Thomas Stone 1735-1806
Lineage Of John Stone, Blockmaker

By Spessard Stone

Chapter 2 - Thomas Stone 1735-1806

     Thomas Stone, son of John Stone and Susannah (Dassex) Stone, was born 10 January 1735, Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina.

     On 3 May 1759 in St Philip's Parish, Charles Town, Thomas Stone, merchant, married Frances Guerin, born 9 March 1740, daughter of Mathurin, Jr. and Elizabeth (Sandiford) Guerin. The Rev. Mr. Robert Smith officiated. The Register of St. Philip's Parish, page 155, listed him as Thomas Stone, Jr., to apparently distinguish him from an elder Thomas Stone.

     Mathurin Guerin, Jr., born 30 September 1710; married (1) in 1732 Elizabeth Sandiford, daughter of John Sandiford of James Island. John Sandiford in his will, dated 13 December 1748, recorded in Will Book 1747-1752, page 204, mentioned his daughter "Elizabeth Garin" as a devisee. Elizabeth Sandiford Guerin died "in an advanced age" and was buried 6 February 1770, per the Register of St. Andrews Parish Church. Mr. Evins, the Anabaptist preacher, officiated at her funeral. Mathurin married (2) 7 January 1774 in Charles Town to Miss Mary Peacock. Mathurin Guerin, planter, died 3 November 1780, St. Andrew's Parish, South Carolina.

     Mathurin in his will, dated 16 October 1780, proved 22 December 1780, named his wife Mary, sons Mathurin and Francis, daughters Elizabeth and Susannah, and grandchildren Henry Dessex Stone, Elizabeth Frances Stone, and Susannah Stone. Mathurin Jr. was at times referred to as Mathurin Sr.

     Mathurin, Jr. and Elizabeth (Sandiford) Guerin had issue:
     1. Mathurin Guerin, III, born Mar 1733; died 5 Sep 1794, St. Andrew's Parish. A planter, he was generally referred to as Mathurin, Jr.
     2. John Guerin, born 27 Sep 1734; died 4 Dec 1760.
     3. William Guerin, born 6 Nov 1736; died 20 Jan 1768, St. Andrew's Parish; married in 1763 Mary Elliott, sister of Barnard Elliot, Jr.
     4. Mary Guerin, born 25 Dec 1738; died 13 Sep 1743.
     5. Frances Guerin, born 9 Mar 1740; married 3 May 1759 Thomas Stone.
     6. Francis Guerin, born 11 Nov 1743; died 7 Oct 1809; married 1 Jan 1783 Agnes Bush.
     a. Henrietta Boston Guerin, born 6 Jan 1784; died ca. 1810 in Mississippi Territory; married at Charleston 18 Dec 1800
     John Turnbull, merchant of Savannah, GA.
     b. Elizabeth Cruger Guerin, born ca. 1787; died 12 Feb 1874; md. 1810 John Cart Jr., born 19 Apr 1787; died 10 Dec
     c. Francis Higgenson Guerin, born 8 Dec 1785; died 6 Nov 1788
     7. Thomas Guerin, born 2 Feb 1745; died 30 Sep 1777 in Revolutionary War.
     8. Elizabeth Guerin, born 27 Mar 1747; died 30 Apr 1830; married 8 Jun 1786 Frederick David Cruger (died 26 Jul 1804). He md. 1st 12 Feb 1778 at St. Philip's Parish, Isabelle Liston.
     a. Mathuria Guerin Cruger, born 10 Aug 1787; died 15 Aug 1787
     9. James Guerin, born 5 Aug 1749; died 2 Oct 1774, St. Andrew's Parish.
     10. Susannah Guerin, born 18 Jun 1757; died 1 Jul 1840; married 27 Jan 1785 John(?) Gibbs of John's Island.
     a. Mathurin Guerin Gibbs, born 1788; died 2 May 1849; married in 1824 Marie Louise Poyas.

     The will of Mary Guerin of Charles Town Province, South Carolina, dated 16 July 1772, proved 23 October 1772, provided bequests for her brother Mathurin and numerous nephews and nieces, including the Stones.

     The will of Mary Guerin (missing parts, indicated by ______, of this will destroyed in original will book), herewith follows.

"In the Name of God, Amen, I Mary Guerin of Charles Town Province aforesaid Spinster being sick and weak in Body but of good and perfect mind memory and understanding thanks be to God for the same do make and Constitute Ordain and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following revoking and annulling by these Presents all and every Testament and Testaments Will and Wills heretofore by me made and declared either by Word or Writing and this to be my last and taken only for my last Will and Testament and none other Imprimis I will devise and Bequeath and Order and direct that the monies due and to grow due for principal and Interest of Mr. John Milner’s bond to me be divided into four equal parts one whereof I leave and devise to my Nephew Thomas Stone his Exors. and Admors one other part thereof to be equally divided between George Barksdale and Susanna Barksdale the Children of my late Niece Susannah Barksdale their Exors. and Admors. one other part thereof to Charles Stone (the son of my late Nephew John Stone deceased) his Exors and Admors. and the other part thereof I will and desire to my said Nephew Thomas Stone his Exors and Admors. in trust that he the said ______ his Exors and Admors. ______ duly pay the interest thereof ______ receive the same ______ my Nephew Peter Stone during his Life Item ______ and direct that ______ Richard Bohun Baker's Bond due to me with ______ due and ______ due therein be divided into four parts ______ thereof I Bequeath to my ______ the Children of the said Richard Bohun ______ my late Niece Elizabeth Baker to be equally divided ______ their Exors. and Admors. share and share alike. Item I will and Bequeath ______ to my Niece ______ Amarintha Elliott and Katharine Elliott to be equally divided _____ their Exors. and Admors. share and share alike. Item I will and Bequeath _________ Benjamin Williamson together with the Interest due and to grow due ______ Mathurin Guerin Jun. Francis Guerin _____ Thomas Guerin and ____ Frances Stone Elizabeth Guerin and Susanna Guerin (being the _______ Mathurin Guerin Jun.) to be equally divided between their Exors. and Admors. share and share alike. Item I will and Bequeath to my Brother Mathurin Guerin the use of my Silver or other plate during his life. Item I Will and Bequeath to my Nieces Elizabeth Guerin and Susanna Guerin all my Household furniture to be equally divided between them their Exors. and Admors. Item I will and Bequeath all my wearing apparel of what nature or kind whatsoever to my Niece the said Susanna Guerin her Exors. and Admors. Item I will and Bequeath all my silver or other plate above mentioned after the death of my Brother Mathurin Guerin to be equally divided between my Nieces Frances Stone Elizabeth Guerin and Susanna Guerin, or such of them ______ as may be alive at the death of my said Brother ______ or their Exors. or Admors. Item I Will devise and Bequeath all the rest and Residue of my Estate as well real and Personal unto my said Brother the said Mathurin Guerin Senior. to hold the same to him his Heirs and Assigns forever and I do make and ordain my said Brother the said Mathurin Guerin sole Exor. of this my Will. In Witness whereof I the said Mary Guerin have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and Seal this Sixteenth day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy two.
                                                Mary Guerin (Seal)
Signed Sealed published and de-
clared by the said Mary Guerin        
the Testatrix as and for her        
last Will and Testament in pres-
ence of us who at her request        
have signed our Names as Witnes- Proved before His Excy. the
ses thereto.                          Gov. in the Court of Ordinary
         Barnard Elliott                 the 23d October 1772 at the
         George Cowman                 same time qualified Mathurin
         John Dewier                  Guerin Exor. thereto."

     The will was recorded in Original Will Book 1771-1774. A will abstract completed some missing parts, i. e., Mathurin Guerin Jun., Francis Guerin, Thomas Guerin, and James Guerin as sons of her brother Mathurin Guerin; Frances Stone, Elizabeth Guerin, and Susanna Guerin, daughters of her brother Mathurin Guerin.

     Mathurin Guerin of St. Andrew's Parish, South Carolina, made his will 16 October 1780, and it was proved 22 December 1780. Besides bequests to his widow, Mary, and children Mathurin, Francis, Elizabeth and Susannah, he provided for his Stone grandchildren.

     The will of Mathurin Guerin herewith follows:

     "In the name of God Amen, I Mathurin Guerin of Saint Andrew's Parish in the Province of South Carolina aforesaid, Planter, being Sick and weak in Body, but of sound Mind, Memory and understanding Do make and Declare this and no other to be my last Will and Testament (hereby revoking and making void all other and former Will or Wills by me heretofore made) That is to say - Principally and first of all I recommend my Soul to Almighty God the giver thereof, and my Body to the Earth to be buried in a decent Christian like manner. Item, I Will desire and bequeath unto my Loving Wife Mary Guerin the use of my small Brick Tenement on part of my Loot of Land in New Church Street Charlestown in the Province aforesaid for and during her Widowhood, Together with as equal share or proportion (with one of my Children) of all my Negro Slaves not already given away amongst my loving Children which said Negroes I got by their late deceased loving Mother. And it is my further Will, intent and Meaning, that my said Wife Mary do have every article of Money or Furniture which she brought to me at my Marriage, And it is my further Will that my said Wife Mary do have the use of my Negro wench Slave named Sue and her Child Nelly whilst she continues my Widow, and resides in this Province and no longer. It is my intent and meaning that what I have hereby given to my Wife, shall be considered as a full satisfaction and Bar of her right to Dower to any of my Lands Item, I Will devise and bequeath to and between my loving Sons Mathurin and Francis Guerin and to their Heirs forever the Plantation or Tract of Lands whereon I now live situated in Saint Andrew's Parish on Stone River in the Province aforesaid, together with all the Plantation Tools and utensils of every kind whatever, also all the Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, Horses and poultry on the said plantation to be equally divided between my said Sons Mathurin and Francis Guerin to them and their Heirs forever. Item, I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved Daughters Elizabeth and Susannah Guerin the whole of my Lott of Land (together with the Buildings thereon) situate in New Church street in Charlestown in the Province aforesaid, for and during their Natural lives, and in case of the deaths of my said Daughters, I then give devise and bequeath my said Lott of Land situate as aforesaid unto my two sons Mathurin and Francis Guerin or either of them which shall then be living, to them and their Heirs forever. Item, I give and bequeath unto my loving Son Mathurin Guerin my silver Mounted Gun, together with all my wearing apparel of every sort or kind whatever to him and his Heirs forever. Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved Children Elizabeth, Susannah, Mathurin and Francis Guerin, all my plate and Household furniture of every kind whatever to them and their Heirs forever. Item, it is my will and pleasure that my Executors and Executrix do be accountable to my three Grand Children Henry Dessex Stone, Elizabeth Francis Stone and Susannah Stone for the sum of Twelve Hundred Pounds Current Money of this province to be paid them when they shall become of age, that is to say my Grand Son to receive four hundred Pounds, which will be his third, when he attains to the age of Twenty one Years, and my Grand Daughters to receive their proportions or third part of the above Legacy when they shall attain the age of Eighteen Years. The above Legacy I leave my Grand Children in lieu of their proportion of my lot in Charles Town, without making any deductions for Eight hundred Pounds which I formerly advanced their mother. Item, my Will and desire is that all my Debts and funeral Expenses be fully paid and satisfied as soon as possible after death, for which purpose I declare that all the Tobacco which I now have, be sold and the Money arising therefrom to be appropriated to that use. Item, It is my will and desire that all the Provision on the Plantation be kept for the use of my Children and Negroes, the same as if I was alive. Item, I Will devise and bequeath all the rest and residue of my estate Both Real and Personal whatsoever and wherever the same as is or may be found (which is not already given away in this my Will or by deed of Gift) to be equally divided to and amongst my loving Children Mathurin, Francis, Elizabeth and Susannah Guerin, and my three Grand Children Henry Dessex, Elizabeth Frances and Susannah Stone, that is to say my three Grand Children to have a one sixth part or their mother's share. Item, I desire and request that my son Mathurin Guerin be accountable to my Executors hereinafter named for the sum of Nineteen hundred Pounds South Carolina Currency which Sum I advanced him some time ago. Item, It is my Will and Request and Desire that all and singular of whatever I have given to my Grand Children either by this my Will or Deed of Gift, Do, be, and is to remain in the Hands of my Executors or Executrix for their use, until they my said Grand Children attain their respective Years of Age before mentioned in this my Will, Empowering my Executors and Executrix to Act for, and in behalf of said Grand Children, in the same manner as if it was their own property, without being liable or accountable to any person whatsoever, except to my said Grand Children when they shall have attained the respective ages of Twenty one and Eighteen Years of age. Item, I Will and desire that my Executors and Executrix herein after named do keep in their Possession all and singular the property I have bequeathed or given my Daughter Susannah Guerin and they from time to time let her have such Sums of Money as they at their discretion shall see fitting and necessary. And lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my loving Friend and Relation Mr. John Holmes of John's Island and my loving Sons Mathurin and Francis Guerin Executors and my Loving Daughter Elizabeth Guerin Executrix to Act in every respect as they shall from time to time think meet for the good of my Estate without any hindrance or molestation from any persons whatsover. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Sixteenth day of October In the Year of Our Lord One thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty, and in the twentieth year of His Majesty's Reign.

                                 Mathurin Guerin (LS)

Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us who at his Request and in the Presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witness hereto. The words 'named Sum' in the Seventeenth line being underlined before the Signing hereof."

     The will of Mathurin Guerin was proved before James Simpson Esq. Intendant General of the Police of his Majesty's Province of South Carolina and Ordinary of the same 22 December 1780. At the same time qualified Francis Guerin executor to the will. It was recorded in Original Will Book 1780-83, page 53.

     John Holmes of John's Island, mentioned in the will as an executor, married Sarah Sandiford, sister of Elizabeth Sandiford Guerin, Mathurin's first wife.

     Thomas and family resettled. On 18 August 1768 the scooner Mary, Capt. John Duran, embarked for St. Augustine, Florida. Aboard were Thomas Stone and family. Later the family settled in St. Philip's Parish (now Bryan County), Georgia. On 7 March 1774, he took the oath as a Justice of the Peace of St. Philip's Parish and served to 1778. On 1 March 1778, upon creation of the Commission for Confiscated Estates, he was appointed a commissioner from Chatham County. He appeared as no. 34 on Governor Wright's black list, excepting leaders from the general order of amnesty. In 1782, he was elected as a Representative from Chatham County to the Commons House of Assembly. He gave material aid and support to the cause of the colonies in the Revolutionary War. (Charlestown had fallen to the British in May 1780. In 1783, the name of the city was officially changed from Charlestown to Charleston.)

     During the war, according to family historian Dewey E. Stone, Thomas had his land and $7,000 in slaves taken by the British and a price put on his head because he was the "Rebel Counsillor" to the Sons of Liberty and fled to Savannah, Georgia. There he owned plantations and ran a coffee house on Factors Walk, next door to the Cotton Exchange. In this coffee house, he and others formed the charter for the first public college, called the University of Georgia. After the war, Thomas was on the "Georgia Roll of Honor," formerly called by the King "The 153 Most Abhorred" (with death by hanging if caught).

     The marker in Savannah is inscribed:

                                         GEORGIA 1776
                                         BIRTHPLACE OF
                                 THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA
                         MEETING PLACE OF LEGISLATURE IN 1785

Directly across Bay Street from this marker formerly stood the brick building, built in late Colonial days and known as the "Coffee House," in which the Legislature of Georgia met in 1785. Owned by Thomas Stone, it was described in a newspaper advertisement in 1785 as having "ten, large, cool, elegant rooms" and as "not equaled by any other house in the
state" for "business" and "convenience for a large family."
While meeting in the house owned by Thomas Stone, the House of Assembly of Georgia enacted on January 28, 1785, an act for the "establishment of a public seat of learning in this state" - the preamble reciting that it was "among the first objects of those who wish well to the national prosperity, to encourage and support the principles of religion and morality, and early to place the youth under the forming hand of society, that by instruction they may be molded to the love of virtue and good order." The charter granted to the Board of Trustees of the University of Georgia in 1785 was the first charter issued in the United States to a state university.
025-46                  GEORGIA HISTORICAL COMMISSION 1957

     On 25 March 1783, Thomas Stone petitioned the Council of Savannah for permission “to send by some Flag, going to East-Florida, as much Rice as will serve fourteen Negroes on their way hither.”

     Frances Guerin Stone was mentioned in the 16 July 1772 will of her aunt Mary Guerin. She gave birth to her third child, Susannah, in April 1778 at which time she probably died, or soon after, as the 16 October 1780 will of her father Mathurin Guerin bequeathed to her children her one-sixth share of his estate.

     Thomas Stone married (2) 19 August 1785 Mrs. Elizabeth (Jackson), widow of James Stewart of Midway, Georgia, at Buckland Hall, Great Ogeechee. The Georgia Gazette of 29 December 1785 listed the death of a Mrs. Thomas Stone, who died 27 December 1785 at Belfast (the seat of William Maxwell, son of James Maxwell).

     Thomas Stone married (3) Mrs. Elizabeth Clubb, widow of Thomas Clubb of St. Simons, Georgia, on 19 May 1799 in Glenn County, Georgia. The marriage contract, dated 19 May 1799, showed her property, including 3 slaves and 1/3 part of 50 acres near Oldtown, were deeded to Henry D. Stone and Daniel Sultan as trustees to be held in trust free and clear of any control or debts of her intended husband Thomas Stone. Thomas and Elizabeth Stone lived in Brunswick, Glenn County.

     Thomas Stone, planter of Glenn County, Georgia, on 27 January 1806 signed a conditional agreement with Daniel Sullivan, pertaining to the New Board of Commissioners for Town and Commons of Brunswick. Thomas Stone died in 1806. On 17 August 1806 Mrs. Elizabeth Stone, widow, applied for administration of the estate of Thomas Stone of Brunswick. She was appointed 5 November 1806, and estate inventory was taken 9 December 1806. The will of Elizabeth Stone, dated 5 November 1820, was proved 5 February 1821, Liberty County, Georgia.

     Thomas and Frances (Guerin) Stone had three children:

     1. Henry Dessex Stone, born ca. 1767; died 24 Dec 1840; married (1) Susannah McClelland, 11 Nov 1788; (2) Ann Maxwell Oswald, 15 Sep 1791; (3) Elizabeth Hansford; (4) Sarah N. ___. See Chapter 3.

     2. Elizabeth Frances Stone, born Mar 1774; married William Maxwell, 1791. On 3 Jan 1791 Elizabeth Frances Stone received a deed for 500 acres formerly known as Buckland Hall.

     3. Susannah Stone, born Apr 1777; died 1850/58, Choctaw Co., Miss.; married (1) in Macintosh Co., GA 24 Feb 1796 John Montfort, who died 1804, Wilkes Co., Ga.; (2) in Morgan Co., Ga. 7 Sep 1808 Lemuel Tranum. Issue (1) 2 daughters who died young; (2) 5 children.
     In an undated letter (probably 1975), Anita V. Eakin wrote Virginia Harrison: “Last December when we were on that trip to Georgia we stopped in Mississippi (on our way back) to visit some people who descend from Tranums. Susanna, sister to Henry D., married 1st a Montford, 2nd Lemuel Tranum. Well these people, who live in Ruleville, Mississippi, have a ledger that was started by Lemuel Tranum and continued by his son, Thomas Henry Tranum. It was absolutely fascinating to read. It was originally the account book of Lemuel Tranum and dated from 1807. It started in Georgia, but a place called Cuttoma (or this word, whether it was a place) preceded many entries in Alabama. Henry D.’s name appeared in it frequently, my Lachlan M. Stone’s name was in it too, as was John Hansford. Even B. H. Stone’s name was in it...”

     Acknowledgments: Edward S. Stone, 1980, 1981; Dewey E. Stone, 1997; A. S. Sally, Jr., Original Will Book 1771-1774, p. 20, 1902; Wills and Miscellaneous Records 1671-1868 of Charleston, South Carolina, Vol. 14, p. 335, Vol. 19, p. 74; Ettie Tidwell McCall (Mrs. Howard H. McCall), compiler, Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia, Volume 111, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1969, p. 216; Mary Carter, Georgia Revolutionary Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots & Descendants, p. 214, 1977; Georgia Genealogist, 1969; "Stone Family Data Received," The Sun-American, 24 August 1930; Anita V. Eakin, 1999.

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