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Unless noted otherwise, the below information was provided by the participants or their representatives and may contain errors.


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Shaded are indicates shared [or possibly shared] ancestors

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Participant MG 28049

Participant R 99472

Participant WG 45826
[ ] indicates hypothesis

Participant JT 102991

Participant M 116300



c 1685 -1760 NJ

Mordecai d. 1760 NJ

c 1685 -1760 NJ] 




Daniel 1717-1809 NJ

Daniel 1717-1808 NJ

[Daniel 1717-1809 N)]




James Collin
1735 - 1811

Daniel, Jr. 1740-1809 NJ

[Archibald (Sr.) 1733]

[The below generation placement is based on birth year and may be adjusted up or down when paper trail is established]



James Logan
1778 - 1845

1766-1861 of NJ, KY, TX

[Archibald (Jr.) 1750]




William Van Hook
1813 KY - 1897 IN

Ashley 1795-1847
of KY, AR, TX
(wife Sallie also a McKinney)

*[George b. Aug. 20 1791 supposedly drowned in 1817 (undocumented). He may be identical to . . .]
George c 1791 KY - of AR, AL

c1795 TN? c.1845 MI



Asa 1837
IN - 1917 IN

Daniel L. 1827-1906
of AR, TX

John A. c 1822 AL

Christopher Columbus
1821 MI - 1906 TX




Harvey Judson
1870 IN - 1960 IN

John B. 1877-1968 of TX

George F. 1843-1917 AR

Tolbert Fannin
c1858 TX - 1935 TX




Giles P.
1898 IN - 1972 IN

Participant 99472

William W. 1882-1952 AR

Thomas Priddy
1901 TX - 1981 TX




Participant 28049


William G. 1910-1988 AR







Participant 41362

Participant 102991



Note: Participant 59372 also reports a line descending from Mordecai; his Y-DNA does not match the others.

*McKinney researcher associated with this line writes: "If it were not for the drowning theory, I probably would have identified him as OUR George some time ago due to the fact he is listed as being born the same year our George (1791), and married a lady named Pantha HOUSTON. Our George had a son later he named Albert Houston McKinney. Our George also named another son Collin McKinney. Daniel b. 1717 [as noted in the first participant's line] had a son named James Collin McKinney." [B.S.]

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