Hotz Family of Iowa City,Iowa
The Hotz Family
of Iowa City, Iowa

By Jack Hotz

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Jacob J. Hotz and Louis Englert were both prominent businessmen in 
Iowa City during the last half of the 19th century.  Jacob was primarily 
a building contractor but also had run a brewery and a pickle factory.  
Louis had a brewery and was also a farmer.  But both had successful ice 
businesses, cutting winter ice from the Iowa River.  Jacob sold ice 
to the railroad while Louis sold ice to retail customers.

Louis came to this country alone at the age of 30  but Jacob was born 
in this country of immigrant parents. Jacob's second marriage was to Louis' 
daughter, Francis.

Both Louis Englert and his wife, Clara Kempfer (she took her stepfather's 
name), came to Iowa City about 1842.  Clara was about 16 when she arrived 
with her mother and sister from Germany. Louis landed in New Orleans in 
1840, and made his way to Iowa City after a short stay in Cincinnati.  
Louis and Clara were married in 1843 and had 12 children:

		Elizabeth B.	(1844-1850)	  6
		Henry J.	(1846-1886)	40
		Phillip C.	(1848-1881)	33
		John J.	 	(1849-1931)	81
		Mary A. 	(1854-1940)	86
		Barbara 	(1856-1860)	  4
		Antone	 	(1857-1860)	  3
		Francis A. 	(1859-1934)	74
		George	(1861-1898)	36
		Louis 	 	(1866-1903)	37
		Frank P. 	(1867-1953)	86	
		Clara M. 	(1869-1930)	60

In 1855 Jacob and Agnes Hotz, both 29, arrived in Iowa City with their 
two year old son, Jacob J., who was born in New York City shortly after 
they immigrated from Germany.  They had eight children:

		Jacob J.	(1853-1916)	63	
		Augustus	(1855-1867)	11
		William J.	(1858-1902)	44
		Louisa		(1860-         )
		Lucy		(1862-         )		
		Franklin	(1863-         )
		Ella		(1865-1872)	 6
		Anna		(1868-1869)	 1

In 1875, at the age of 22, Jacob J. Hotz married Dehlia Crawford in 
Chicago.  Before she died in 1884 they had five children:

		Charles C.	(1877-1901)	24
		Emma		(1878-1878)	 1 mo.
		Frank W.	(1880-         )
		J. Walter	(1885-         ) 
		Guy		(    -              )

In 1886 Jacob J. married Francis Englert and they had six children:

		Louis Lee		(1887-1950)   62 
		Jacob John		(1889-1928)   38
		Arthur Melville		(1893-1968)   74
		Henry Joseph		(1896-1940)   43 
		Margaret Francis	(1899-1990)   91   
		Ralph Jacob 		(1901-1984)   82

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Originated: May 2002