The following biographical sketches of early settlers in Monroe County as reproduced from a book titled, the "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio." The material for this book was taken from two nineteenth century books: (1) 'History of Monroe County Ohio,' a product of the H.H. Hardesty & Co., publishers, Chicago and Toledo, 1882 and (2) 'Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio,' a product of Atlas Publishing Company, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 1898. The "Combined History and Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio" was reprinted and is available from the Monroe County Historical Society.




















JOSEPH BAKER – is engaged in farming in Malaga township.  He was born in Schoenau, Dahn county, Bavaria, Germany, Jul 26 1823.  He came into the county in Sep 1837.  His parents were George BAKER and Barbara K. MINCH; they came to this county Sep 16 1837.  Mr. Joseph BAKER was married Jun 29 1847 to Christina BURKHARD, who was born in Bruchweiler, Dahn county, Bavaria, Germany, Jul 26 1823.  Her parents were Martin BURKHARD & Elizabeth SCHEED.  They came to this county in 1840.  The children of Joseph & Christina BAKER are: Barbara, born May 15 1848, lives at Woodsfield; Margaret, Feb 21 1850, lives at home; John, May 15 1852, lives at home; Theobald, Jan 26 1854, lives at home; George, Apr 15 1856, lives at home; Mary Ann, May 24 1858, lives at Malaga, OH; Joseph, Oct 12 1863, lives at home.  Mr. BAKER was trustee of Summit township for upwards of seven years.  Mr. BAKER is the owner of 320 acres of land situated in Malaga township, sections 4 and 5, township 6, range 6.  Address Malaga, Monroe county, OH.


JAMES BEARDMORE – a son of William BEARDMORE & Mary Ann ROBINSON, is engaged in farming and stock-raising in Malaga township, and was born in Malaga township, Monroe county, Nov 8 1847.  He was married in Malaga township, Feb 10 1876, to Margaret Elizabeth BROWNFIELD, who was born in Malaga township, Sep 14 1849; her parents were William BROWNFIELD & Elizabeth Jane STEVENS.  They came to this county in 1840.  The children of James & Margaret BEARDMORE are: Mary Elizabeth BEARDMORE, born Dec 17 1876; Samuel Victor, Aug 14 1878; Enos William, Mar 4 1880; Charles Koehler, Dec 24 1881.  Mr. BEARDMORE is the owner of 333 acres of land in Malaga township, sections 22 and 28, range 6, township 6.  Postoffice address, Miltonsburg, Monroe county, OH.


THOMAS J. BEARDMORE – is a farmer and stock-raiser of Malaga township.  He was born in Monroe county May 1 1846.  His parents were William BEARDMORE & Mary Ann ROBINSON BEARDMORE.  He was married in Wayne township, Belmont county, OH, Oct 31 1868 to Elizabeth COLVIG.  She was born in Belmont county, Wayne township, Mar 25 1847.  Her parents were James Harvey COLVIG and Mary Ann TRAVIS COLVIG.  The children of Thomas & Elizabeth BEARDMORE are: Mary A., born Aug 13 1869; Ida Alice, Feb 6 1871; Louisa Francis, Feb 25 1873; William Thomas, born Apr 7 1875; James Monroe, Jun 18 1877; Clarkson Hayes, Apr 12 1878; John Oliver, Apr 12 1878, died Apr 19 1878; Isaac Garfield, Mar 18 1880, lives at home.  Mr. BEARDMORE is the owner of 200 acres of land, situated in Malaga township, range 6, township 6, section 11.  Address, Malaga, Monroe county, OH.


NICHOLAS CLAUS – born in Herlerfield, Germany, Jul 6 1812, emigrated to this country in 1836, landing in Baltimore, MD.  He went at once to Pittsburgh, PA, where he remained four years.  He then came to Monroe county, in 1840, settled in Malaga township, where he now resides, and on his present farm.  He cleared a farm and raised a family amid all the inconveniences of pioneer life.  He was twice married, first at Pittsburgh, Dec 25 1836 to Catharine REIMENSCHEIDER, by whom he had 10 children, five of them boys: William, deceased; William, 2nd, deceased; John, Adolph & Charlie.  Daughters: Elizabeth, deceased, Mary, Margaret, Kate, deceased.  The first wife died Feb 2 1869, age 53 years.  The second marriage was at Wheeling, WV, Oct 7 1869, to Rosena, daughter of Michael & Hannah KOEHLER FRITCHIE.  She was born in Saxonburg, Germany, Sep 9 1819.  Mr. CLAUS’ parents, John CLAUS & Catherine COLEMAN, both died in Germany.  He had one son-in-law, Jacob WALTERS, who served through the late war, and was once taken prisoner.  Mr. CLAUS is enjoying an advanced age, with a sufficiency of this world’s goods, acquired by industry and economy.  Business, farming and dairy.  Postoffice, Miltonsburg, Monroe county.  Resides in Malaga township.


ARCHIBALD COOPER – son of Archibald and Lydia WILSON COOPER, was born in this county, Oct 8 1846, and married in this township, Jan 18 1872, to Mary F. JONES, also born here, daughter of John JONES & Margaret E. LONG.  They have two children: Lydia O., born Nov 14 1872; and Maggie L., Apr 11 1874.  Francis COOPER, a native of PA, and of Irish extraction, came across the Allegheny mountains and settled in Colerain township, Belmont county, OH.  He was then a young married man, having a wife and two children.  He bought a tract of land on the head spring of Glen’s run, and went into the woods and built a cabin.  Belmont county was very sparsely settled at that date.  He raised a family of six sons and one daughter, the two oldest of whom, Robert & Archibald, settled in Malaga township, at a very early date, when there was only a cabin here and there through the woods.  There were but two school-houses in the township at that time, and only one church, which was in Malaga township.  Robert & Archibald COOPER settled in the extreme part of the township, and located about 900 acres of land.  Robert settled here in 1827.  Archibald, the father of the subject of this sketch, was married to Lydia WILSON, daughter of James & Mary WILSON, in Oct 7 1829, and came to Monroe county the same fall.  He raised eight sons and four daughters, of whom Archibald Jr., is the sixth.  He lived to his 58th year, and died Dec 27 1858.  The COOPERs have been among the enterprising farmers of the township.  Archibald was a trustee for many years.  Robert is still living, in his 83rd year, and is the author of this sketch.


JOHN M. EBERLE – is a resident of Miltonsburg, Malaga township, where he is engaged as a monument and tombstone cutter and postmaster.  He settled in this county, May 2 1876; was born in New York City, Aug 9 1833.  His parents were John EBERLE, born in Würtemberg, Germany, died Jul 31 1873, and Anna Maria HARE EBERLY, born in Würtemberg, Germany, died Mar 7 1879.  They came to this county in 1856.  Mr. J. M. EBERLE’s wife was Susannah YOUNG EBERLE, who was born in Scotland, Cotrine, Ayrshire, Oct 26 1840.  They were married in New York City, Feb 16 1860, by Reverend John BRASH, a minister of the Presbyterian Church.  Mrs. EBERLE’s parents were John YOUNG & Agnes COWEN.  Mr. EBERLE has been the postmaster of the town of Miltonsburg for about one year.  In 1857 he was in the Oregon war under Colonel Stephenson in the battles of Sailor’s Diggings, Happy Camp, Ft. Walla Walla, Indian Town, and the battle of Gold Spring, where they were defeated by the Flatheads.  Mr. EBERLE was wounded in the leg by an arrow.  He served about 11 months, and never received a cent for his services.  He was also a member of the NY fire department for a term of five years, commencing in the year 1849.  He served an apprenticeship of four years and six months with Nelson Sweezey, corner Fourth avenue and Eight street, where the Cooper Institute stands at the present time.  Mr. EBERLE has been engaged in the tombstone business ever since, and now is the contractor of the soldiers’ and sailors’ monument, to be erected at Bellaire, Belmont county, OH.  Address, Miltonsburg, Monroe county, OH.


JAMES C. GATCHELL – a resident of Malaga township, is postmaster and merchant, as well as agent at Jerusalem for the Ballaire, Zanesville & Cincinnati Railroad.  He settled in Jerusalem in the year 1847.  There were at that time only three houses and one blacksmith-shop in the new flourishing town.  He came to this county in 1842.  He married his second wife, Jane D. DAVIES, near Jerusalem, Nov 9 1872.  Her parents are Alfred & Sarah DAVIES, settlers of this county in 1837.  Mr. GATCHELL’s parents are Robert and Mary Ann GATCHELL, the former settled in this county in 1840 and the latter in 1824.  Mrs. GATCHELL was born in Wayne township, Belmont county, OH, Jan 30 1837.  Mr. GATCHELL was born in Washington township, this county, May 26 1842.  He has been postmaster 14 years, and notary public about eight years.  His first wife was Julia A. LAWRENCE.  The result of this union was William B., born Sep 26 1865, lives in Jerusalem, and Lizzie Iona, Jun 19 1867, died Oct 27 1868.  Address, Jerusalem, Monroe county, OH.


SAMUEL GROUX – is a merchant of Miltonsburg, Malaga township, and is a son of George Francis GROUX and Rosa DECOPPET, who lived in Switzerland.  Mr. GROUX was born in Switzerland, Sep 16 1835, and came to this county in the year 1853.  He was married in Lee township, Monroe county, OH, on the 20th of May 1859, to Anna WALTERS, who was a native of Switzerland, where she was born Oct 20 1838.  Mrs. GROUX’s parents were Jacob WALTER, deceased, 1853, and Christine Susannah LAYMAN, deceased, 1863.  They came to this county in 1853.  The children of Samuel & Anna GROUX are: Ferdinand, born Feb 28 1863; Henry, May 18 1864; Lewis, Sep 16 1867; all are living at home.  Mr. GROUX enlisted in the 7th MO Regiment in 1863, served 18 months, and was then honorably discharged.  He was principally in skirmishes, fighting guerrillas in the States of MO & KS.  He was elected to the office of Justice of the peace for Malaga township in the year 1875, and is now performing the duties of said office in his third term.  Mr. GROUX settled in Ohio township when there were very few people in the township, and went through all the hardships incident to the settlement of a new country.  In his younger days he cleared 80 acres of ground, and has been in the mercantile business ever since 1870.  He has also served as mate on steamboats on the Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri and Cumberland rivers, from 1853 to 1860.  His address is Miltonsburg, Monroe county, OH.


JAMES H. GRAHAM – a resident of Malaga township was born in Belmont county, OH, five miles north of St. Clairsville, Jan 29 1823, settled in this county Apr 1827.  His father was James GRAHAM, of Washington, PA, and his mother Jane GRAHAM, of Belmont county, OH.  They came to this county Apr 7 1827.  Both are deceased.  Mr. GRAHAM’s wife was Eliza McDONALD.  She was born in Cambridge, Guernsey county, OH, Jul 9 1827.  They were married in Woodsfield, county seat of Monroe county, May 17 1858.  Their children are: James Archibold, born Feb 25 1861; Samuel Harper, May 4 1863; Finney John T., Nov 15 1867; Mary Susannah, Mar 5 1872.  All reside at home.  Mrs. GRAHAM’s parents are both deceased.  Archibold McDONALD was born in Ireland, and Mary TATE in St. Clairsville.  They came from Guernsey county in Apr 1840.  Mr. GRAHAM’s brothers, Thomas Mayor, now a resident of Belmont county, OH, and Joseph Harper, a resident of IL, were in the late war, as well as his two brothers-in-law, James Hunter living in IA, and William Caldwell, in Montgomery KS, with one nephew, Edward GRAHAM, of Miltonsburg, Monroe county, OH.  All were honorably discharged.  Mr. GRAHAM’s father, James GRAHAM, entered the land James H. GRAHAM now lives on from the government in 1827.  Three fields were then cleared and a good cabin house and stable built by John FINLEY.  Deer and wolves were plentiful.  Aaron HEADLEY, a Baptist minister, taught the first school in the above-mentioned cabin in the winter of 1829 and 1830.  He was paid by subscription.  The second school was taught by Isaac HOLEMS, on the farm of David BINTZ, then owned by George HARCOM.  The country was a wilderness, and to the nearest neighbor was about one mile.  The western part of Malaga township is noted for its healthfulness, there being only about 11 deaths for 55 years.  Mr. GRAHAM is a farmer and school-teacher.  May be addressed at Miltonsburgh, Monroe county, OH.


BARNETT MANN – is a son of David MANN & Margaret GRIFFIN, who came to Monroe county in 1816, and are now both deceased.  Mr. MANN was born in Bedford county, PA, in 1807; settled in Monroe county in 1816, and is engaged in farming and stock-raising.  He was married Mar 6 1834, to Mary READ.  She was born in North Surrey, England, Feb 17 1813, her parents being John READ, who died Jan 15 1847, and Mary ANDREWS READ, who died May 6 1856.  They came to Monroe county in 1834.  The children of Barnett & Mary MANN are: Elizabeth, born Nov 22 1834, died Dec 11 1851; John R., May 24 1837, and living at home; David, Mar 30 1840, died Mar 24 1864; Wilson, May 10 1842, lives at home; Henry A., Jul 9 1844, lives at home; Ann M., Aug 19 1846, died Jun 25 1847; Elman, Jul 6 1848, died Nov 17 1850; Oliver, Dec 5 1850, died Oct 24 1857; Harriet, May 24 1853, died Aug 6 1871; Austin, Dec 4 1855, lives at home.  David MANN, son of Barnett MANN, enlisted in the 116th OVI in 1861, and died in hospital in the spring of 1864.  Mr. Barnett MANN was commissioner of Monroe county from 1860 to 1867, and has been trustee of Malaga, Summit and Centre townships, in all for about 15 years.  Mr. MANN was one of the earliest settlers of Malaga township.  When he first came here his nearest neighbors were about six or seven miles away, except two or three families.  At that time there were a great many deer, wolves, wildcats, etc., in the country.  Mr. MANN is engaged in farming, and is the owner of 500 acres of land, situated in Malaga township.  Address, Malaga, Monroe county, OH.


JAMES P. MANN – is a son of Hughes MANN & Margaret CRAIG MANN, who came to this county in 1817.  He was born in Malaga township, Mar 28 1839.  He was married in Quaker City, Guernsey county, Jan 4 1866, to Amanda Jane MOORE, who was born in the town of Malaga, May 25 1844.  Her parents were Elijah MOORE & Rebecca FOWLER MOORE.  The children of James & Amanda MANN are: William Forest, born Jan 14 1867, lives at home; Nellie Moore, Nov 11 1870, lives at home; Frank Carroll, Nov 6 1874.  Mr. MANN was first lieutenant of Co. C, 116th OVI; enlisted on the 8th day of Aug 1862.  He served 11 months, and was then promoted to the position of captain of the same company.  Mr. MANN’s occupation is farming in Malaga township.  Address, Malaga, Monroe county, OH.


MATTHEW MOORE – is a farmer and stock-raiser, and owns 325 acres of land in sections 27 and 28, Malaga, and 21 Sunsbury townships.  He was born near Louisville, Jun 1 1839, and is the son of William & Elizabeth A. McKEOWN MOORE.  They were settlers of Monroe county, Sep 1 1832.  The latter died Dec 25 1872.  William still lives in Malaga township.  Mr. MOORE’s wife is Sarah Jane, daughter of John H. & Mary McBROOM DICKEY.  The former died Jan 18 1878.  Mrs. DICKEY is living at her old home in Marshall county, WV.  Mrs. MOORE was born near Cameron, Mar(s)hall county, WV, Mar 5 1845.  Matthew & Sarah J. were married at the residence of Captain J. H. DICKEY, Mar 14 1867.  The children of this union are: William E., born Apr 12 1868; John H., Jun 3 1870; George T., Dec 12 1872; Mary L., Jan 5 1875; James W. A., Feb 17 1878.  All reside at home.  Mr. MOORE may rightfully be addressed at Ozark, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM J. MOORE – a merchant at Jerusalem, was born in Allegheny City, PA, Nov 22 1853.  His wife, to whom he was married at Jerusalem, Oct 4 1877, was Debbie E. GATCHELL.  She was born in Monroe county, OH.  Her parents are Robert & Mary Ann GATCHELL.  Mr. MOORE’s parents are William Thompson & Mary K. MOORE.  William J. settled in this county in 1859.  He was department postmaster in Jerusalem, six years.  Their children are: Charles Thurman, born Jul 14 1878, and Mary Rosene, Sep 23 1881; both reside at home.  Address, William J. MOORE, Jerusalem, Monroe county, OH.


GEORGE W. STEWARD – born at Clarington, Monroe county, OH, Apr 4 1848, is a son of Dr. James STEWARD & Hannah LEAMAN, both natives of this county, and deceased since 1851.  His wife’s parents are William HILL, deceased, and Mary WRIGHT.  George W. & Marinda Jane were married at Beallsville, OH, Nov 20 1873.  Their family consists of two sons and one daughter, as follows: Samuel V., born Oct 18 1874; Laura A., Jan 30 1876, and Frank A., Sep 18 1881.  All reside at home.  Mrs. STEWARD was born in Adams township, Monroe county, Jun 29 1853.  Mr. George STEWARD, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was one of the earliest settlers of this county, and is now living near Beallsville at the ripe old age of 92 years.  George W. was representative in the legislature of the 64th general assembly of the State of Ohio, from Jan 1 1879 till Jan 1 1881, one term.  He is now living at Jerusalem, Malaga township, and is a physician.  His mother’s grand-father was a Revolutionary soldier.  Mr. STEWARD should be addressed, Jerusalem, Monroe county, OH.


WILLIAM J. WILEY – was born in Monroe county, Nov 29 1838, and is a teacher and farmer residing in Malaga township.  He was born in Sunsbury township; was married Apr 20 1865, to Sarah Alvira MEEK.  She was born in Sunsbury township, Sep 3 1847.  Mr. WILEY’s parents were John WILEY, born Oct 17 1801, died Apr 18 1880, and Sarah MOORE, born Aug 3 1801, died Oct 20 1873.  They came to this county in Nov 1836, from York county, PA.  Mrs. WILEY’s parents were Henry MEEK, born in PA in 1812, and Jane TURKIEL, born in Ireland.  The children of William & Sarah WILEY are: Meyrte, born Oct 8 1871, lives at Jerusalem; William Harrold, Jan 9 1880; Clyde, Feb 26 1882.  As to Mr. WILEY’s recollections of the early settlers of this county, he states that in the vicinity of Ozark, in the school district number 16, there remains at present but one surviving male citizen who was a citizen at the time of his first recollection, 40 years ago, Jephtha DUVALL and his wife, and one other lady, being the only persons who are survivors of 40 years ago.  Elihu TIPTON, Isaac BROWN, and Robert GATCHELL were among the first business men that settled in our village of Jerusalem, and Mr. Robert L. MORRIS is its most venerable school teacher.  Mr. WILEY’s impression is that the progress made by the citizens of our county, as a rule, has been proportional with our sister counties, comparing our natural advantages and resources, and that with her present outlook and future prospects for internal improvements, she bids fair to rival other and more highly favored counties of the State.  Address, Jerusalem, Monroe county, OH.


The TOMLINSON family


The earliest account of this family is the record of the marriage of Thomas TOMLINSON and Joan, daughter of Henry & Walmsley, in 1719.  They first settled on a farm back of Edge Hill, but afterward sold the property and purchased a large farm in Bensalem, where he resided the remainder of his life.  He died in 1764, and his widow, Joan, in 1772.  Children: Henry, Elizabeth, Joseph, Thomas, Mary, & Rebecca.


Thomas & Joan TOMLINSON’s children


Henry, born Nov 16 1720, married Jemima BOLTON, in 1753.  At the death of his father, who died intestate, he being the eldest son secured all the real estate, thus leaving the rest of the children poor.  He was a carpenter by trade, and frequently made plows, grain-cradles, etc.  He died in 1800, much respected by his contemporaries.  Jemima died in 1802.  Children: Sarah, Jemima, and Jessie.


Joseph, born Oct 13 1724, married Elizabeth, daughter of John & Mary WORTHINGTON, in 1740.  Children: Rebecca, John, Thomas, Joseph, Francis, Mary, and Benjamin.  Elizabeth died in 1761, and Joseph married Peggie McCANN.  The union being an unhappy one they finally parted.  Joseph died in 1793.  Children: Keziah, Benjamin, Naomi, Phebe Ann, and Issachar.  Of these Benjamin married Betsy CARLISLE, and moved to Delaware county.


Henry & Jemima TOMLINSON’s children


Sarah & Jemima died single.

Jessie, born Mar 1 1766, married Sarah, daughter of Jonathan WILSON, in 1794, and settled on the homestead in Bensalem.  He was a man of great physical endurance and was much respected.  He died Oct 27 --.  Children: Jessie, Rhoda, and Charles.


Joseph & Elizabeth’s children


Rebecca, born Mar 2 1745, married Andrew SINGLEY.  Rebecca died in 1791.  Children: Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary, John, Joseph, Andrew, Rebecca, Phebe, and Jemima.

John, born Jan 26 1748, married Phebe, daughter of Patrick MALONE, in 1773.  Several years afterward he purchased a farm of Amos SIMPSON, near Bustleton, where he resided the remainder of his life.  Their children: William, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Benjamin, James, Mary, and Thomas.

Thomas, born Feb 21 1747, married Phebe, daughter of Isaac CARVER, in 1775.  They lived for 40 years on a farm back of Smithfield, which belonged to Silas WALMSLEY.  Their children: Elizabeth, Phebe, Martha, Isabella, Joseph, John, Amos, Isaac, Francis, Thomas, and Silas.

Joseph married Mary, widow of Benjamin TAYLOR, and daughter of Isaac CARVER.  He died in 1792, leaving no issue.

Francis, born Aug 8 1753, lived near the Forks of Neshaminy.  He married and had children: Tacy, who married John ROBERTS, and Elizabeth, who married William TOMLINSON.

Mary, born Jun 22 1755, married James MALONE, and settled near Westchester.

Benjamin, born Apr 25 1758, died Mar 22 1775.


Andrew & Rebecca SINGLEY’s children


Elizabeth married Daniel OSMOND.  Children: Rebecca, who married John OSMOND; Mary, who married Daniel STEVENSON; and Sarah, who married Elisha NEWBOLD.

Catharine married John HILL, and lived near the Red Lion.  They had one daughter.

Mary married Abraham VANSANT.  Children: John & Alonzo.

John married Sarah, daughter of William WALTON (Jersey Billy).  They had one child, Hannah, who married John LIPPINCOTT.

Joseph married Esther, daughter of Thomas KNIGHT.  They had two daughters.

Andrew married Mary, daughter of John EDWARDS.  They had children: Amos, Ellen, Susan, Edward, Joseph, Andrew, & Mary.

Rebecca married Joseph REES.  Children: William, Mary, Phebe, John, Catharine, Charles, and George.

Phebe married first Robert ERVIN, and had two sons, Andrew & William.  She married second John PRICE, and had one daughter.

Jemima married Moses DAVIS.  Children: William, and others.


John & Phebe TOMLINSON’s Children


William married Martha, daughter of Benjamin TAYLOR, and granddaughter of Isaac CARVER, and settled in Byberry.  They had children: Mary, Aaron, John, James, Silas, Benjamin, Phebe, William, and Isaac.

John married Sarah, daughter of Joseph WORTHINGTON.  Children: William, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, and Jason.  John died Jan 21 1841.

Sarah and Elizabeth died single.

Benjamin married Asenath, daughter of Joseph WALTER, but had no children.

James married Tacy, daughter of James CARTER.

Mary married Joshua WORTHINGTON, and settled on the old Worthington homestead, in Byberry.  Children: John, Comly, and Spencer.

Thomas married Ann, daughter of Joseph WALTON.  They have children: Watson, Spencer, John, Isaac, and Lydia Ann.


Thomas & Phebe TOMLINSON’s children


Elizabeth married Benjamin FIELD.  Their children: Robert, Phebe, Thomas, Tomlinson, Isaac, Mary, Benjamin, and James.

Phebe married James CARTER.  Children: Mordecai, Tacy, Emily, Stephen, Thomas, Mary, James, and William.

Joseph married Elizabeth TWINING.  Children: James, Caroline, Hannah, Thomas, and Joseph.

Isabella died single.

Thomas married Rebecca TWINING.  Children: Elizabeth, Emmor, Mordecai, Abner, Hannah, Phebe, Thomas, James, and Rebecca.

Isaac married Mary DEWEES.  Children: Samuel, Aaron, Rebecca, Carver, Susannah, Comly, Chalkley, Thomas, and Sarah.

John married Martha WORTHINGTON.  Children: Ezra, Hannah, Wilmer, Francis, and Stephen.  He died Apr 5 1848.

Francis married Deborah TWINING.  Children: Edward, Hannah, Phebe, Deborah, and Francis.  He died Jul 10 1865.

Martha married John PRAUL.  Children: Isaac, Thomas, William, Francis, Elias, and Philip.

Amos married Caroline PRAUL.  Children: Rebecca, Charles, Francis, Edward, and Amanda.  He died Jan 31 1841.

Silas, unmarried.

Thomas, son of Joseph & Elizabeth TWINING TOMLINSON, married Aletta NICHOLSON.  Children: Alazana, who married Henry S. WILLIAMS; John N., who married Jane BEARDMORE; Joseph, who married Priscilla TIPTON; Elizabeth, who married C. W. ADAMS; Isaac, who married Tacy A. TIPTON; Mary C., who married Robert McBROOM; Hannah E., who died single; Sarah A. V., who married Jesse D. GRISELL; Hervy P., who married Louisa BEARDMORE; Rebecca Jane, who died single; Charles N., who resides at home; and Thomas W., who died single.


John N. settled in this county in 1841, and was married in Malaga township, Jan 11 1859.  His wife’s parents were Isaac (deceased) and Susannah BEARDMORE.  Children of John N. & Jane are: Isaac W., born Dec 10 1860, died Dec 17 1861; Mary Alazana, Jul 13 1862, died Jun 15 1863; no name, infant born Mar 30 1865 [typist note: probably should be 1864], died Apr 11 1864; Aletta E., Jun 3 1865; Thomas, Sep 8 1867 – last two reside at home.  Address Mr. J. N. TOMLINSON at Jerusalem, Monroe county, OH.



Transcribed by Dr. Shirley A. Harmon, e-mail:  Shirley Harmon




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