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My Favorite Links

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Coats of Arms and Heraldry

A coat of arms was granted to an individual, not to a family.  The right to bear those arms passed from father to son.  Hence, one might find several different designs for the same surname.  I have used coats of arms on this site for aesthetic purposes only.  The Drake Cost of Arms used on this site is a "marriage" of Drake and Robinson coats I found on the net.  (I have not been able to locate these versions again.  If anyone knows where they came from, please let me know.)  The color scheme and stars on the crest are based on that granted to Sir Francis Drake by Queen Elizabeth.  The chevron and placement of the stars are based on a crest normally associated with Robinsons/Robertsons of Scotland.  I do not know to whom the design originally belonged.  I designed the coats of arms used on this site to represent the marriage of Durell Drake and Mabel Robinson.

   Crest based on that granted to Sir Francis Drake by Queen Elizabeth. 

    Crest based on that normally associated with Robinsons/Robertsons of Scotland.

    My design representing the melding of the Drake and Robinson bloodlines via the marriage between Durell Drake and Mabel Robinson.


Sir Barnard Drake of Ashe had the right to arms bearing a bearded dragon with eagle talons and a knotted tail, which included the motto, "Eagles don't capture flies."  Sir Francis Drake attempted to use a variation on Barnard's crest, resulting in a confrontation between the two men.  Sir Barnard boxed Sir Francis' ears.  Queen Elizabeth then granted Sir Francis his own crest (represented above) to which he added a sailing ship sitting on top of a globe.  The design included a dragon (as in Sir Barnard's crest) hanging by its feet from the ship's rigging.

 If you would like to find out more about Heraldry, go to The British Heraldic Archives.  To find free coats for your surnames,  go to James Wolf's site at  Free Coats of Arms.       

Civil War Sites

Causes of the Civil War.  Authored by James F. Epperson, this site has been featured in The Civil War News voted a "Top 20" site by the readers of Civil War Interactive and recommended by the History Channel.  Lots of transcripts of documents from the Civil War era.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans official web site.

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War official web site.

The American Civil War.  A very nice site that contains several pages on the 22nd Alabama.  From the sites home page, click on CW Relatives and then go to section on Southern Relatives.  You will find the link under the entry for Daniel Marion Craft.

Video Preview of the 140th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh.

Genealogy Sites

Drake Related Sites

Jack Drake's web site.  A very nice site with lots of information, pictures and links.  The Official Drake Surname DNA Project Page.

Roy Andrew's World Wide Drake Family Genealogy Site.  The "must visit" site for Drake research.

Drake One-Name Study.  Drake Surname page at the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Justice Related Sites

Tom Justice's paper, "The First Justice Families of Eastern Kentucky:"

Other Genealogy Sites   The host site for our DNA project.  Good tutorials regarding DNA research.

Miscellaneous Sites

Microsoft Terra Server.  I love this site.  Search for your home town and find an aerial photo of your house!  Find aerial photos of famous places.  I have used it on this site to produce maps of the Battle of Shiloh and to show the locations of various cemeteries.