Disused or Demolished Churches & Chapels,

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 The following Churches and Chapels have been demolished and in most cases the sites have been built upon.


St. Mary's Church, (C. of E.) Primrose Hill. This church stood at the top of Charles Street, side on to South Street; the location is now best designated as at the rear of the fire station, Brunswick Street.

West Parade Methodist Chapel, this chapel stood on the corner of South Parade and West Parade. The graves in the burial ground have been exhumed, but it still exists as a park with some of the tombstones laid flat to form paths.

Holy Trinity Church, (C. of E.) between George St & Trinity Church Gate.

Catholic Atostolic, Wood Street.

Salem Chapel Congregationalist standing back from George Street. Opened 1801

Congregational Chapel

Wesley Hall

Baptist Church, Fairground

Demolished Baptist Church, Ossett

Primitive Methodists Church, Market Street.

United Free Methodist, Market Street & Thornes Lane

United Methodist Church, Grove Road

W. Methodist Chapel, Stanley Road

 St. Peter & St Paul, Kettlethorpe

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