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Thomas Evans' grave surrounded by fence Compared to some of her siblings, not much is known about Lucinda Webb.  She was the second child of Hiram and his first wife.  This may have been Sarah Holifield, but I think it probably was Mary Rebecca Blaylock.  Born in 1815 in North Carolina, she and her older sister Polly went with Hiram to Lincoln County, Tennessee when he moved between 1815 and 1820.  If her mother was Sarah Holyfield, perhaps she died giving birth to another child, but we do not know for sure if Hiram married again or if Mary Rebecca Blaylock was his only wife.  Lucinda probably would not have remembered North Carolina at all, given the early age at which she crossed the mountains into Tennessee, and she probably would have only known Mary Rebecca as her mother.

The family did not stay too long in Tennessee. But while they were there, they lived very close to Thomas Evans.  Thomas was married to Mary Webb (probably Lucinda's aunt and Hiram's sister).  He would have been 24 years old when Lucinda was born back in North Carolina.

When Hiram moved to Marion County, Alabama, it was along with a number of settlers from Lincoln County that included his brother-in-law, Thomas Evans.  They are all listed near each other in the 1830 census in Marion County.  It was in January of 1835, giving birth to or from a sickness resulting from the birth of Richard Green Evans, that Mary Webb Evans died.  With a newborn son, boys aged four and nine and possibly some older children still living at home, Thomas also found himself in a similar position that Hiram might have been in about 15 years earlier.  Lucinda had been living with Thomas and Mary for a while prior to Mary's death to help take care of her and the children.  This part of the story has been passed down through more than one set of  family members and while not documented is fairly certain.  Although Thomas was 44 years old, and Lucinda was only 20, the two were probably married later that year.
Thomas Evans' grave in 2000 in Evans' Cemetery, NW of Sulligent, Alabama

Thomas and Lucinda had ten children together over the next twenty or so years.  Lucinda Emiline Evans was born in 1836 in Marion County.  David Evans was born there in 1838.  Another son, Hiram Noah Evans, was born in 1840 and in 1844 another daughter, Frances M. Evans, was born.  In 1845, Charity Evans was born.  In 1848, Benjamin Winstead Evans.

In 1840, the Marion County census recorded the family.  This census is especially frustrating to me.  Unless there are lots of kin folks who are moving through and not recorded elsewhere, I don't know what is going on here!  Thomas is about 49, and Lucinda is about 25.  But where are all the boys from his first marriage?  Dave and Hiram Noah are the two young males, and Emiline is the infant daughter, but what has happened to the children from the first marriage?  Did they all leave when Tom married Lucinda?  If so, who are all the older folks in this census? Charles is head of his own household and it looks like he may have had one younger brother (Tom or Richard or John) with him as well as a sister.
1840 Marion (modern Lamar) County, Alabama Census
Page 62
Thos. Evans 200001011-11101101
2 Males 5 or under
1 Male 30-40
1 Male 50-60
1 Male 60-70
1 Female 5 or under
1 Female 5-10
1 Female 10-15
1 Female 20-30
1 Female 30-40
1 Female 50-60
Things are much more clear when we get to 1850 and get names on the census.  When the census passed through Marion County in 1850, it recorded the family thus: 
1850 Marion County, Alabama Census
Page 94; House #32, 33
Thomas Evans     66 M b. in NC   $500 property
Lucinda                  34 F          AL
Richard G.             17 M          AL
Lucinda E.             14 F          AL
Hiram N.                12 M          AL
David                      11 M          AL
Francis M.               6 M          AL
Charity                     5 F          AL
Benjamin                2 M          AL
In April of 1852, Tom claimed more land.  He purchased 40 acres a little less than a mile northwest of the Evans Cemetery and quite close to the Mississippi line.  It is mostly bottomland with some hills.  It sure looks like he also purchased 40 acres up in Marion County, but this doesn't make any sense.  This land is in the northeastern part of Marion County, very close to the Bear Creek community.  They were both bought on the same day in Huntsville.

In January of 1854, Pleasant Jeptha Evans was born and then the couple had Martha Ann Evans in 1856.  Three other children, whose names have been passed on, but whose dates are missing, were thought to have been born to Thomas and Lucinda (but two of them may really be the same person).  These are three girls: Mary, Jane, and Narcissa Jane Evans.  I know nothing more about them.

Thomas did not live much longer though.  He passed away a good six months before his last child, Martha Ann, was born birth.  He would have been 65 years old (though according to the 1850 census, he would have been 72).  He died on May 3, 1856 and is buried at the Evans Cemetery in what is today Lamar County, Alabama.  Lucinda's fate is unknown.  She was only 41 when Thomas died, and may have lived on and remarried.  Maybe she will be found one day.  I have not looked through the surrounding neighbors in the 1860 census in Marion County, but the names of her children would be easy to recognize.  She still had a few small ones and I have no reason to believe that they were 'farmed out' to other family members upon Thomas' death.

There are some confusing land purchases in this area in 1858 by a Thomas Evans.  Will Tom uses "William T. Evans" on his land purchases later in life and would have been about 22 at the time, so it's possible that he bought the land.  Tom's nephew, Thomas M. Evans was 18 at the time and it's quite possible that he bought the land, but it is a substantial amount, about 120 acres!  So I'm not sure who bought it.  Could the heirs of our Thomas Evans have finished a transaction that he had started before his death?  We are missing most of the information about his estate settlement at the time of his death, but we do have a few pages concerning the coming of age of two of his younger children.
Hilly lands around Evans Cemetery

Estate of Thomas Eavns, Deceased

The State of Alabama
Marion County
     Court of Probate held in and for said county at the courthouse there of on the 20th day of December, 1865.  Present John W. Terrell, Judge of said court.  When and where the following proceedare was had to wit being the day here tofore set to hear and pass upon the accounts currant heretofore held by Leroy Kennedy as the Gardian of David, Francis M., Charity C., Benjamin, Pleasant, Sarah, Martha A. Evan, Minor heirs of Thomas Evens, late of said County deceased, for an annual settlement of his said Guardianship and now comes into Court said Leroy Kenneday Gardian aforesaid and moves the court to proceed with said Settlement and that his said accounts be past and allowed and it appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court prove proper and legal Evidence that due notice of the time and nature of said Settlement has been given by posting the same at the Court hous door and at three other public places in said County there being no papper in said County for three sucessive weeks next before this day and also came into Court William P. Cross who was heretofore appointed Gardian adtitum(?) for and to protect the Interest of the said David, Francis M., Charity C., Benjamin, Pleasant, Jane, Martha A. Evens, the only minor Heirs intrested in said Settlement, causing to acts as such Guardian adlitum(?).
     And proceeds to contest and defend Said Settlement whereupon the courts proceeds to examin said account and to hear the proof relation thereto whereby It is founded that the said Gardian had in his hands at last Settlement on the 21 of April 1860 (the sum of five Thousand Six hundred and fifty dollars 82 cents), $5656.82.
     And that the Interest which has accrued on the same up to this day amounts to two Thousand one Hundred Eleven dollars Eighty Eight cents $2111.88 cents Interest.
     [These two totals added together (yield):]
Pg. 2
Seven Thousand Seven Hundred an Sixty Eight Seventy cents $7,768.70 cents
     And that the Said Gardian has Justly Executed and paid of said sum as expenses and taxes incident to said Guardianship the sum of $110.63 (which leaves in her the said Gardians hands the sum of $7,658.07 and said accounts appearing.
     and said account appearing to be full and correct as Stated  as afore said.  It is concidered and decreed by the Court that Said accounts be and the same is hereby in all things past and allowed as above stated and it being made appear to the Satisfaction of the court that the said David and Charity C. Evens has now arrived at the full age of Twenty one years and appeard it is therefore ordered and decreed that the said Leroy Kennedy Guardian aforesaid proceed at Once to pay to the said David and Charity C. Evans, who has now arrived at the full age of twenty One years there Distribution share and interest of the said sum of $7658.07.  Now no remaining in his hands as (?) Gardian Maner and sums as follows to wit:

Pay to David Evans who has now and at this full age of Twenty one years (?)apeared the sum of one Thousand two Hundred and seventy six dollars, 34 cents $1276.34, that being the distribution share and portion of the said David Evens so found to be in the hands of the said Leroy Kennedy, Gardian aforesaid as Shown by said account Now Stated and allowed as aforesaid and which said sum the said gardians is ordered and decreed to pay to the said David Evans without delay and for which Executor may Issue,
     -and also pay to Charity C. Evens who has now arrived at the full age of twenty one years of age and upwards the sum of one thousand two hundred seventy six dollards 34 (cents).  $1376.34 being the distribution share of Charity C. Evans so found in hands of the said Leroy Kennedy, Gardian afore said
Pg. 3
as shone by said accounts allowed aforesaid and which said sum the said Guardian is ordered and decreed to pay to the said Charity C. Evens with oute delay and for which Execution may issue and when the said shares of the said David G(?) (and) Charity C. are deducted from the origonal amount of $7.658.07 cents it will still leave remaining in the hands of said Guardian the sum of $5109.39 cents as belonging to said Francis M., Benjamin, Pleasant, and Sarah A. Evans and for which the said Guardian stands no legally chargable and liable according to the law and that this proceeding stand as a final Settlement as to the said David and Charity C. Evans where as there Respective Portions and shares by said Guardians Pay to them and that this proceeding stand as one annul settlement as to the said Francis M., Benjamin, Plesant and Sarah A. Evans, and that all papers notes and things Touching this proceeding and settlement be Recorded and fild according to Law and the Said Guardian Stands now Chargeable with all the sum and account now remaining in his hands say $7,658.07 cents amounts that they shall Receive with the interest that shall accrue.
     John D. Terrell, Judge of Probate Court

Entered in on October 22, 1870. 

Children of Lucinda "Cindy" Webb, second wife of Thomas Evans

Lucinda's first child, Lucinda Emaline Evans Lucinda Emiline Evans (md. Joseph Webb)

Lucinda's second child, Dave Evans David Evans (md. Rosa Elizabeth. Tooten)

Hiram Noah Evans (md. Julia F. Tooten)

Francis Marion Evans (died at about age sixteen)

Charity Evans Charity C. Evans (md. Andrew Thompson)

Sarah Angelina Evans (died young)

Telitha Evans (died young)

Benjamin Winstead Evans (md. Elizabeth J. Dorsey)

Pleasant Jeptha Evans Pleasant Jeptha Evans (md. Martha Nichols)

Martha Ann Evans (md. John P. Brown)

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Thanks especially to Barbara Woolbright Carruth who done so much work on the Evans family.  I particularly appreciate the Tom Evans estate papers she provided recently!
Photographs of Emiline and Charity courtesy of Barbara Carruth, Sulligent, Alabama.
Photographs of Evans Cemetery and of landscape above are property of David A. Webb.