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Family of Seleucus I + and Apama I + of BACTRIA

Husband: Seleucus I + (349-281)
Wife: Apama I + of BACTRIA (345-280)
Children: Antiochus I + (324-261)
Achaeus I + (320-275)

Husband: Seleucus I +

Name: Seleucus I +
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 0349 B.C. Eutopos, Macedonia
Occupation King of Syria
Title King of Syria
Death 0281 B.C. (age 67-68) Seleucia

Wife: Apama I + of BACTRIA

Name: Apama I + of BACTRIA
Sex: Female
Father: Spitamenes + of BACTRIA (365-329)
Mother: Apame + of DASKALYTES (365- )
Birth 0345 B.C. Trabzon, Turkey
Death 0280 B.C. (age 64-65) Mesopotamia,

Child 1: Antiochus I +


Antiochus I +

Name: Antiochus I +
Sex: Male
Spouse: Stratonice I + (295- )
Birth 0324 B.C.
Occupation King of the Hellenistic Selucid Empore
Title frm 0281 B.C. to 0261 B.C. (age 42-63) King of the Hellenistic Selucid Empore
Death 0261 B.C. (age 62-63)

Child 2: Achaeus I +

Name: Achaeus I +
Sex: Male
Spouse: Aesopia OF MACEDONIA (313- )
Birth 0320 B.C. Syria
Occupation Prince of Syria
Title Prince of Syria
Death 0275 B.C. (age 44-45) Syria

Note on Wife: Apama I + of BACTRIA

Apama, sometimes known as Apama I or Apame I [1] (Ancient Greek: ?p?µa Apáma) was the wife of the first ruler of the Seleucid Empire, Seleucus I Nicator. They married at Susa in 324 BC. According to ancient sources, Apama was the daughter of the Sogdian baron Spitamenes (Arr. VII, 4, 6, from Ptolemy I)..


Apama and Seleucus had two daughters, Apama and Laodice, and two sons, Antiochus I Soter who inherited the Seleucid throne, and Achaeus. After the death of Apama, Seleucus married Stratonice, daughter of Demetrius I of Macedon, Seleucus had a daughter by Stratonice, who was called Phila.[2] Several towns were named Apamea after her..