Frederick William Myers

Frederick William Myers

Welcome to the Frederick William Myers research website. This page has been created in the hope that it will act as a central location for anyone researching a genealogical connection to Frederick William Myers and further stimulate research into his ancestry. Our goal is to provide an organised, well-documented database for all family lines descending from Frederick William Myers and Julia McKenzie.

Frederick William Myers

Surnames included in the ancestry of Frederick William Myers

Direct line
Collateral lines

Within these pages, wherever possible, the source of the information is given. It is anticipated that knowledge of the source will give the researcher some indication of the accuracy. Information displayed without any indication of source should not be taken as absolute.
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If you have any addenda or corrigenda or even unsubstantiated family stories which you wish to share please send them to the site manager.
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Some information displayed herein may be accompanied by an editorial comment indicating our perspective or highlighting the importance of the information. Such editorials are not presented as absolute irrefutable interpretations but are proffered as a spur for ongoing discussion. These comments will be discernible by being italicised and bracketed <<thus>>.
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