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May 04 Data

June 19, 2004 - Status Week 31:  There are now 15 participants.  Twelve results are in and three are in the hands of the new participants.  A tremendous amount of discovery has been made over the past few weeks as the first round of testing results are in.  The latest participant's results match 12/12 with another set of results.  The interesting thing is that the earliest known Compton lines for these two go like this:

First:  Larkin Compton b.1796 NC (One census says he was born in SC).  James Compton b. abt. 1750, of Russell Co. VA & Guilford Co. NC, was Larkin's father (informed speculation). 

Second:  Thomas Compton b. 1754 England but lived and died in Spartanburg, SC.

DNA results are close enough that this James and Thomas are most likely brothers, but possibly 1st or 2nd cousins.  This narrows the search area substantially.

Now that a DNA foundation has been built, it is expected that additional participants will match existing results, thus narrowing the search for a common ancestor.

April 5, 2004 Status Week 21: There are now 12 participants. Four results are in and eight are in various stages of progress through the lab. All but two kits are expected to be reported this month. A tremendous amount of discovery is expected very soon.

The Compton Surname Reconstruction Project is laying a foundation of DNA-documented Compton/Crumpton lines. As more men join, the quality of reconstruction analysis that can be done increases. Many Compton/Crumpton lines are now represented. By comparing DNA results we discover common paternal lines and isolate non-matching lines. Men from all nations and of all Compton/Crumpton surname variation are encouraged to participate by purchasing the Y-DNA25 test kit.

Dec. 20, 2003 - Status Week 5: We are attempting to find Compton men who are 7 or 8 generations from Thomas Compton. Are there any 9th generation males yet? Please send a message to the administrator for an immediate
assessment of how you can fit into the project.

Basil, James, Matthew, William, and Thomas are documented sons of Thomas Compton/Crumpton of South Carolina in the late 1700s. It is thought that Ralph may also be a son. An initial goal of this DNA project is to be a means of determining if Ralph does not belong. If there is not a close match of a cousin through Ralph, then it can be concluded that Ralph was not a son of Thomas. The project is also addressing if and when the Compton/Crumpton
lines merge. Ultimately, we will be isolating multiple Compton lines and mapping out migrations.

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