The KINNICK 2003 Genealogy Book Online

Kinnick 2003 Genealogy Book

Prepared as Part of The Kinnick Project,
from the works of hundreds of people by
Compiler, William L. (Bill) Smith

Updates are regularly posted to WorldConnect at
databases: smithwil | kinnickind | brightwellmd

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1. Background Info

2. John and Mary:
J/M Dorcas - Dallas

3. John and Mary:
J/M Sarah - Tracy

4. John and Mary:
J/M Mary- Triplett

5. John and Mary:
J/M Walter W

6. John and Mary:
J/M Ann - Lowery

7. John and Mary:
J/M Catherine - Bufkin

8. John and Ann:
J/A John Adam

9. John and Ann:
J/A David R.

10. John and Ann:
J/A George Washington

11. John and Ann:
J/A Susannah - Harris

12. John and Ann:
J/A Mary - Rector

13. John and Ann:
J/A Milly - Hagin
J/A Elizabeth - Harbin

14. John and Ann:
J/A William

15. John and Ann:
J/A James

16. John and Ann:
J/A Catherine - Eastburn

17. John and Ann:
J/A Nancy - Riddle

18. John and Ann:
J/A Richard C.

Welcome to the living, breathing on-line family history project for the Kinnick family in America!


I have the honor and privilege of compiling this on-line book information - based on the 1953 book and the additional work of something like a hundred serious researchers and interested persons in the ensuing 50 years.


As of July 1, 2003, the book is officially done!

No more major additions will be made.
However, ...

... YES, we will keep updating this on-line book, through 2003 and beyond - with updates and corrections

- a truly living, breathing family history!!


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This is your book.

How to use this on-line book

Hint: To find an exact name, use this form:
"Nile Kinnick"

Please let me know of any problems!


This is your book.

It is up to YOU to be sure your part of the family is included competely and accurately.
We will use the power of the Internet to the greatest extent that we can. We will use links to chapters (see at the left), we will use links to other sites (see The Kinnick Project, above), we will link to YOUR SITE (see The Early Years - my home site).

Your best contributions, now, will be typed printed materials, such as obituaries, weddings, graduations, birth announcements. Type them in your word processer, proof them, send them to me (as attachments or in the body of an email) to include in this on-line book. I will take the responsibility to sort, catagorize and upload your information to share with others in the on-line book. However, if you do not want it on-line, don't send it. This is about sharing, not hoarding.

I look forward to hearing from you! Bill


How to use this on-line book

1. First, note that the Chapters are organized based on the children of John and Mary Kinnick and John and Ann Kinnick (late 18th, early 19th century births) - if you know from whom you descend, you can use this as a guide to your review of material.

2. We will continue to use the "databases" at as valuable search resources. John and Mary branch (MD-OH-IL) is smithwil, John and Ann branch (MD-NC-IN) is kinnickind, early Maryland is brightwellmd. Use the surname and first name of your earliest known Kinnick ancestor to locate that record in the database. If you find that person, you can then step back in history to find the "chapter person" here.

3. If neither of these satisfies your search needs, send an email to me, Bill Smith, with what you are looking for - I'll do my best to help you! Always nice to hear from any interested person. ;-)


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