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A special THANK YOU to all of our veterans and service men out there!!
God Bless you and keep you safe.

Thank you for stopping by my little space in the cyber world. What you will find here is a hodge-podge of geneological information which I have collected over the years. Most of it connects in some way to my own research or interests.

You may (or may not) ask why did I start doing research on my ancestors? Well it was curiosity. My mother-in-law gave us her father's photo albums. Her father, Leon G. Engleman, was killed in WWII when she was very little and no one really knew much about him. That's what started my quest, I found my first bit of information on July 7, 1997 when I called a wonderful lady at the Lehigh County Historical Society and she was able to give me information on Leon including the date he enlisted and his service#. That was all it took, I was hooked, and there was no stopping me.

I have tried to do my research very carefully and to document everything. One mistake I made early on was not documenting enough. So my advice to anyone is write everything down, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time. Document who, where, and when you found every bit of information. You will be glad you did!

I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the families on these pages. I also welcome your comments, corrections and additions to any information you find here. I would encourage you to verify any information you find on these pages .(Or any information you find on the web for that matter!)

So this web site is dedicated to the memory of Leon and all those ancestors lost in time.
Lost that is until I find them : )

I have divided the menu into categories; ITEMS OF INTEREST, RECORDS, NAMES and CEMETERIES.
You can also use the menu on the right to navigate through the site.



Links - to other sites I have found helpful.

Counties of Pennsylvania - When they were formed, what counties they were formed from.

Old Saucon - Historical Sketch of Old Saucon Township, which appeared in The Globe of South Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) on November 14, 1908. It was written by Jas J. Hauser, a member of the Lehigh County Historical Society. It gives great detail on the geography of the area and includes information on old churches and early settlers of the area.

Family Photos - Pictures from mostly the 1940's

11th Field Artillery - Photos and rosters, mostly pertaining to Battery 'D', 1936-1938, with a few acceptions. During this time the 11th FA was a part of the 24th Infantry Division 'Hawaiian Division'.

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Birth Records from Northampton County Courthouse - Transcription of some birth records I found while doing some research. Surnames include; BACHMAN, BRODHEAD, DECKER and PETTIT.

Church Records - (11 churches, 100 surnames, 176 records as of 12/6/01) Taken from microfilm of original records and published transcribed records found in the library.

Marriage Licenses - (5 licenses) From Lehigh County Courthouse. Surnames including; CASSIDY, DECKER, HARTNER, ROWE, ULICNY and WARNKE.

News & Things - (177 items, 388 surnames as of 12/6/01) Obituaries, News Articles, Marrages, Birth Announcements, taken from microfilm, newspaper clippings and funeral cards.

Allentown City Directory - Selected entries from 1915, 1916 and 1917. Surnames include; ENGELMAN, ENGLEMAN, EPPLER, PRECHTEL and TRAPP

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Descendent Reports - Go directly to the report you desire.

Surname List - This is a listing of all surnames found within my family tree. By clicking on a surname from this list it will take you to the name index to view all given names found.

Name Index - Lists all individuals in my family tree. They are listed alphabetically first by surname, then by given name.

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Cemeteries - (18 cemeteries, 140 photos, 610 individuals) Transcriptions and photos of cemeteries in Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey.

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