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What's in it?

Over 24,000 K/NIBB/S drawn from the resources mentioned in the Dossier section.  Every person entered has a detailed record card, including (where found) birth and/or baptismal dates, marriage date and details, death and/or burial dates, together with, the place and/or parish for all events.  Occupation and abode are given, plus extra information extracted from eg census returns, Wills etc. There are links to parents, spouse(s), children and siblings.  Some family groupings are very large (500+ individuals) spanning several generations.

Why isn't the database accessible within the Website?

For one thing, it's too large.  For another, whereas I have endeavoured to make the entries as accurate as possible, it does contain a multitude of conjectures which need to be verified--with your help!  It would be a mistake to pass on my conjectures willy nilly only to find them taken as gospel by someone else; it's happened that way before now!

Can I obtain copies of particular entries?

Yes, indeed.  Generally I request enquirers to let me know what they know about their K/NIBB/S family first.  I add/verify that information with the database and then send out extracts  in ASCII or Gedcom format, by e-mail or to others on paper or  3.5" HD disks by post.  By so exchanging information, the database grows for the benefit of others and I can assure newcomers that I have scores of very satisfied customers--see eg List of K/NIBB/S Researchers.

What genealogy program do you use?

The best!  'Family Tree' by Ian & Mark BAKER.  You won't have heard of them, unless you are fortunate enough to own an Atari computer.  The database resides on an Atari Falcon, with wait for it 14mb of RAM and 128mb storage.  Yes that's mega not giga as required on a PC running Windows.  I do now use a PC to access the Internet because it isn't, on the whole, Atari friendly.

What dating system is used pre 1752?

You won't find any dates such as 23 February 1745/6 which is used by many as a standard for a Julian date in GB pre 1752;  my computer can't cope with that!  Any date within the database after 1st January in a year before and including 1752 will be shown as if the Gregorian calendar had already been adopted.  Accordingly, in the example given, the date would appear as 23rd February 1746 not 1745.  If a similar standard had not been adopted by the person who compiled the source upon which I may have relied, then it's likely that the database date will be 'out' by one year.

Why did you start the One Name Study?

Mainly for the reason mentioned in the Introduction ie to find a link between William KNIBB and the KNIBB Family of Clockmakers.  And to be absolutely honest, as a kid I loved doing jigsaw puzzles.  The K/NIBB/S One Name Study has become a huge jigsaw and I get a thrill every time I fit another piece of the jigsaw into place.  Some say I have set myself an impossible task and they are probably correct but it keeps me out of mischief!

Is it worth the effort?

The value of the One Name Study is that once everyone in a locality is accounted for, then it becomes that much easier to place individuals with their correct families and/or trace missing persons.  By reference to all the available data, I can figure out from where families came or to where they moved.  I recognise that my conjectures are potentially dangerous because I can't be at all sure that I have all the records, particularly as pre 1837 I'm generally relying on the IGI, except for those parish registers which I get to see.  Many of my conjectures have however been proved to be correct.

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