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Family of Achaeus I + and Aesopia OF MACEDONIA

Husband: Achaeus I + (320-275)
Wife: Aesopia OF MACEDONIA (313- )
Children: Laodice I + (281-bef236)
Andromachos + of SYRIA (279- )
Antiochis of SYRIA (275- )
Alexandros of SYRIA (273- )

Husband: Achaeus I +

Name: Achaeus I +
Sex: Male
Father: Seleucus I + (349-281)
Mother: Apama I + of BACTRIA (345-280)
Birth 0320 B.C. Syria
Occupation Prince of Syria
Title Prince of Syria
Death 0275 B.C. (age 44-45) Syria

Wife: Aesopia OF MACEDONIA

Name: Aesopia OF MACEDONIA
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander III + (356-323)
Mother: Roxane + of BACTRIA (311- )
Birth 0313 B.C.
Occupation Princess of Macedonia
Title Princess of Macedonia

Child 1: Laodice I +


Spouse: Antiochus II +

Name: Laodice I +
Sex: Female
Spouse: Antiochus II + (286-246)
Birth 0281 B.C. Antioch, Hatay, Turkey
Occupation Queen of Syria
Title Queen of Syria
Death bef 0236 B.C. (age 44-45) Pontus, Turkey

Child 2: Andromachos + of SYRIA

Name: Andromachos + of SYRIA
Sex: Male
Birth 0279 B.C.

Child 3: Antiochis of SYRIA

Name: Antiochis of SYRIA
Sex: Female
Spouse: Attalus (280- )
Birth 0275 B.C.

Child 4: Alexandros of SYRIA

Name: Alexandros of SYRIA
Sex: Male
Birth 0273 B.C.

Note on Husband: Achaeus I +

Achaeus flourished 3rd century BC) was a Greek Macedonian nobleman and was the second son born to King and founder of the Seleucid Empire Seleucus I Nicator and Persian noblewoman Apama I. Achaeus was of Greek and Persian descent. He had three siblings: one brother the Seleucid King Antiochus I Soter and two sisters: Apama and Laodice. Achaeus is sometimes called Achaeus the Elder, to distinguish him from his grandson the Seleucid General, Achaeus.


Achaeus was a wealthy man and owned estates in Anatolia. Achaeus was a benefactor for those who assisted during the war against the Galatians. The Seleucid military campaign against the Galatians took place between 269 BC-267 BC, during the reign of Antiochus I. Those who had assisted Antiochus I and Achaeus were taken prisoner and Achaeus paid for their ransom to be released. Antiochus I won this military campaign. Those who had Achaeus as their benefactor inscribed their benefaction on a stone stele and placed it in the sanctuary of Zeus at Babakome and that of Apollo at Kiddioukome. The descendants of those who were saved by Achaeus for all time were granted a seat of honor at the public festivals and sacrificed to Achaeus every year an ox in the sanctuary of Zeus.


Achaeus married an unnamed Greek woman. From his wife, she had born him four children who were:


Daughter, Antiochis[1]

Son, Alexander[2]

Daughter, Laodice I[3]

Son, Andromachus[4]