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History of the children of Casper and Barbara Neun/Nine

1 Sylvester (Vesper) Nine’s death was recorded in the pastoral acts of Christ Lutheran Church, Stouchsburg, Berks County, PA, Part II. This record is part of the source and documents of the Pa. Germans: XIII, translat­ed and edited by Frederick S. Weiser, 1990. The lists are called Deaths, Page 452 of the old record and Page 108 in the translation. Sylvester Neun died October 24, 1820, 81 years less 24 days, which would make his birth about December 27, 1739. Early Berks County tax records mention Vesper as follows: Oley Township:

1767 - singleman 15 shillings, proprietary tax (Page 39); 1768 - 100 acres proprietary tax 5, 2 horses, 2 cows (Page 172); 1779 - (Casper includes his son in the accounting); 1785 - tax only (Page 773) Tulpehocken Township; 1779 to 1785 - listed as living in Tulpehocken Township; 1786 - 276 acres, 4 horses, 5 cattle; 1790 - 4 males and 4 females over 16 including wife, 1 male and no female under 16; 1800 - 2 males under 26, 1 male over 45, 1 female under 10, 2 females under 26 and 1 female over 45 Sylvester’s wife was named Elizabeth.

Schwarzwald Church records include Sylvester and Elizabeth Krissmer sponsoring at a baptism. (An alternate spelling for Krissmer is Griesemer. It is possible that this is the maiden name of Sylvester’s wife. The Griesemers owned land east of Casper’s and perhaps Sylvester acquired the land he later sold to his father through the marriage to Elizabeth.)

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(The order of issue is inconclusive but putting things together it would appear that the listing is as accurate as can be.)

1-1 John Neuin

1-2 Conrad Nine

1-3 David Neuin*

1-4 Joseph Neuin*

1-5 Christian Nine

1-6 Elizabeth Nein

1-7 Maria Nein

1-8 George Neuin

1-9 Susanna Nein October 1, 1786-; baptized at Salem Reformed in Oley PA

1-A Daughter after 1790-; married Henry Wolfe of Tulpehocken Twp who was named executor of Sylvester’s estate

2 Catharine Nine married Frederick Meinert, a brother of Jacob. Frederick was a miller in Rockland Town­ship, Berks County. Catharine and Frederick remained in Rockland Township.

2-1 Elizabeth Meinert

2-2 Frederick Meinert Jr.

2-3 Susan Meinert

2-4 Burkert Minerd

3 Suzanna Margaretha Nine was born about 1747 in Oley Township, Berks Co., PA. Suzanna married Johann Jacob Leinbach, son of Johann Frederick and Amelia E1izabeth (Frey) Leinbach. Johann Jacob was born April 2,1740 in Berks Co., PA or Skippack, PA. Johann Jacob.and Sazanna moved to Frederick Co., MD in 1767. The family moved to Greene Co., TN in 1791.Johann Jacob died in 1826 in Green Co., TN. Suzanna was pro­bably deceased by this time because she was not mentined in the will.

3-1 Daniel Leinbach Feb. 13, 1767 (01ey Salem Ref.)-1842 in Platte Co MO; md Rebecca Bowman

3-2 Frederick Leinbach married Jenny Templeton

3-3 Elizabeth Leinbach christened December 29, 1771 in Frederick Co MD; married Mr. Heafly

3-4 Jacob Leinbach

3-5 Christian Leinbach 1778-; christened Frederick Co.,MD May 21, 1778

3-6 Catherine Leinbach about 1780 in Graceham, MD-; married Mr. Kaufman (Coffman)

3-7 Johannes Leinbach

3-8 Mary Leinbach

3-9 Rosanna Leinbach 1785 or 1786-, md Benjamin Keller June 17, 1804 or 1808 in Greene Co TN

3-A Jane Leinbach married Isaac McAmis

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4 Mary Margaret Nine married Jacob Meinert/Meinhardt, son of Friedrich and Eva Maria Meinert who settled in Reading, PA after emigrating from Zwillinge. Germany sometime between 1730 and 1734. After both grow­ing up and marrying in Berks Co, PA they moved to Emmitsburg, MD. About 1791 Jacob and the family moved to Maple Summit, near Mill Run, Fayette Co., close to the Somerset Co. line. Jacob build a log cabin and cleared the land for a farm. The name then became Minerd. Jacob died in 1811 and was buried in the Indian Creek Baptist Ccmetery near Mill Run, MD. Mary and Jacob had 12 chil­dren but only 7 have been identified. Over the years some branches modified the spelling to Miner” and ‘Minor’s

4-1 Frederick Minerd

4-2 Burkert Minerd

4-3 Jacob Minerd Jr.

4-4 Henry Minerd

4-5 Daughter name unknown, was one of three wives of John Ream of Ursina PA

4-6 Christina Minerd December 9, 1783 in Frcdcrick County MD- (Did Chrisina marry Jacob Hazel?)

4-7 Martha Minerd

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Jacob Minerd Sr.

5 Barbara Nine married Henry Schwartz, son of George the tailor Gcorge was born March 29, 1715 and died August 15, 1788. Henry died by 1813 and his wife Barbara died in Harrisburg, PA January 3, 1831 at agc 79

5-1 Johann Casper Schwartz

5-2 Catherine Schwartz

5-3 Abraham Schwartz

5-4 Sarah Schwartz

6 Daniel Nine, February 4, 1755-, on December 1, 1777 married Esther Bertolet, November 19, 1749-October 5, 1792, the daughter of Jean and Catherine (Bally) Bertolet. Esther is buried in the Bertolet Private Cemetery on the Experimental Farm in Oley Township. Daniel wrotc a wiIl in 1792 which was declared null and void after his grandson, Peter, contested it. The courts ruled that Daniel wrotc it under duress: consequenty Daniel died intestate. Daniel appears in the following Bcrks County tax lists.

01ey Township: 1780 - laborer, no acrc’~. 3 horscs, 2 cows. 8 17 6 (Page 386) Douglass Township: 1784 - 4 persons, 3 co~. 6 sheep, 150 acres (Page 604)

6-1 John Nine

6-2 Samuel Nine

6-3 Daniel Nine

6-4 Mary Nine

6-5 Esther Nine

6-6 David Nine

7 Elizabeth Nine, February 4, 1759-August 14, 1805, married George Schwartz, August 19, 1752-January, 1832, the son of George and Barbara. George Jr. was a cordwainer and lived in Oley and Exeter Twps., Berks Co. George served in the Revolutionary War as a private and in 1776 was in Captain Michael Furrer’s Company at South Amboy. George also served in Captain J. Anspach Company and in Captain John Snyder’s 5th Company,3rd Battalion, Berks Co. Militia. In 1790 they moved to Reading and George ran the White Horse Hotel at Seventh and Penn Streets. After the death of Elizabeth, George married Phillippina, widow of his brother Ja­cob, October 24 1806 at the First German Reformed Church; NL George and Elizabeth were buried at Sch­warzwald Cemetery, Exeter Twp. When their daughter Hannah’s remains were moved to the Fricker lot at Charles Evans Cemetery, Elizabeth and George were also moved there. There is a stone for Hannah but the cemetery does not have a record of the burial of George and Elizabeth. They had another unlisted daughter between Magdalena and Elizabeth.

7-1 Susanna Barbara Schwartz

7-2 Henry Schwartz

7-3 Hannah Schwartz

7-4 Magdalena Schwartz

7-6 Elizabeth Schwartz

7-7 Catherine Schwartz

7-8 Jacob Schwartz

7-9 Sarah Schwartz

7-A Christena Schwartz

7-B Esther Schwartz

7-C Henrietta Schwartz

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