Frank Tull Manuscripts

Introduction: Frank Tull Manuscripts

Written by Frank Tull and dedicated to his mother in 1942, documents over 30 years of genealogy work, starting prior to 1925 through about 1943 (one 1961 entry appears to be the last). Contains interviews and history of approximately 795 individuals, the majority with connections to Carroll and Ray Counties of Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. Some of the larger surname listings are: Campbell, Frohmann (Froman), Graham, Hite (Heydt), McAtee, Minnis, Mirick, Sproul, Tull, and Young.

The original manuscript is in the Western Historical Manuscript Collection, University of Missouri, State Historical Society, Columbia, Missouri. Joan Graham Atkinson, who obtained a copy in 1990 through a hired genealogist, deciphered, retyped and indexed the poor quality originals, producing a limited number of copies consisting about 105 pages (20-Index, 4-Introduction, and 81-manuscript).

Gary Mertz scanned a copy of Joan Graham Atkinson’s work, OCR (optical character recognized) and saved it in MS Word. Proofed OCR multiple times, every time correcting and improving in attempt to match original, being careful to correct only obvious OCR interpretation and typing errors.

Joan Graham Atkinson gives her blessing for the free distribution of her work and states she has the permission of Frank Tull’s family to post and use his manuscripts as long as it’s offered free, not for profit. All are in agreement, this “great work” should be available to share and enjoy by everyone, free of any charge.

It’s seems obvious Frank Tull’s intent was to share his work with all, as he reiterates throughout his manuscript. Right from the beginning, page 1, in Frank Tull’s letter to his mother: “Possessing considerable information relating to my family pedigree, I shall concile the facts hidden in my various papers, because in their present condition they would be of little value to any one other than myself. This is done with the hope that future generations may have some knowledge of the origin and accomplishments of their ancestors and that my years of effort may be handed down to others.”

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Who is Frank Tull? Born: February 20, 1902 (Pg62), 803 Park Ave, Carrollton, Carroll Co, MO. Father: Edward L. McAtee (Pg67), (1894-1929) Mother: Jennie Reed Campbell McAtee Pg 62), (1866-1902) died Feb 21, 1902, 1 day after birth, (Pg61) “must have anticipated that fact when she named me for her brother-in-law Frank Tull, and gave me to her sister, Harriet Graham Campbell who was then the wife of Frank Tull of Carrollton.” Raised and Adopted by: Frank Tull and wife Harriet Graham Campbell Tull, “Hattie Tull”, “the only mother I ever knew” (Pg61), sister of birth mother, Jennie Reed Campbell. Raised: Carrollton, Carroll Co, MO Occupation: “traveling that section of Missouri for a finance company” (Pg59)

Anyone wishing to make contact, add comment notes, corrections, clarifications or deletions in cases of living individuals, please Contact: Gary E. Mertz or Joan Graham Atkinson as noted.

Table of Contents:

Index Pages 31 - 40
Preface Pages 41 - 50
Pages 1 - 10 Pages 51 - 60
Pages 11 - 20 Pages 61 - 70
Pages 21 - 30 Pages 71 - 81

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