The following biographical sketches of early settlers in Monroe County as reproduced from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society.













ALEXANDER CRAWFORD – was born in Guernsey county, OH, Nov 28 1830.  His parents were James CRAWFORD & Sarah ADUDELL, the former of whom still survives.  Mr. CRAWFORD was married in Lebanon, Monroe county, Jun 27 1857, by Thomas MILLER, to Jane MORGAN, who was born in Guernsey county, OH, Nov 20 1824.   Her father was George MORGAN and her mother Margaret PIERCE of Washington county, OH. The children of Mr. & Mrs. CRAWFORD are: Margaret E., born Apr 26 1859, lives in Bethel township; George D. P., Jan 23 1861, lives in Iowa.  Mr. CRAWFORD was a member of the 63rd OVI.  His first wife was Nancy Ellen MEREDITH, daughter of David MEREDITH, by whom he had one child, Sary Ramantha, born Oct 19 1854, is at this time in the State of IA.  Mr. CRAWFORD is engaged in the undertaking business and is also a cabinet maker, and always ready to do all kinds of work in his line.  Address, Masterton, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM DILLON, M. D. – settled in Monroe county on Apr 26 1855.  He was born in Loudoun county, VA, Apr 15 1827.  His father was William DILLON and his mother Sarah SPENCER.  His father died in Monroe county, and his mother in Belmont county, OH.  He was married in Monroe county, Oct 19 18—to Elizabeth J. ODEN, who was born in Tuscarawas county, OH, Dec 8 1847.  Her father was William ODEN; her mother, Kitty Ann ELLIS.  The former died in Monroe county, Mar 26 1880; the latter is still living in Monroe county.  Mr. & Mrs. DILLON had but one child, Sarah M., who was born Mar 26 18--, and lives at home.  Mr. DILLON was in the war of the rebellion, enlisting in the 116th OVI, in 1862, and was discharged in 1863 at Camp Dennison.  He was offered promotion, but refused.  Not being accustomed to marching he contracted disease in the shape of rheumatism and disease of the heart, so that he is not able to work or follow his profession as actively as he would wish.  The doctor’s wife is a member of the Baptist Church.  Dr. DILLON’s first wife was Rachel A. BYERS, a daughter of Garret BYERS and Nancy MANN.  Their children were: Elam, born Jun 5 1849; Abner (or Abram), Sep 10 1851; Jonathan, Oct 14 1853; William, Mar 10 1855; Isaac A., 1857, died 1858; James H., Sep 16 1860.  William DILLON is a physician of the allopathic school.  His parents were poor, and the doctor is a self-made man, and is fond of his profession and has been successful.  Has a fine farm of 120 acres of land in section 25.  Address, Mars, Monroe county, OH.


SAMUEL P. GEBHART – is a school teacher of Bethel township, and was born in Monroe county, OH, Mar 27 1853.  His father was George W. GEBHART and his mother Mary A. SHADWELL, both of whom came to Washington township in the year 1850.  His father is now dead.  Mr. GEBHART’s wife was Mattie E. FAWCETT, who was born in Monroe county, Oct 29 1852.  Her father was Samuel FAWCETT, and her mother Sytha M. BEACH.  Samuel & Mattie were married at Graysville, Monroe county, Jan 1 1871.  The children of Samuel & Mattie GEBHART are: George A., born Jun 15 1872; Lucretia M., Jul 25 1874; Austin, Jul 2 1877; Odessa, Aug 26 1879, died Jun 13 1881.  All the rest of the children live at home.  Mr. GEBHART had one brother in the war of the rebellion, who enlisted in the 92nd OVI, and was wounded at Chattanooga, TN, by a rebel shell in 1863, from the effects of which he died.  Mr. GEBHART is a resident of Bethel township.  Address, Masterton, Monroe county, OH.


THOMAS MARTIN – is a son of Robert MARTIN & Elizabeth WILGER, who came to this county in 1819.  He was born in Bethel township, Feb 7 1824.  He was married in the same township, Monroe county, Jan 21 1844, to Abigal WALLER, who was born in Monroe county, Dec 15 1819.  Her parents were John WALLER & Sarah GREEN.  They died in Monroe county.  The children of Thomas MARTIN & wife are: Sarah S., born May 28 1850, residence in Bethel township; Robert A., Apr 27 1855, lives at home; Mary E., Sep 18 1857, lives in Monroe county; George W., Apr 8 1860, married Mary WICKBAUGHER, Apr 4 1882.  They reside in Bethel township.  Martin had a brother, Henry, in the army, who died at Chattanooga.  He has been justice of the peace about 18 years; has been clerk of the township for several years.  Mr. MARTIN’s father was one of the hunters and pioneers of Monroe county, and has endured all the privations and hardships incident to a new country.  In the hunting adventures of himself and others they killed many bears and wolves.  His father killed the largest bear ever killed in this county; the tree, at the roots of which the bear lay, stood until a few years ago, when it fell.  Truly it may be said that these noble pioneers are gone, but their good works which they have accomplished, do follow them.  Mr. MARTIN’s father was born Jul 4 1796, in Greene county, PA; died in Monroe county, Jul 30 1874.  His mother was born Jan 5 1806 in WV; died in Monroe county, OH, Sep 17 1854.  His father was by birth of Irish descent; his mother of English.  Her mother was of Irish descent.  His father was a member of the Presbyterian Church and his mother also.  Both are firm believers of Scripture.  Mr. MARTIN was the last land appraiser of this township.  He and his wife are both members of the Christian Church, and have been for the last 20 years.  Mr. MARTIN has a farm of 240 acres of land.  He settled on it when in the woods, and has cleared about 160 acres of it.  Occupation, farming.  Address, Mars, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM MARTIN – was born at Clearport, Monroe county, OH, Dec 10 1827, being the son of Robert MARTIN & Elizabeth WILSON.  Both died in this county.  Mr. MARTIN was married in Franklin township, Jul 22 1851, to Sarah WALLER, who was born in Monroe county, Mar 28 1829.  Her parents were John WALLER & Sarah GREEN.  They are both dead.  The result of this union was: Westerman T., born Oct 26 1853, a resident of Bethel township; Mary E., Nov 2 1855, lives in Franklin township; Janett A., Apr 1 1860; John W., Dec 21 1861; Walter R., Nov 8 1864.  The younger three of the children live at home.  Mr. MARTIN had one brother, Henry T., in the war of 1861, who died since the close of the war in Columbus, OH.  Mr. MARTIN, the subject of this sketch, has a farm of 250 acres of land, about 160 of which is cleared, and he experienced a great deal of a pioneer’s life in Monroe county.  When he first came there he moved right into the woods.  He lives on Indian creek.  His occupation is farming.  Address, Mars, Monroe county, OH.


ROBERT MORRIS – is a son of William MORRIS & Anna WELLS, both of whom died in Monroe county.  He was born in Monroe county, Jun 10 1824.  He was married in the same county, Oct 18 1844, to Rebecca A. CONNOR, who was born in Hardin county, Sep 15 1825.  Her father was John CONNOR and her mother Charlotte SELVIE, who died in Monroe county.  The children of Robert & Rebecca MORRIS are: William H., born May 17 1846, resides in Wood county WV; Mary J., Aug 25 1848, and lives in WV; Levi T., May 2 1852, lives in Wood county, WV; Charlotte, Sep 1 1856, lives in Bethel township; Leona E., Jan 16 1863, resides at home; Robert W., Jan 21 1868, resides at home.  Mr. MORRIS had one son, William H., in the late war, a member of the 92nd OVI.  His grandfather, Elisha MURRAY, was a soldier of 1812.  Mr. MORRIS’ father died Mar 26 1837, and his mother Jul 17 1867.  They were both members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Mr. MORRIS has a farm of 183 acres in Elk township, Noble county, OH.  He is a hard-working man and an honest one.  Address, Harriettsville, Noble county, OH.  Occupation, farming.


GEORGE OKEY – was born in Monroe county, OH, Apr 5 1816.  He is a son of Woodman OKEY and Catherine LEMLEY.  They both died in Monroe county.  Mr. OKEY’s wife was Rachel A. MANN, whom he married in Bethel township, Apr 6 1876.  Mrs. OKEY was born in Belmont county, Sep 14 1837.  Her father’s name was David MANN, and her mother’s Sarah JOHNSON.  They both died in Belmont county, OH.  Mr. OKEY was engaged in the war of the rebellion; served in the 4th CA Volunteer Infantry.  His son was also in the service, in the 116th OVI.  Mr. OKEY was sheriff in Marshall county, CA, for 25 years.  Mr. OKEY’s son, Emanuel, was taken prisoner and kept in Andersonville until he was nearly starved to death before he was exchanged.  He was blown up on one of the transports, and thrown into the water; he tried to swim ashore, but was so blinded by the explosion that he could not reach there, and was captured.  George OKEY, the subject of this sketch, was in the Indian part of the rebellion, and was most of the time in Arizona; went to CA in 1850, prospecting.  He found some of the best mining country in the State.  He has a farm in Monroe county of about 80 acres.  The first wife was Elizabeth RUCKER, daughter of John RUCKER and Sarah JENNING.  Their children were: Catherine, born in 1841; Woodman, in 1845; Charlie, in 1846; Emanuel, Oct 12 1837, died 1865.  Mr. George OKEY, the subject of this sketch, in politics is a Republican and a true patriot to this country – while he morns the loss of his son was yet willing to lose all to save the government.  He has traveled quite extensively, and still likes Ohio, the place of his birth.  Has always been a hard-working man, and has become somewhat afflicted.  Has seen all of the trials and vicissitudes of pioneer life in Monroe county for about 55 years.  Occupation, farmer and stock-raiser.  Address, Masterton, Monroe county, OH.


JOSEPH A. PRICE – was born in Guernsey county, OH, Nov 13 18--; his parents being Samuel PRICE & Margaret SMITH, who died in Washington county, OH.  He was married in Monroe county, Jan 14 1864, to Alice BROWN, daughter of Perry W. BROWN & Elizabeth ROGERS.  She was born in Monroe county, Aug 16 1843, and her parents are now living in Lebanon.  The children of Joseph & Alice PRICE were: Marion, born Oct 14 1865, and died on the same day; Austine, Sep 3 1867; Minnie L., Jun 18 1869; Perry, Mar 30 1871; Hattie E., Feb 24 1875.  All of the four children who are living reside at home.  Mr. PRICE was a soldier in the war of the rebellion; enlisted in the spring of 1861, and was discharged in the fall of the same year.  He was a member of the 77th OVI.  He was engaged in the battle of Pittsburg Landing, and was discharged shortly after the fight.  Mrs. PRICE is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, as was also Mr. PRICE.  The latter died Jul 4 1875.


MATHEW WARWICK – was born in Harrison county, OH, Oct 22 1832.  His father was Thomas WARWICK and his mother Rachel WILLIAMS.  They came to Monroe county in Apr 1838.  His father died in 1876, and his mother in 1879.  Mr. WARWICK’s wife was Margaret FLAUGH, who was born in Guernsey county, Jun 24 1829.  Her parents were John FLAUGH & Margaret McGRUGAN.  Mr. & Mrs. WARWICK were married in Monroe county, Feb 7 1856.  Their children are: Mary C., born Jan 21 1857, residence, Bethel township; John T., May 13 1858, lives in Minnesota; James A., Sep 14 1860, lives in Minnesota; Rachel J., May 14 1862, lives at home; Sarah E., Nov 10 1865, resides at home.  Mr. WARWICK is a justice of the peace for Bethel township, and has held that office for nine years, having been elected in 1873.  He is a member of the Methodist Church, a steward of the society, and also the recording steward of the circuit.  Occupation, general blacksmith and wagon-making, and justice of the peace.  Address, Masterton, Monroe county, OH.



Transcribed by Dr. Shirley A. Harmon, e-mail:  Shirley Harmon




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