher Columbus Swaim (1774 NC-1851 IN; m. Sarah Hines)
e. John Swaim (1777-1841; married Mary Laughlin)
f. Elizabeth Swaim (1779-1863; m. George Swearingen)
g. Ashley Swaim (1782-1856; m. Sarah Walton)
h. Marmaduke Swaim (1784-1822; married Jeanette Laurence or Lawrence)
i. Charity Swaim (1786-1864; m. James Laughlin)
j. Moses Swaim (1788-1870, m. Ada Swindell )
k. possibly a Michael Swaim? (1791-1878; m. Susan Hinshaw)

4. Charity Vickery, b. abt 1752; d. 16 Aug 1837 at Guilford, NC; abt 1773 she married William Swaim (abt 1745 NC - abt 1813 NC) (I read in one account that they are great grandparents of o. henry, the author? I have not documented this). They had at least the following children:

a. Marmaduke Swaim (1771-1828)
b. Naomi Swaim (b. either 1773 or 17778)
d. Michael Swaim (1780-1830)
d. William Jeremiah Swaim (1782-1851)
e. possibly a Martha and/or Elizabeth Swaim (b. abt 1784/86)
f. Charity Swaim (1786)
g. Moses Swaim (1791- abt 1870)
h. possibly a John Swaim (b. 1792; d. 1874)
i. Massa Swaim, b. abt 1796

5. Jereter or Jerretta Vickery, b. abt 1754; d. 30 Jul 1849 at Eaton, OH; on 25 Dec 1770 at Rowan, NC she married Joseph Nation (1750 VA - 1803 TN). They likely had at least the following children:

a. Isaac Nation (1771-1840 IL; m. Lucy Owen in Kentucky)
b. Sampson Nation
c. Joseph Nation
d. Elizabeth Nation
e. Rebecca Nation
f. Laban Nation (b. 1786 NC - d. 1865 IOWA)
g. Charity Nation
h. Joel Nation
i. Girten Nation
j. Thomas Nation
k. Anna Nation
l. Emeline?

6. Dorcas Earkes Vickery F 29 Nov 1755 in Rowan, Randolph, North Carolina; died abt 1830 at Randolph, NC; on 17 Jan 1772 at Guilford, NC she married Benjamin Rush (son of Mary Broyles and Crawford Rush). They had at least the following children:

a. possibly a Mary Rush b. abr 1773?
b. Elizabeth Rush (b. abt 1775)
c. Noah Rush (1778-1870; m. Sarah Clark)
d. Azel Rush (1780 NC -1859 IN; married Elizabeth Beckerdite 1803; m. Mary White in 1819)
e. Michael Rush (1776-1855; married Hannah Commons in 1808?)
f. Benjamin Rush (b. abt 1784 NC)
g. Reuben Rush (1788-1817)
h. Zebedee Rush (1790-1872; m. Frances Fuller)
i. Dorcas Rush (1793 NC -1846 IN; m. Joseph Gross abt 1814)
j. Nineveh Rush (1796-1871; m. a Rebecca ?)
k. Bathsheba Rush (1798 NC -1845 MO; m. Enoch Andrew)

7. Sampson Vickery M 1 Dec 1757 in Guilford, North Carolina; d. 3 Jun 1846 at Ellard, Yalobusha, Mississippi; abt 1777 he m. Charity Robins (1764-1840, daughter of William Robins (1732-1786) and Frances Nation (1729-1787)). They had at least the following children (and possibly 2 more):

a. Kessandria Vickery (1778-1836)
b. George Vickery (1780-1850)
c. Richard Vickery (b. abt 1782)
d. Albert Vickery (1785-1871) note: he was living his son Sampson and his family in Thompson, Pike Co., Arkansas on the 1870 U.S. Federal Census
e. Christopher Vickery (1785-1830)
f. David Vickery (b. abt 1787)
g. Robert Vickery (1789-1860)
h. Azel Vickery (1790-1843)
i. Worth Marmaduke Vickery (1793 NC -1858 GA) note: living in Chattanooga Valley, Walker Co., Georgia on the 1850 census.
j. Aaron Daniel Vickery (1785-1849)
k. William Hamilton Vickery (1794 NC - 1870 TX)
l. Winwright Vickery (1799-?; married Martha Robertson 14 Jan 1821 in Tennessee)
m. Charlotte Vickery (1802-1844)
n. Lucian Vickery (b. abt 1802

8. Bethiah Vickery was born abt 1760 at Guilford, North Carolina; she d. 8 Dec 1850 at Decatur, Indiana; on 27 Feb 1779 she m. William Robins (21 Oct 1761 NC - 11 Sep 1834 IN - son of Jacob Jack Robins (1738-1830) and Mary Wells (1740-1804)). Bethia was living with her daughter, Charlotte, in Indiana at the time of the 1850 federal census. Bethiah and William Robins had at least the following children:

a. Abel Robins (1779)
b. Charity Robins (1781)
c. Benjamin Robins (1783)
d. Marmaduke Robins (1786-1851)
e. Elizabeth Robins (1788-1851)
f. Mary Robins (1791-1851)
g. Nathaniel Robins (1793-1863)
h. John F. Robins (1795-1881)
i. William B. Robins (1797)
j. Charlotte Robins (1799-1884)
k. Theodoshia Robins (1804-1881).

John Vickery and (unknown wife)

John Vickery was born abt 1738 to Marmaduke Vickery and Elizabeth Nation. John died at Randolph, North Carolina on 6 Dec 1788. In 1764 he married Bethia (last name unknown).

His wife was probably born abt 1745 and died about 1794. They had at least the following children:

1. Marmaduke Vickery, b. after 1766 at Randolph, NC and d. there before Mar 1832. May have married a woman whose first name was "Petha"

2. Francis Marion Vickery, b. after 1766, d. 11 Sep 1843; m. Mary Broyles. This is my direct line - see more information below.

3. ?possibly a Christopher Vickery, after 1766 and d. before 1790 both at Randolph, NC

4. ?possibly a John Vickery, b. after 1766 at Randolph, NC

5.? possibly a Cassandra or Casiah Vickery, b. 1770 and d. 1836 both at Randolph, NC. On 8 Oct 1800 at Randolph, NC who subsequently married her cousin Absalom Vickery (1773-1816). He was the son of Christopher Vickery and Hannah Hodge - see above. If so, they had at least the following children: James Vickery (1806); Alfred Gallatin Vickery (1808 NC-1862 Mississippi); Mary Vickery (1810 NC -1842 MO); Elizabeth Vickery (1813).

6. Abner Vickery, b abt 1778 at Randolph, NC and d. 15 Jul 1822 at Merom, Sullivan, Indiana. He married Jereter Vickery (1780 NC - 1832 IN, daughter of Christopher Vickery and Hannah Hodge - see above)) on 30 Jun 1804 at Randolph, NC. They had at least the following children: Ann Vickery (1797-1864 Iowa); John Vickery (1805 NC - 1843 IN); Jenkins Vickery (1811-1882); Ninevah Vickery (1813 KY - 1875 IN); Christopher Vickery (1815 IN); Elizabeth (b. 1817); Jonathan (d. 1840); Martha Vickery ?; Timothy Vickery ?

7. Vincent Vickery, b. 1781 and d. 1860. On 22 Aug 1816 at Randolph, NC he married Pherrebee (Phoebe?) Swindle (1799 NC - 1850 IN). They had at least the following children: Jeqque Vickery (1817); Willis Vickery (1818); Absalom Vickery (1819 NC-1877 IN); Mary Vickery (1828) ; Edith (1830); David (1835

8. Pleasant Vickery, b. 1786 at Randolph, NC. He married Mary Polly White (1777) on 16 Oct 1816. They had at least the following children: Dorcas Vickery (1817 NC - 1876 IN); Pleasant Vickery (1821); Thomas Vickery (1830-1877); Olney Vickery (1834); ?Regephe Vickery (1837)

9. Edith Vickery, b. abt 1789 and d. abt 1850 at Randolph, NC. On 1 Mar 1811 at Randolph, NC she married John Sherwood (1791-1811). They had at least the following children: Elizabeth Sherwood (1825); Martha Sherwood (1829); Joshua B. Sherwood (1833)

10. maybe a Victor Vickery? born about 1785

Francis Marion Vickery and Mary Broyles

Francis Marion Vickery was born after 1766 at Randolph, North Carolina to John Vickery (1738-1788) and unknown mother. He married Mary Broyles on 25 Sep 1787 in Randolph County, North Carolina. Francis died in Macon, Missouri on 11 Sep 1843. About 1810, Francis and Mary moved to Kentucky where he was "given land in Wayne County under the "Headrights" provision" according to Clara Rector Barnes Smart's book.  

Mary Broyles was born abt 1770 at Randolph, North Carolina to Michael Broyles and Susanna or Elizabeth?. Mary Broyles Vickery died abt 1845. Francis and Mary had at least the following children:

1. Adam Vickery, b. abt 1788 or 1792? at Randolph, NC, d. abt 1824 at Macon, Missouri; on 15 Jul 1812 in Wayne County, Kentucky he married Mary Polly Baker (1794-1860). If so, they had at least the following children: Elizabeth Vickery (b. 1812); Goldborough Vickery (b. 1820). Note that there is an Adam Vickery living in Wayne County, KY on the 1820 U.S. Federal Census

2.  George Vickery, b. 20 Dec 1789 at Randolph, NC, d. 24 Dec 1880 at Wayne Co., Kentucky, m. Sarah "Sally" Shearer (1811-1880). They had at least the following children: Jefferson Vickery (1826-1903); Daniel Vickery (1828-1863); Jenkins Vickery (1830-1864); Granville Vickery (1833-1912); Lula E. Vickery (1837)

3.  Violet Vickery, b. 8 Apr 1792 at Randolph, NC, d. 9 Jul 1845 at Wayne Co., KY, in 1810 m. Jacob Shearer (1789-1859). They had at least the following children: Abner Shearer (1814); Mary Shearer (1817-1900); Francis David Shearer (1822-1893); Cassandra Shearer (1824); Morgan Shearer (1825); Simeon Shearer (1826); Margaret Shearer (1829); Louisa Emaline Shearer (1832-1874); Denisa Janette Shearer (1833-1894); Sarah Shearer (1840); Elizabeth Shearer (1842-1935)

4.  Margaret Ann Vickery, born 22 May 1794 at Randolph, North Carolina, died 8 Sep 1875 at Wayne County, Kentucky (according to Find-A-Grave Memorial #33107674), married Daniel Shearer on December 1, 1814. This is in my direct line. Go to the last section of the Shearer site to find out more information about this family, which connects to the Rector line in the subsequent generations via their daughter Margaret Ann Shearer and her marriage to Henry Clay Huffaker. Their daughter, Laura Huffaker, married Daniel Webster Clay Rector.

5. Elizabeth Vickery, b. abt 1798 at North Carolina; d. abt 1850 at Wayne County, KY. Married Benjamin Hancock abt 1820 at Kentucky. Benjamin Hancock was b. abt 1778 at Randolph, NC and d. abt 1852 at Wayne County, KY. They had at least the following children: Jesse Emsley Hancock (1826-1850); William Luther Hancock (1828-1910); Benjamin Francis Hancock (1832-1909); P.T. Hancock (1832); James Calvin Hancock (1834-1902); George Berry Hancock (1836); Dandridge Hancock (1836); Leland Golman Hancock (1839-1914); A.W. Hancock (1840); Annette Minerva Hancock (1842-1901); Elizabeth Hancock (1843)

6. Abner Vickery, b. 1 Mar 1798 at Randolph, NC; d. 13 Sep 1874 at Macon Co., Missouri; in 1819 he married Nancy Wright (1804-1846). They had at least the following children: Francis Marion Vickery (1820-1843); Melissa Vickery (1823-1855); John Wright Vickery (1826-1851); Allen J. Vickery (1829-1907); Mary C. Vickery (1836-1853); Rebecca C. Vickery (1839-1927); Elizabeth Vickery (1842); Edward Vickery (1844). The family moved to Macon Missouri at some point and the last 4 children were born there.

7. Rebecca Vickery, b. 1804 at Wayne Co., KY; d. abt 1878 at Wise, Texas. In 1824 at Kentucky she married Buford Dabney (1799 VA- 1885 TX). They had at least the following children: Mary Caroline Dabney (b. abt 1827); Nancy Younger Dabney (abt 1830); Cassandra J. Dabney (abt 1832-1865); Nancy Dabney (b. abt 1833-1865); Rebecca Dabney (b. 1836); Jerome B. Dabney (1837-1914); Darcus Dabney (b. abt 1840); Francis Dabney (b. abt 1847); Ann Dabney (b. abt 1845); Abram Still Dabney (abt 1845-1917)

8. Cassander Vickery, b. 1806 at Wayne Co., KY; d. 1847 at Atawamba County, Mississippi. In 1833 at Kentucky she married Noble Warren (1811-1874; son of Reuben Warren and Margaret Hancock). They had at least the following children: Adison Frank Warren (1833-1911); Mary Vianna Warren (1835); James Warren (1841); Reuben Frisby Warren (1842); Benjamin H. Warren (1844-1918);

9.  Jenkins Vickery, b. 1809 at Pulaski Co., Kentucky; d. abt 1847; married Sophronia Smith (b. 1813) in 1832. On the 1850 census they had the following children living with them: Francis Vickory (1834); John S. Vickory (1840); Sophronia Vickory (1847); George J. Vickory (1849)

10.  Dorcas Vickery, b. 9 Aug 1812 at Pulaski, Kentucky, d. 5 May 1881 at Wayne Co., KY, in 1833 married Elkin Dulaney Fleming or Flening (1813 TN-1854 KY. They had at least the following children: Sereptha (Cepita?) Fleming (1834-1868); George Washington Fleming (1836-1896); Mary Ann Fleming (1837-1913); Benjamin F. Fleming (1839); Virginia E. Fleming (1841-1924); Telitha J. Fleming (1841-1916); Sarah E. Fleming (1843); Marcus Lafayette Fleming (1846-1903); Margaret Joan Fleming (1849-1931); William S. Fleming (1853)

11. Mary Vickery, b. abt 1814 at Wayne County, Kentucky. In 1839 at Kentucky she married John Ryan (b. 1805). They were living in Paris, Lamar County, Texas in the 1880 census with the following children still living with them: George A. Ryan (1850); Emily B. Ryan (1860); William R. Ryan (1860); Lula J. Ryan (1862); Joseph E. Ryan (1861). There was also a grandson living with them (Ambrose P. Ryan, b. abt 1875 at Texas).

12.  Francis Broiles Vickery, b. abt 1816 at Wayne Co., Kentucky. Married 3 times? in 1839 he married Elizabeth Gibson (1818-1843) in Kentucky, in 1844 he married Frances Burris (b. 1828 at TN) and they had the following children: Anna Vickery (1846 IN) and Jenkins Vickery (1848 IN). Finally, in 1851 he married Sarah Horn (b. 1837 OH, d. 8 Feb 1913 at Sheridan, Hamilton, Indiana). Francis and Sarah had the following children: Eliza E. Vickery (1854 IN); Mary Vickery (1855 IN); Francis Vickery (1860 IN)

13. John Wright Vickery, b. abt 1820; in 1841 at Kentucky he married Mary Ann Butler (1826 KY - 1894 TX). They had at least the following children: George F. Vickery (1841); William S. Vickery (1843); Vianna C. Vickery (1845); Andrew J. Vickery (1846); Granville Napoleon Vickery (1848 -1921); John M. Vickery (1850); Mollie?; Sallie?

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