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I am no longer working on this project. I have handed over the hardcopies I had to Kiama Family History Centre.

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Welcome. I was transcribing the Penrith District Registers from the Benevolent Asylum from 1847 - 1872. Most pages have a .jpg file so that you can look at what I have transcribed and offer corrections. The register is a list of patients who were attended to at the Benevolent Asylum. I got involved with this because my mother is a volunteer at Nepean Hospital Archives. They have inherited a mass of records from Nepean Hospital and are working to organise and preserve it. None of the records they hold relate to patient histories apart from the register.

The register is in the National Library of Australia. It can only be viewed on microfilm because of it's condition. Nepean Archives, a group of volunteer ex-hospital staff have a copy of the microfilm. They do not have a microfilm reader at the moment so they are unable to offer any services of printing. If you have an interest in staff of Nepean Hospital you can send queries to me as the volunteers are only on site on Monday afternoon. They do not have any access to patient records apart from what is in the register.

From what I have disciphered from the register the pages run roughly from Jan to Dec for each year. Each person had to be referred by a member of the Dispensary. The writing was very hard to read as the original book that was microfilmed was in very poor condition. I was mostly working from negative prints of the microfilm. I am not experienced in this type of thing and I am sure my reading of the writing may be incorrect, so please let me know if you think I have something wrong.

You can contact me, Helen Castle on:

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A link to Pearls Pad and her Glossary of old Medical terms plus lots of New Zealand stuff. Pearl is now deceased and her site is not being maintained that I know of.

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