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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Walker family records : from the shadows of Cumberland Gap, Claiborne County, Tazewell, Tennessee

Author: Annie Walker Burns (1894-1966)
Date: 1957
Publisher: Privately, Lucy Kate McGhee
City: Washington, DC
Online: Excerpts on this page
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Repository: DAR

Annie Walker Burns wrote a second, lesser-known followup to her 1929 book on the Edward Walker family which is not widely available but does exist at the Daughters of the American Revolution Library.

This book does contain a few letters that she received shortly after her 1929 book which add color to the family story, and there is also information about her nephew, Captain Hobart Theodore Walker, Jr., who was killed when the plane he was piloting over China collided with another in World War 2. But, for the most part, the book consists of transcriptions of census records of Walkers, some related, some not.

Notes from the Book

A full copy of the book has not been obtained, but my notes from the book are below.

Pages 1-R - 4-R: Roy S. Walker of Jacksonville, Florida, wrote (perhaps in 1957) that he was the son of James Taylor Walker and Mattie Riddle, his second wife. He married Mattie Edna Mauney of Ludlow, Colorado. Daughter Dorothy Jean, born 12 March 1929 in the Woman's Air Force, married Harry E. Harbach; children: Deborah Lynn born 4 May 1952, Sandra Lee, born 12 December 1953 died 27 February 1955, and Harry Edward, born 11 July 1955. Son Roy Mauney, born 3 July 1927, married Janice Ruth Marks 31 Deember 1954. Half sister Mallie Yoakum, born 28 October 1874, died 27 February 1957, married Joseph S. Yoakum 20 September 1895; children Margaret Lenore, Robert Taylor, Henry Clay, Paul Devine, Anne.Half sister Lenore married W.L. Mitchell and lived at 2039 Emoriland Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee. Half sister Fleda was 3 years younger and died at age 18.

Leonore wrote that she was born 17 December 1898 and married W. Leon Mitchell 27 April 1921 who died of a heart attack in 1949. No children. Robert born 17 November 1900 married Belle Somers Simpson in January 1948; no children. Henry, born 15 June 1903 married Mary Ollie Irwin 28 April 1926; children: Henry Clay Jr., born 5 May 1928 who was in Korea at the time; Henry Jr. married Florabel Christopher in September 1954; son Chris born March 1956. Paul Devine Yoakum born 3 May 1905 married Barbara Folkes in May 1938; served in World War 2, no children. Ann Yoakum bor 4 November 1913 married H.L. Modlin Jr., 25 June 1936; he served in World War 2. Children Anne Leigh, born 20 March 1939, Elizabeth "Betsy" Hanes Modlin born 6 November 1942.

Page 2-X: "Bible records"
Annie writes of her own family. James A. Walker, born 3 June 1860, married Sallie E. Hansard, born 15 February 1864. The couple married 22 September 1882 and Sallie died 14 June 1933. The father of Sallie was Abner Christian Hansard, born 1 April 1814, and her mother was Mary Ann Markham or Marcum, born 16 May 1825.

Children of James A. and Sallie E. (Hansard) Walker:
Viola born 6 September 1885, died in infancy
Ollie Fredricka, born 19 December 1886, died in infancy
Vernie Christian, born 3 January 1889, died in infancy
Abner Homer [sic], born 27 February 1891
Mary Anne, born 8 December 1893
Hobart Theodore, born 11 August 1896
Samuel Wheeler [sic], born 13 April 1899
Lucy Kate (now McGhee) born 14 June 1903
Bennie died in infancy
Another infant died in infancy

Abner Homer Walker married Lucinda Howard 8 September 1916. Children Lena Ruth, born 16 November 1919, and Sallie Emily, born 26 November 1923, married General Haig Blanton, 5 May 1948. Children General Lewis Blanton, born 26 July 1950, Danny Homer Blanton born 2 July 1951.

She notes that James A. was the son of Henry Walker, 1818-1873 [actually died in 1872] and his first wife, Lucinda Daugherty [probably Doherty], who was born in 1820 [possibly but uncertain] and died after 1860, and that the couple was married 21 July 1839.

She also notes Henry's mother, Mahala Tussey, as being born in 1800 [incorrect], marrying in 1817 [possible but uncertain], and died 28 December 1842 [probably 1844].

Jane Horne as she spells it, Henry's grandmother, she shows as born in 1771 and died after 1840; the dates undoubtedly came from the pension and no other source.

Page 23: indicates that there are death records of Jacob and Jane Tussey and Jonathan Tussey at Floyd County, Kentucky at the Kentucky Historical Library, which is quite curious as they did not die there presumably.

Pages 24-25: Much of the information cited here is wrong or slightly off: Joseph H. Walker, born Claiborne County, 28 December 1871, son of Sterling, grandson of Johnathan [sic], great grandson of Joseph born in Halifax County, Virginia [not likely]. Moved to Claiborne County at an early day in an ox cart. Farmer and slave owner. He was killed by a falling tree limb before he was 40 [he was 59]. Mary (Tussey) Walker died in Claiborne County at age of 98 [she was about 88].

Joseph and Mary's son Jonathan, died 1848, married a Clavern [no, a Tussey, his first cousin]. Sterling 1846-1913 in Claiborne County was a Baptist, farmer, Democrat. he married Ellen Pearson, born in Claiborne County in 1851 and died 1912. Children: Joseph H., Henry, Jonathan, Milton, all farmers, Martha married R. I. Pickrell, agent for Southern Eastern Express Company lived at Middlesboro, Kentucky, on South 18th Street; Charles Walker, farmer in Claiborne County.

In 1897, "Mr. Walker" [Joseph Hillary] married Hallie Parkey, daughter of Isaac and Susie (Coleman) Parkey who resided in Claiborne County where he was a farmer. Three children: Estes born 1900, Nellie born 1902, Ethel born 1905. [There was actually a 4th, Willie Southern Walker, who died young.]

Page 25: Says she cannot place: James Thomas Walker and Eva (Bunch) Walker, a native of Claiborne County. His paternal grandfather was John Thomas Walker from North Carolina who settled early in Claiborne County. James Thomas ran away from home at the age of 16. 25 June 1913, "Dr. Walker", Margaret Layson Von Bussum of Owensboro, Kentucky, Murry Hamilton and Margaret both their children.

[John Thomas Walker was not from North Carolina. He was born, according to Census records, in Tennessee, and was the son of Samuel Walker, Edward Walker Sr.'s son.]

Pages 25-26: Letter from Mary (Clarkson) Rowlette

Page 27: March 1857, Mary Walker vs. Isaac, Jacob, Elihue, John Lewis & wife Anna, administrators of Joseph Walker's estate for widows dower, page 77, book dated 1826, page 25 is Jane Walker vs. John Walker 1826, others.

Page 29: Cannot tie James Walker to this family but suspects a link.

Page 31: Letter from Minerva repeats information in the 1929 book about her brothers, Sam being 10 when they moved to Bear Creek, etc. She states that family records were either destroyed or that "Mother Martha", Henry's second wife, took them.

Pages 34-35: 28 January 1929 letter from Minerva, again a repeat but apparently transcribed this time to call her mother "Lucinda Overton Daugherty" and repeats that her stepfather was Samuel Walker, who she calls Henry's brother but was, in fact, his uncle. This letter appears to correct the information in the 1929 book where she identified several Walkers as Overtons.

Elsewhere: The author quotes an article from an unnamed Washington, DC newspaper dated 10 October 1947 a story that includes her nephew:

40 From Area of Washington Among War Dead Brought to the United States
The United States Army transport, Honda Knot, returning 3,000 World War II dead from the Pacific Theater, including two score from the Washington area, is due to arrive in San Francisco from Honolulu today.

The names of those from the District and neighboring areas, and their next of kin, as released today by the Department of the Army, are as follows…

Captain Hobart T. Walker, Jr., U S. A. A. F [United States Army Air Force] was killed over China February 11, 1945 as he was piloting a cargo plane loaded with gasoline. Stationed in the Indo-China command, he flew everything from a Piper Cub to a four-engine cargo plane.

He graduated from Eastern High School in 1938 and attended Maryland University, leaving in his senior year to join the Army ferry command. He was commissioned on his 21st, birthday, July 9, 1941, was promoted to first lieutenant in April 1943, and to Captain in July 1944.

He received the Air Medal with two oak leaf clusters and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Surviving are his parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Hobart T. Walker, Sr., 1321 21st Street N.W. and two brothers: Lawrence C. Walker and Mark E. Walker. He also has a sister: Mrs. Hope W. Good of Arlington [author inserts "husband Woodrow Good"] of Arlington, Virginia [sic].

He will be buried in Arlington Cemetery.

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