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Note:  This listing is provided for the purpose of showing where the descendents of Wm. & Delila Ashley are

    believed to fit into the larger group of Abbeville District SC Ashleys.  It is based almost entirely on (1)The Ashley Family by Allen L. and Julia R. Ashley and (2) The Revolutionary War pension record of William A. Ashley  (W-9708).    This listing is not offered as a definitive and authoritative listing of the line.  Corrections

    and additions are doubtlessly needed and suggestions are welcome.




1.      Isaac ASHLEY b. cir 1660,[1] m.1  Eliza ____.  Isaac died cir 1709.1   Will dated 1709.  Owned the plantation "Ashley's Lott" in Kent Co. MD.


            2.       i      John ASHLEY.

            3.       ii     Isaac ASHLEY.

        +  4.       iii    William ASHLEY b. cir 1700.

            5.       iv    Thomas ASHLEY.

            6.       v     Abraham ASHLEY.

            7.       vi    _____ ASHLEY m.1  ____ BECK.


Second Generation


4.      William ASHLEY (1.Isaac1) b. cir 1700,1  m.1  Mary _____.  William died cir 1752.1   Will was dated 1752; mentions wife, William, Joshua, and John.  He lived in Kent Co. MD on part of "Ashley's Lott".


         Will of William Ashley, Sr., 1752 Will Book 3, pg. 217


         I William Ashley Senior Kent County of Maryland planter being in health of body and calling to mind the uncertainly of this transitory life and that I must shortly give up my attempt to the good judge of Heaven when it shall please him to call me and being serious to settle things in order there unto fo make constitute and appoint to be my last will in mannor and form as follows resolving all former wills by me formerly made either by word or writing do declare this to be my last


         First and principally I give my spirit to almighty God that gave it and my body to the earth to be buried at the division of my estate what wordly estate the Lord in Mercy hath lent me I give and dispose of the same as follows


         My just debts being paid as soon as possible after my decease


         Secondly I give unto my eldest son William Ashley my now dwelling plantation being part of estate of land called Ashley Lott to him and his heirs for ever, condishonly [conditionally] paying my two youngest sons that is Joshua and John Jones Ashley twenty pounds each currant money at the age of twenty and one if not to have with equal


         Thirdly all my children that is not married to have equal share with them that is married and what is over to be equally divided among them all


         Fourthly I give to my loving wife Mary Ashley twelve pounds to help bring up two small children and one bed and furniture that I now lye upon and lastly I leave my loving wife and my son William Ashley full and sole executive and excutor of this my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal this twenty day Aug anno domni 1752




         William Ashley




         Sign Seal and Delivered in the present [presence] of Thomas Catlin John Jones Thomas Jones


         On the back of the foregoing will was thus written, viz Kent County On the 23rd day of January Anno Domini 1753 Thomas Catlin, John Jones and Thomas Jones the subscribing witnesses to the within written will of William Ashley being duly and solomnly sworn on the Holy Evangels depose and declare that they severally saw the testator the same William Ashley within named sign and seal the same will and heard him publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament. That at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their apprehension of sound and disposing mind and memory and that they severally subscribed their [r???] names as witnesses to the same will in the [p???] of the said testator and at his request. This done in presence of William Ashley junr. heir at law of this testator who made no objection hereto.


          Ja Calder dpty county


         [Submitted by Nicole Pinson to the Kent MD USGenWeb site]


        +  8.       i      William ASHLEY, Jr. b. cir 1725.

            9.       ii     Joshua ASHLEY.

            10.     iii    John Jones ASHLEY.


Third Generation


8.      William ASHLEY, Jr. (4.William2, 1.Isaac1) b. cir 1725,1  m.1  Sophie _____.  Lived in Kent Co. MD.  All six of his sons settled in Abbeville District SC over a 40-year period.


        +  11.     i      William A. ASHLEY b. 1757.

            12.     ii     John ASHLEY.

            13.     iii    Joshua ASHLEY.


                             The following possibly relates to this Joshua Ashley:


                             Joshua Ashley - - Will dated Sept 29, 1840 in Abbeville Dist.  Proved Feb 26, 1842.  Exr:  Son,  Joshua Ashley.  Wits:  Jno. Pratt Jr.,  Wm. Pratt Sr., Robeson Ashley.  Chn:  Charlotte,  Nancy,  Moses,  Joshua Ashley.  "Bequeath land to Moses Ashley's two sons  Geo. W. and Joshua Ashley.  Expend:  May 8, 1843  Left 2 legacies to his two daughters Nancy Shaw,  Charlotte Fraser.  Paid C. Frances and Charlotte his wife $200.    (Box 4  Pack  62)


                             "Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds",  by Pauline Young, publ. 1950. Submitted by Candace Gravelle.

            14.     iv    Aaron ASHLEY b. 1773,1  d. 1860.  Birth and death dates are from 5 Mar 2000 email from Nicole Pinson, npinson. The connection of her Aaron (with these dates) is not proven, but considered very probable.

        +  15.     v     Moses ASHLEY.

            16.     vi    Abraham ASHLEY.

            17.     vii   _____ ASHLEY.

            18.     viii  _____ ASHLEY.

            19.     ix    _____ ASHLEY.


Fourth Generation


11.   William A. ASHLEY (8.William3, 4.William2, 1.Isaac1) b. 1757, Kent Co. MD,1  m. Jan 1781,[2] Agnes "Ann" _____, d. 1849.  William died 3 Mar 1838, Anderson Co. SC.2


         The following is excerpted from a book entitled "Revolutionary Soldiers and other Patriot Records of Abbeville County, South Carolina":


         WILLIAM ASHLEY AND AGNES ASHLEY, PENSION NUMBER  W - 9708 Continental (Maryland Service)


         William Ashley appeared before Hon. Waddy Thompson, Esquire, one of the Judges of the Court of Equity for the State of South Carolina;  states he is a citizen of Abbeville,  South Carolina, that he served sixteen months as a Corporal upon the Continental establishment during the war of the Revolution;  that he enlisted in Maryland about the middle of May 1778 in Captain Seagong's ? company, in the squadron of Cavalry commanded by Col Cowatc'h ? attached to the body of troops called Pulaski's Corps, that he afterwards commanded by Capt Brown, until middle of September 1779, when he was discharged at Beaufort, SC. Sworn to Aug 11, 1818.


         Affidavit of Thomas Dove in 1818, Abbeville, South Carolina, who states he has been acquainted with the said soldier since 1779, shortly after he left the army, that he has frequently heard Ashley's discharge read, and believes that he did serve in the Revolution.


         Affidavit made by Joshua Ashley in Abbeville District, South Carolina Aug 6, 1818, states he is a brother of the said William Ashley, that he resided in Maryland with his brother at the time he enlisted and was frequently acquainted with the fact that his said brother was absent several years, and that he was discharged at beaufort, South Carolina, and that several soldiers who served with his brother and on their return to the state of Maryland, informed this deponent that they had left his brother yet in the service.


         William Ashley states his family consists of three persons viz; himself, his wife Ann and an old negro man, that he himself is now age 73, that his wife is age 59.  He gave a schedule of his property; among which 229 acres of poor land worth $100, one negro man age 42 worth $250. etc.  He signed this in 1830.  A copy of deed is filed of Wm. Ashley Senior of Abbeville District to Martin Fralia of said district, consideration $380  dated 1828 --  his wife Anne Ashley signed Sept 30, 1828. It was recorded 1830. See record book 13 page 450 at Abbeville District, S.C --  Affidavit of C. Stark, 1829 who states that said Wm. Ashley owes him for a negro man on a note bearing date 11-25-1826- the sum of $421.


         The widow Agnes Ashley made application 1838 as the widow of William Ashley, and states she was married to said Wm. Ashley January 1781, and that her husband died 3-3-1838 ?, that her third child now living is age 60.  The widow stated in 1845, that from bodily infirmity she cannot attend Court, but can spin cotton upon a little wheel at home. that her residence was twelve miles away;  2 neighbors to her were Wm. and James Wire.  These two witnesses state  they have known soldier and present widow since 1792, and have been their neighbors all this long period until Sept 4, 1845, and know they had 2 or 3 children when they first became acquainted with them--  the widow states she was christened by the name of Agness, but her husband always called "Ann" for shortness, and her neighbors always called her "Ann", that some of her relatives named their children "Ann", through friendly regards to her, that whenever her husband sold land, she always signed her name Agness to her relinquishment of dower;


         Affidavit of Sophia Smith 1845 at Abbeville Dist., SC. states "I am the daughter of Agness Ashley, and her third child, that according to the register of my birth and marriage in my family bible, I was born 3-3-1785, and I was married 1808 to David (illegible, it might be Daniel?) Smith.  (States this handwriting of the register is in the handwriting of her husband who is absent, and who has been absent for three years, and his affidavit cannot be secured--


         Affidavit by Thos. P. Spierin, Abbeville, SC, who states that the following are truly copied from the family bible of Mrs. Sophia Smith viz:  "Daniel Smith was born 7-2-1789, married to Sophia Ashley, 1808" -  Sophia Ashley was born 1785  March 3rd--this Affidavit was signed 12-26-1845 by Thos. P. Spierin.  The said family bible was sent in for proof but the request of its return was made, so it is not in this file note.


         The two persons James and Wm. Wire state they were brothers, and that they with "our father and mother took shipping at Larn in Ireland in the month of November 1789, and arrived in Charleston, in the month of Feb 1790 and came to Abbeville District where they resided at a Mr. Hodges until Oct 1790, and in the same month of October and the same year removed to the neighborhood and within a half a mile of said William Ashley and Agness his wife, the claimant and have been personally their neighbors from the month of Oct 1790 to the present time.  "That I have a sister who was born on the Ocean on our passage to this country and that she is age 56 since Jan last, that my brother William Wire who deposes with myself in this matter, heretofore died in the month of October last, and that he with myself deposed, generally without deeming it requisite to state particular facts as appears to be required by the Commissioner of Pensions.  I further state the said Agness Ashley is the widow of said William Ashley, who was a pensioner of the U.S. and that his widow goes by the name of Ann than agness--signed by James Wire, 1846  March 6th.


         The bible was returned by the Pension Commissioner 1877 Oct 2nd, to Mrs. Sarah Ashley, Abbebille Post Office, Abbeville County, South Carolina.


         The following is a copy of the bible records:


         Daniel Smith was born 7-2-1789 and married Sophiah Ashley 1808 Sophia Ashley was born 1785 Elizabeth Smith was born 11-4-1805 Danl Smith born 7-2-1789 and married 1808 Agnes Smith born 1-30-1809 Richd. Smith 8-17-1810 Joshua Smith 1-7-1812 Mary Ann  born 11-13-1813  died ? 1816 Sharlotte Smith born 2-22-1816 Rebecca Smith born 8-17-1810 John Smith born 1-7-1812 Danl. Smith born 1-6-1824


         The name of Mrs. Sarah Ashley wrote to the Commissioner on the back of his letter, that she received the Bible--all right--1877




         It is not known  where William and Agnes Ashley are buried , but it is believed that they were buried in now unmarked graves at Mt. Bethel Baptist Church, Rt. 1, Belton SC.  [excerpt from "The Ashley Family" by Allen and Julia Ashley]





         Agnes died in 1849 at the home of her daughter Sophia Smith.




         William Ashley Sr. and Anna - -  Will dated  Apr. 7, 1837 in Abbeville Dist.  Proved  Sept 29, 1849.  Exr:  Wife: Agnes.  Wits:  Jas. Black, Addline E., Margaret Burnett.  Wid. Anna died in 1849.  John T. Hadden sheweth that Mrs. Anna Ashley died leaving a small estate which is principally indebted to Mrs. Smith for care and attention for many years. the deceased being helpless.  The said Mrs. Smith being her daughter.  June 12, 1851 Mrs. Sophia Smith  $86.27.  Sale  Oct 20, 1849.  Byrs:  John Smith,  Joshua,  Edward, Wm. Ashley,  Jackson Shaw, Moses,  Aaron,  John, Richard Ashley,  S.M. Fisher. etc.  (Box 113  Pack 3327)


         "Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds",  by Pauline Young, publ. 1950. Submitted by Candace Gravelle.






            20.     i      Thomas ASHLEY b. cir 1781,1  m. Mar 1804, in Abbeville Dist. SC,1  Nancy PRUITT.  Served in War of 1812.

            21.     ii     Sophia ASHLEY b. 3 Mar 1785,2  m. 1808,2  Daniel SMITH, b. 2 Jul 1789.2


                             The names of the children shown for Sophia were taken from the Wm. Ashley Rev. War pension record W-9708, and are given as extracts from the family Bible.  If these are indeed all her children and if the dates are correct, it indicates that she had 2 sets of twins (this is very much subject to correction).




                             The following possibly relates to this Sophia:


                             Sophia Smith - - Will dated Oct 21, 1853 in Abbeville Dist.  Filed Nov 16, 1853.  Wit:  Joshua Ashley,  John T. Haddon,  David Russell.  Chn: Rebecca, Sophia,  Daniel Smith.  Inv. made Feb 4, 1854 by J.W. Black, Thos. Davis, David Russell. (Box 135  Pack  3852)


                             "Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds",  by Pauline Young, publ. 1950. Submitted by Candace Gravelle.











Daniel: In Wm. Ashley's Rev. War pension record, it showed that in 1845 Daniel had been "absent" for 3 years.

            22.     iii    William ASHLEY b. ?,[3] m. cir 1811,3  Delila (Lila,Della,Delia) _____, b. cir 1794.3   William died cir 1835.  A William Ashley was listed on the 1830 Madison Co. GA census.  Delila Ashley was listed in 1840.  The conjecture is that William was Delila's husband and died between 1830 and 1840 and left her as head of household.


                             It is not proven that William was the son of William A. Ashley and wife Agnes.  However, there is significant evidence that he probably was.


                             From emails from Dennis Smith, 1996:


                             "In his will, William Ashley gave his wife a life estate in his small farm so his will wasn't probated until after her death.  In 1849 his daughter Sophia Smith filed a petition in partition, asking that the farm be sold and the proceeds be distributed.


                             "A summons in partition was issued, dated 1 Jan 1850, which named the other heirs.  Of the other heirs, the following "resided without the state (of SC): Sarah Gantt, Elizabeth Ashley, Anna Harris, Patsy Shaw, Polly Pruitt, and the "widow & children of Wm Ashley, Jr. decd". ...


                             "The general summons (in the partition matter mentioned [previously]) lists all of the heirs of William Ashley, Sr.: "To Sophia Smith, Sarah Gantt, Elizabeth Ashley, Anna Harris & husband Jno. Harris, Patsy Shaw, Jonathan Pruitt, Polly his wife, Lila Ashley & Nancy Ashley, heirs and legatees of William Ashley, Sr. dec'd or diveses - greeting..."


                             "Sophy Smith and Nancy Ashley signed an acceptance of service.


                             "The summons to the out-of-state heirs reads:


                             "It appearing to my satisfaction that Sarah Gantt, Eliz Ashley, Anna Harris, Patsy Shaw & Polly Pruitt and the widow & children of Wm. Ashley, Jr. dec'd defendants reside without the state.  It is therefore ordered that they do appear and object to the division or sale of the Real Estate of Wm Ashley Jr. dec'd on or before the 1st of Jany 1850 or their consent to the same will be entered of record.


                             "Two of the heirs signed acceptance of service.  All of the others are named in the out of state summons except ** Lila Ashley **.  Her name is replaced with "widow and children of Wm Ashley, Jr. dec'd"


                             "I believe that between the times of the two summons, it was determined or believed that Lila Ashley had remarried but her new husband's surname was unknown to either Sophy or Elizabeth.  It was also determined that Wm Jr. had children (or grandchildren) both older and younger than 21 yrs.  If they were all over 21 then a remarried widow would have had no part in the estate.  She must have been mentioned due to her position as guardian of one or more minor children/grandchildren.


                             "In the 1820 Abbeville District, SC census there was a William Ashley, Sr family [1 male 45+ and 1 female 45+] and a William Ashley Jr. family [5 males 0-10, 1 male 18-28, 1 female 0-10 and 1 female 16-26].  This William Jr. would have been born between 1792  and 1802 which fits your scenario." ... "I think the "Lila" Ashley mentioned in the summons could be a real clue."





                             The following marriages are recorded for Henry Co. GA, likely for this Delila and her sons.


                             Delila Ashley......Leon Smith.........    .Nov 09, 1846....Henry Co,    GA


                             Joseph A. Ashley...Susan Whitley....Oct 08, 1844....    "   ",           GA


                             Daniel S. Ashley...Olleof Wilkins...... Jun 10, 1845.....   "   ",           GA




                             Wm. R. Ashley's will provides Della and her husband with a place to live (which they cannot sell or lease) and an annual allowance of food products, but no cash.




                             The followings will is likely for this Delila.  Her son Daniel lived in Sumter Co. AL.


                             Sumter County, Alabama   Will Book 1 (1828-1855): Delila  Smith   page 217



            23.     iv    John ASHLEY b. aft 1790.1

            24.     v     _____ ASHLEY.

            25.     vi    _____ ASHLEY.

            26.     vii   _____ ASHLEY.

            27.     viii  _____ ASHLEY.

            28.     ix    _____ ASHLEY.


15.   Moses ASHLEY (8.William3, 4.William2, 1.Isaac1).


         The following possibly relates to this Moses:


         Moses Ashley Sr. - - Will dated Oct 7, 1850.  Filed  Sept 28, 1857.  Exr:  Son, Moses L. Ashley.  Wits:  Wm. Pratt,  J.W. Brooks,  J.M. Brooks.  Mentioned: Lived in Abbeville Dist.  Wife:  Sarah Moseley.  Chn:  Moses,  Margaret,  Wm., Jas., Mary,  Robison,  Richard  Ashley.  Expend:  On Mar 25, 1858  Margaret Smith recd. her share of estate.  (Box 145   Pack 4086)


         "Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds",  by Pauline Young, publ. 1950. Submitted by Candace Gravelle.




            29.     i      William ASHLEY. This is the William of interest to Candace Gravelle, tealtreecomcast.






[1]  CG01 Candace Gravelle.  Exerpts from "The Ashley Family" by Allen Lane Ashley & Julia Robertson Ashley, PO Box 143, Honea Path SC 2964.

[2]  CG02 Candace Gravelle.  William Ashley Rev. War pension record W-9708

[3]  MOS51 Wm. R. Ashley will, 1852; Ashley census info fm; Ala. Records Vol. 218

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