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Welcome to my homepage featuring information on my family history and other interests. We reside in the central part of Maryland, grew up in Ohio, and my roots are primarily in Virginia and West Virginia.

Back in the summer of 1864 my great-great-great grandfather invaded this state as part of a Confederate army seeking to capture Washington. They might have accomplished that except for being slowed down at the Battle of Monocacy fought near Frederick, Maryland. He was part of the 37th Virginia Cavalry. As if he didn t get enough of Maryland on this trip, he came back after being captured and spent a year at Point Lookout prison camp which is located at the mouth of the Potomac River. See links below.

One of our pastimes is getting away from all the civilization that is here even on the edge of the Baltimore metro area. We generally escape to the west to higher ground. Located to the west are lots of places we have camped at and visited, and sometimes we ride our mountain bikes in these places on the rail trails.


Up Over the Mountains - My Family History

This ever flowing James River looking upstream points to the area settled by my ancestors. The Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance were 'home' for several generations. Gone from memory are the times when their forebears lived in coastal areas and across the ocean in Europe. Even their lives in a very different age are a blur in these modern times. Yet all of us descendents owe much to these ordinary people who had different and similar struggles in their challenging lives on earth.

Their existence living closer to areas that I often enjoy for recreation may seem quaint, but subsisting off their direct labor and that of neighbors presented challenges we can no longer relate to. This website is dedicated to the memory of these our ancestors who settled and lived among these mountains.

In terms of family history, my research involves the following principle counties:

In Virginia: Bedford, Franklin, Patrick, and the western part of Craig with neighboring ares in Giles, and Montgomery. In West Virginia: Mercer, Raleigh, Boone, and Kanawha. These are places my ancestors lived in the 1800’s and many relatives to this day. I have finally had the priveledge of visiting each of these areas. I am slowly making my way east to those that originally settled in the Virginia tidewater.  I also have one unique branch with Dutch roots in New York. 

Family history research is an ongoing interest occupying a few moments of this passing time. I am blessed for what I have been able to discover, and grateful for many cousins and other researchers who have shared treasure from our past ancestry. If you share common ancestors with me please make contact.

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August 2018:

Good to be back on rootsweb. I am just getting back to it now, including updating my genealogy information posted. I have met many wonderful folk via the web and shared lots of info. So I will be glad to hear from you if we have any lines in common.

2018 Please email me here: curtmilton ((at))