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  Bank Hall

This once magnificent country manor built in 1608 is now a ghostly shell, though its resplendent clock tower survives. The Grade II* listed building has fallen into extreme disrepair: widows are smashed, doors are boarded, panelling is falling to pieces and the ripling Jacobean rooflines are crumbling.

Still a splendid house with manicured lawns at the end of the 19th century, it was home to Edward Frederick Crippin for a brief period, until he died in 1892.

The BBC Restoration television programme featured Bank Hall as the very first building under threat in the first series broadcast in 2003.

Supporters of Bank Hall have a website where there is a brief history of the building plus current and historic photographs.

The Bank Hall Action Group are working to save Bank Hall and hopefully one day restore the beautiful building and grounds to its former glory. Their website can be found at

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