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William Ira Hurt & Mollie Kent

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William Ira Hurt

WILLIAM IRA HURT  was born June 11, 1853 in Franklin County, Virginia, and died 1928 in Lynchburg, VA.  He married MOLLIE SUSAN KENT September 16, 1879 in Bedford County, Virginia.   She was born 1856 in Bedford County and died June 19, 1940 in Franklin County, Va.  It is not yet known who her parents were although there is evidence that her mother's name was Elizabeth.

Children of WILLIAM IRA HURT and MOLLIE KENT are :

 i.   MILTON REEVES HURT, b. December 05, 1880, Franklin County, Virginia; d. April 24, 1954, Lynchburg, VA.

 ii.   WILLIAM TAW HURT, b. November 01, 1883, Franklin County, Virginia; d. October 07, 1917, Lynchburg, VA.

iii.   JAMES LEE HURT, b. November 1890; d. January 26, 1957, Lynchburg, VA.


i.  MILTON REEVES HURT was born December 05, 1880 in Franklin County, Virginia, and died April 24, 1954 in Lynchburg, VA.  He married ELIZA ELLEN HODGES October 03, 1903 in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Daughter of JESSE & MATILDA HODGES Eliza was born in Pittsylvania County, VA, and died August 22, 1967 in Danville, VA.  Milton and Eliza Hurt had no children.

ii.  WILLIAM TAW HURT was born November 01, 1883 in Franklin County, Virginia, and died October 07, 1917 in Lynchburg, VA.  He married ORA BESSIE HARPER December 22, 1904 in Brookneal, Campbell County, VA.  She was born December 1886 in Brookneal, VA, and died May 04, 1918 in Brookneal, VA.

Children of WILLIAM HURT and ORA HARPER are:

            i.   LUCILLE KENT HURT, b. 1911, Lynchburg, VA; d. January 12, 1928, Charlottesville, Albemarle County, VA.

          ii.   OWEN CRUSOE HURT, b. February 02, 1912, Lynchburg, VA; d. February 14, 1963, Lynchburg, VA.

                     OWEN CRUSOE HURT married LUCY FRANCES DALTON March 04, 1933 in Lynchburg, Virginia.  She was born April 17, 1912 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and died March 17, 1995 in Bedford, VA.

Children of OWEN HURT and LUCY DALTON are:

          i.   DONALD OWEN "Doc" HURT, b. January 28, 1938; md. (1) Hazel Chapman, (2) Patsy Waller


                    1.   DONALD OWEN HURT, JR., b. February 04, 1960.

                        2.   CLIFFORD DALE HURT, b. July 29, 1961.

Children of DOC HURT and PATSY WALLER:

                        3.   CALVIN WESLEY HURT, b. May 10, 1966.

                        4.   MICHAEL DALE HURT, b. June 06, 1967.

                        5.   LISA ANN HURT, b. August 06, 1968.

        ii.   JANICE GAYLE HURT, b. December 11, 1941.  


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