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Georgia Kinney Bopp


Bopp DNA
BOPP Y-DNA - Y Chromosome DNA. All Bopps are welcome to join this study
Heinzerling/Hensarling & Bopp & Others! - Was there a common ancestor in Germany before there were surnames?


Bopps in America - short summary (not complete) based on passenger list, military, and census indices.

There is no known relationship between any of the below lines (including the two St Louis Co., MO, lines).

JOHAN PETER BOPP, SR., 1812-1901 - born Germany, arrived New Orleans in 1852, settled in St. Louis County, Missouri in 1853,
descendant of Henn Schmid Bopp 1606-1673, of Bermuthshain, Germany [Hesse Darmstadt]. This is the immigrant ancestor of my husband's Bopp family.

SEBASTIAN BOPP, ca. 1822 - born in Germany [Hesse Darmstadt], was in St. Louis County, Missouri, before 1850. This is the ancestor of the Bopp Chapel family of Kirkwood, MO.

Simon Bopp c. 1811 Baden/Germany to V/WV by 1854 (Jeremy Bopp) [off site]
Leonard Bopp b. ca. 1800, Germany, in Pennsylvania by 1860. (David J. Bopp) [off site]
Franz Xavier Bopp b. 1871, Germany, d. 1960, New Jersey. (Dave Bupp) [off site]
Henry Bupp 1850-1914 PA, s/o Jacob J. Bupp


Other Bopp Links [off site] - (Andreas Bopp) SITE IS IN GERMAN
Joannis Bopp, d.1697 Rheinsheim  & Other Bopp information SITE IS IN GERMAN
The village of Bermuthshain includes Bopp information.
Below is the link through google to English translation: - SITE IS IN PORTUGUESE
Leonardo Bopp *1788 1863
(filho de Anton Bopp e Suzana Schrim Bopp, Dittigheim, distrito de Baden, Baviera) casou em 08/07/1832 com Elizabeth Bohrer ( filha de Frederico Bohrer e Anna Maria Bohrer)
Below is the link through google to English translation:,%2BDittigheim,%2Bdistrito%2Bde%2BBaden%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG

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