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How to read the four-generation genealogical charts

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The following diagram indicates the structure of each of the four-generation genealogical charts included in these files. The arithmetical expression between square brackets ("[...]") indicates the relationship of the ahnentafel number of an ancestor to X, the ahnentafel number of the person at the root of the chart.

/[8X] Father's Father's Father
/[4X] Father's Father
\[8X+1] Father's Father's Mother
/[2X] Father
/[8X+2] Father's Mother's Father
\[4X+1] Father's Mother
\[8X+3] Father's Mother's Mother
[X] Root of chart
/[8X+4] Mother's Father's Father
/[4X+2] Mother's Father
\[8X+5] Mother's Father's Mother
\[2X+1] Mother
/[8X+6] Mother's Mother's Father
\[4X+3] Mother's Mother
\[8X+7] Mother's Mother's Mother
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