Boam A family of mostly Boam

NB: This is very much work in progress - I am very much more sure of some people than of others. Please do not take this as gospel but as a guide to your own research. I will update these pages as I find out more.
1. Joseph Boam (b.Abt 1762;d.5 Sep 1847-Shipley,Derbys)
sp: Sarah (b.Abt 1767;m.Abt 1792;d.13 Aug 1839-Shipley,Derbys)
    2. John Boam (b.28 Jul 1792-Shipley,Derbyshire)
     sp: Ann Bostock (m.30 Jun 1817;d.Bef 1851)
        3. Mary Boam (b.23 Sep 1820)
        3. John Boam (b.12 Mar 1822-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.21 Jun 1891-Winster,Derbyshire)
        3. Elizabeth Boam (b.9 Mar 1825-Shipley,Derbyshire)
        3. Anne Boam (b.25 Jul 1827;d.Bef 1851)
    2. William Boam (b.1795-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.9 Mar 1825-Shipley,Derbyshire)
     sp: Mary Ann Stevens (c.20 Jun 1799-Spondon,Derbyshire;m.15 Oct 1816;d.9 Apr 1889-Spondon,Derbyshire)
        3. Henry Boam (b.25 Dec 1817;d.2 Aug 1818)
        3. Henry Boam (b.8 Jul 1819-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.28 Jul 1897-Registered in Derby)
         sp: Ellen Chambers (b.Abt 1819-Spondon Derbys)
            4. William Boam (b.Abt 1839-Spondon Derbys;d.4 Aug 1866-Amballa,India)
            4. Joseph Boam (b.24 Nov 1841-Spondon Derbys)
             sp: Caroline Wintle (b.Abt 1841-Derby;m.28 Dec 1866)
                5. John Henry Boam (b.1867/1868-Nottingham)
                 sp: Cecila E Ott (b.1873/1874-Germany;m.1896)
                5. Frederick W Boam (b.Abt Jul 1870-Leicester)
                5. Marion Boam (b.1871/1872-Leicester,England)
                5. Sydney Boam (b.1873/1874-Leicester,England)
                5. Francis Boam (b.1875/1876-Leicester,England)
                5. Bruce Boam (b.1876/1877-Stamford,Lincoln)
            4. Mary Ann Boam (b.2nd quarter 1843-Spondon,Derbys)
             sp: Samuel Shaw (b.1835/1836-Ilkeston,Derbys;m.12 Sep 1865)
                5. Florence E Shaw (b.1866/1867-Ilkeston,Derbys)
                 sp: Henry Burton (b.1862/1863-Nottingham,Notts)
                    6. Henry Burton (b.1886/1887-Nottingham,Notts)
                    6. Harold Burton (b.1888/1889-Nottingham,Notts)
                    6. Gertrude Burton (b.Abt Dec 1890-Nottingham,Notts)
                5. William H Shaw (b.1867/1868-Newhall,Derbys)
                 sp: Annie E (b.1864/1865-Nottingham,Notts)
                    6. Leonard W Shaw (b.1888/1889-Nottingham,Notts)
                    6. Willie Shaw (b.1889/1890-Nottingham,Notts)
                    6. Lilian Shaw (b.1892/1893-Nottingham,Notts)
                    6. Arthur R Shaw (b.1897/1898-Nottingham,Notts)
                5. Frederic T Shaw (b.1868/1869-Derby)
                5. Samuel E Shaw (b.1870-Derby)
                5. Albert E Shaw (b.1872/1873-Derby)
                5. Sydney Bertram Shaw (b.1874/1875-Derby)
                5. Cornelius Arthur Shaw (b.1876/1877-Lenton,Notts)
                5. Emma G Shaw (b.1878/1879-Lenton,Notts)
            4. Henry Boam (b.1st quarter 1845-Spondon,Derbys;d.1st quarter 1889-Registered in Shardlow)
             sp: Hannah Buxton (b.Abt 1849-Fenny Bentley,Staffs;m.2 Sep 1877)
                5. Ada H Boam (b.Abt 1876-Derby,Derbyshire)
                5. Beatrice E Boam (b.Abt Jun 1880-Derby,Derbyshire)
                5. Mary B Boam (b.1882/1883-Breadsall,Derbys)
                5. Elizabeth A Boam (b.1885/1886-Breadsall,Derbys)
                5. Charles H Boam (b.1886/1887-Breadsall,Derbys)
            4. Thomas Boam (b.4th quarter 1846-Spondon Derbys)
             sp: Elizabeth Tomlinson (b.1849/1850-Derby,Derbyshire;m.4th quarter 1871)
                5. Ellen Asenath Boam (b.1872/1873-Derby,Derbyshire)
                 sp: Percy Bevan Williams (b.1865/1866-Clapham,London;m.4th quarter 1897)
                    6. Elizabeth M Williams (b.Abt Mar 1901-32 Beatrice Rd,Stroud Green,London)
                5. Sydney F Boam (b.1876/1877-Islington,Middlesex)
                5. Minnie M C Boam (b.1878/1879-Islington,Middlesex)
                5. Ada F Boam (b.1881/1882-Holloway,London)
                5. Henry T Boam (b.1886/1887-Holloway,London)
            4. Cornelius Boam (b.4th quarter 1848-Spondon,Derbys)
             sp: Maria Fowkes (b.Abt 1848-Derby,Derbyshire;m.2nd quarter 1876)
            4. Ellen Boam (b.1850-Shipley,Derbyshire)
             sp: Arthur Lester (m.8 Apr 1875;d.Bef 1881)
                5. Gertrude Ellen Lester (b.15 Feb 1876-Belgrave Gate,Leics)
                5. Clara Louise Lester (b.12 Dec 1878-Bay Island,New Zealand)
                 sp: Thomas Haynes (m.27 Sep 1883)
            4. Emma Chambers Boam (b.Abt 1855;d.4th quarter 1859-Registered in Basford)
            4. Sarah Chambers Boam (b.Abt 1858-Shipley,Derbyshire)
             sp: Arthur Leeson Caporn (m.24 Nov 1881)
            4. Emma Chambers Boam (b.Abt 1863-Derby,Derbyshire)
             sp: Samuel Brewis (b.1849/1850-Netherwitton,Northumberland;m.Abt 1884;d.22 Oct 1933-Tiger Hall,CS,Salop)
                5. Eleanor Brewis (b.3rd quarter 1886-South Hornsey,Middx;d.21 Oct 1918-Brigadon Hospital,Buckfastleigh,Devon)
                5. Ethel Brewis (b.15 Oct 1887-South Hornsey,Middx;d.23 Aug 1969)
                5. Samuel Hugh Brewis (b.10 Mar 1890-South Hornsey,Middx;d.2nd quarter 1978-Eastbourne,Sussex)
                 sp: Mary Arnold (b.Abt 1892;m.23 Jun 1913;d.4 Feb 1960)
                 sp: Joan Horrocks (b.Abt 1900;m.29 Apr 1962)
                5. Capt. Henry Wycliff Brewis M.C. (b.Abt 1895-Islington,Middx;d.4 Jun 1918-Fermoy,Clare,Ireland)
                5. Robina Emma Brewis (b.4th quarter 1892-Islington,Middx;d.30 Apr 1921-Hampstead,London)
        3. Ann Boam (b.30 Mar 1821-Shiply,Derby,England;d.3 Jul 1886-Clifton Grove,Clifton,Bristol)
         sp: William Butler J.P. (b.28 Feb 1819-Woodhouse,L,England;m.4th quarter 1839;d.6 Oct 1900-1 Clifton Grove,Bristol)
        3. Mary Boam (b.Abt 1823-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.8 Jan 1913)
         sp: Samuel Walker-Smith (b.1819-Spondon,Derbys;m.28 Mar 1842)
            4. William Walker-Smith (b.4th quarter 1842-Spondon,Derbys;d.3rd quarter 1897-Registered in Shardlow)
             sp: Annie (b.1857/1858-Manchester,Lancs)
                5. William Walker-Smith (b.1883/1884-Draycott,Derbys)
                5. Vincent Wallace Walker-Smith (b.4th quarter 1889-Draycott,Derbys)
            4. Joseph Walker-Smith (b.4th quarter 1844-Spondon,Derbys;d.3rd quarter 1891-Registered in Shardlow)
             sp: Emma Lee (b.1847/1848-Spondon,Derbys;m.3rd quarter 1870)
                5. Charles A Walker-Smith (b.1871/1872-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Kate Walker-Smith (b.1873/1874-Spondon,Derbys)
                 sp: John Fuller (b.1864/1865-Woolwich,Kent;m.2nd quarter 1900)
                    6. John Fuller (b.Abt Mar 1901-Portsmouth,Hampshire)
                5. Agnes Walker-Smith (b.3rd quarter 1875-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Emma A Walker-Smith (b.1879/1880-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. William E Walker-Smith (b.1885/1886-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Mary Walker-Smith (b.1st quarter 1888-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Maria Walker-Smith (b.4th quarter 1847-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Sarah Walker-Smith (b.Abt 1849-Spondon,Derbys)
             sp: Eli Ainsworth (b.Abt 1848-Barrow,Derbys;m.2nd quarter 1870)
                5. Thomas Ainsworth (b.Abt Aug 1870-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Eli Ainsworth (b.1871/1872-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Edward Ainsworth (b.1874/1875-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Earnest Herbert Ainsworth (b.1876/1877-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Henry Ainsworth (b.1877/1878-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Sarah A Ainsworth (b.1882/1883-Spondon,Derbys)
             sp: Elizah Stevens (b.1832/1833-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Charles Walker-Smith (b.1851-Spondon,Derbys)
             sp: Lucy Coxon (b.1851/1852-Spondon,Derbys;m.1st quarter 1877)
                5. Samuel William Walker-Smith (b.1877/1878-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Charles E Walker-Smith (b.1st quarter 1879-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Lucy Walker-Smith (b.Abt Sep 1880-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Henry Walker-Smith (b.1882-Spondon,Derbys)
                 sp: Mary Elizabeth Holden
                5. Arthur Walker-Smith (b.4th quarter 1883-Spondon,Derbys)
                 sp: Frances Louise Maddocks
                5. James C Walker-Smith (b.1886/1887-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Thomas Edwin Walker-Smith (b.2nd quarter 1889-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Jessie Walker-Smith (b.Abt Jan 1891-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Ann Elizabeth Walker-Smith (b.1857/1858-Spondon,Derbys)
             sp: Thomas Holmes (b.1856/1857-Spondon,Derbys;m.2nd quarter 1877)
                5. Thomas A Holmes (b.1879/1880-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Edith A Holmes (b.Abt Jan 1881-Spondon,Derbys)
            4. Emma Walker-Smith (b.2nd quarter 1860-Spondon,Derbys)
             sp: Thomas Moult (b.1860/1861-Spondon,Derbys;m.1st quarter 1884)
                5. Thomas H Moult (b.1886/1887-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Saul W Moult (b.1888/1889-Spondon,Derbys)
                5. Esther I Moult (b.1889/1890-Spondon,Derbys)
    2. Joseph Boam (b.23 Mar 1797;d.Oct 1883-Marlpool,Heanor)
     sp: Mary Swain (b.Abt 1800;m.28 Aug 1822)
        3. Hannah Boam (b.10 Aug 1823)
        3. Joseph Boam (b.15 Jun 1826)
         sp: Mary Fletcher (b.30 Jan 1831-Langley,Derbys;m.2nd quarter 1852)
            4. Daniel Boam (b.1854/1855-Langley,Derbys)
             sp: Jane Askew (b.1852/1853-Teversal,Notts;m.4th quarter 1878)
                5. Mary E Boam (b.1879-Blackwell,Derbys)
                5. Emma C Boam (b.Abt May 1880)
            4. William Boam (b.1859/1860-Langley,Derbys)
        3. William Boam (b.6 Jul 1830-Shipley,Derbys)
        3. Emily Boam (b.Abt 1834-Shipley,Derbys;d.May 1902-Marlpool,Heanor)
    2. Henry Boam (b.Bef 18 Aug 1799-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.Aft 1861)
     sp: Mary Ann Daykin (b.Abt 1801-The Strand,London;m.31 Aug 1822)
        3. Eliza Boam (b.22 Nov 1822)
        3. Henry Joseph Boam (b.7 Nov 1824;d.Jan 1897-Marlpool,Heanor)
         sp: Hannah Bestwick (b.1828/1829-London;m.1st quarter 1849;d.Mar 1897-Marlpool,Heanor)
            4. Sarah Boam (b.Abt 1849-Heanor,Derbys)
            4. Harriett Boam (b.1851/1852-Heanor,Derbys)
             sp: Elias Webster (m.16 Sep 1876)
            4. Arthur Boam (b.1856/1857-Heanor,Derbys)
             sp: Martha Ann Meakin (b.1859/1860-Heanor,Derbys)
            4. Henry Boam (b.1858/1859-Heanor,Derbys)
             sp: Mary (b.1861/1862-Chillwell,Notts)
                5. Arthur Boam (b.1883/1884-Heanor,Derbys)
            4. John Boam (b.1862/1863-Heanor,Derbys;d.Aug 1897-Marlpool,Heanor)
             sp: Mary Ann Hobson (b.1864/1865-Mapperley,Derbys)
                5. Claude Boam (b.Abt Sep 1890)
            4. Mary Ann Boam (b.1865/1866-Shipley,Derbys)
             sp: Elijah Hobson (b.1866/1867-Mapperley,Derbys)
            4. Herbert Boam (b.1869/1870-Shipley,Derbys)
             sp: Hannah Smith (b.1869/1870-Loscoe,Derbys;m.1st quarter 1889)
                5. Lily Boam (b.1889/1890-Heanor,Derbys)
                5. Elijah Boam (b.1891/1892-Heanor,Derbys)
                5. Herbert Boam (b.1893;d.Dec 1896-Derby Road,Heanor)
                5. Lucy Boam (b.1896-Heanor,Derbys)
                5. Charles Henry Boam (b.Abt Aug 1897;d.Sep 1898-Nelson Street,Heanor)
                5. Charles Boam (b.Nov 1898-Heanor,Derbys;d.Dec 1898-Nelson Street,Heanor)
                5. Baden Alfred Boam (b.May 1900-Heanor,Derbys;d.Aug 1900-Nelson Street,Heanor)
                5. Leslie Boam (b.Apr 1901-Heanor,Derbys;d.Jul 1902-Nelson Street,Heanor)
                5. Annie Mary Boam (b.Jan 1909-Heanor,Derbys;d.Apr 1909-Nelson Street,Heanor)
        3. Mary Ann Boam (b.4 Aug 1826)
        3. Sarah Boam (b.18 Sep 1828)
        3. William Boam (b.1 Sep 1830-Shipley,Derbys;d.Bef 1891)
         sp: Esther Maria Rowbottom (b.13 Oct 1833-West Hallam,Derbys;m.2nd quarter 1853;d.3rd quarter 1896-Registered in No)
            4. Arthur Frederick Boam (b.1855/1856-Heanor,Derbys)
             sp: Ann (b.1852/1853-Sheffield,Yorks;m.4th quarter 1880)
                5. Arthur Benjamin Boam (b.1882/1883-Derby)
            4. Sarah Ann Boam (b.1857/1858-Heanor,Derbys)
            4. William Edward Boam (b.1859/1860-Kilburn,Derbys)
            4. Emily Maria Boam (b.1861/1862-Tupton,Derbys)
            4. Harriet Hannah Boam (b.1866/1867-Taplow,Derbys)
            4. Benjamin Thomas Boam (b.1870/1871-Taplow,Derbys)
            4. Florence Agnes Boam (b.1874/1875-Riddings,Derbys)
            4. Louisa Lilian Boam (b.1876/1877-Riddings,Derbys)
        3. Priscilla Boam (b.Abt 1832-Shipley,Derbyshire)
         sp: Adolphus Ball (b.Abt 1833-Ilkeston,Derbyshire;m.1854;d.Aft 1891)
            4. Harry Ball (b.Abt 1860-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. William Ball (b.Abt 1862-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. Annie M Ball (b.Abt 1865-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. Harriet Ball (b.Abt 1868-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. Walter Ball (b.Abt 1873-Nottingham)
        3. Harriet Boam (b.27 Aug 1834)
         sp: Thomas Moore (b.Abt 1833;m.16 Jul 1853)
        3. Emma Boam (b.27 Dec 1836)
        3. Jane Boam (b.Abt 1839)
        3. Amos Boam (b.29 Sep 1841-Shipley,Derbyshire)
         sp: Emily Pares (b.Abt 1841-Ilkeston,Derbyshire;m.4 Mar 1860;d.Bef 1900)
            4. Jane Boam (b.1860)
            4. William Boam (b.1861-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
             sp: Fanny (b.1850/1851-Codnor,Derbys)
                5. Ada Boam (b.1881/1882-Ilkeston,Derbys)
            4. Frederick Henry Boam (b.Abt 1862-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
             sp: Lucy Ann Shaw (b.1864/1865-Lenton,Notts;m.20 Dec 1885)
                5. Joseph B Boam (b.1886/1887-Ilkeston,Derbys)
                5. Bina A Boam (b.1888/1889-Ilkeston,Derbys)
                5. Arthur Boam
                5. William Henry Boam (b.1891/1892-Ilkeston,Derbys)
                 sp: Florence Smedley (m.1918)
             sp: Elizabeth Palmer (m.18 May 1884;d.Abt 1884)
            4. Elizabeth Boam (b.Abt 1864-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. Samuel Boam (b.Abt 1866-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
             sp: Mary Ann (b.1865/1866-Coventry,Warks)
            4. Minnie Boam (b.Abt 1868-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
             sp: John Robert Booth (m.4th quarter 1885)
            4. Kate Eliza Boam (b.Abt 1870-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. Ada Mary Boam (b.Bef 27 Dec 1874;d.1st quarter 1878-Registered in Basford)
            4. Amos O Boam (b.Abt 1878)
            4. Florence Priscilla Boam (b.Abt Sep 1880-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
             sp: Charles Hutchinson (b.23 Oct 1874-Shardlow,Derbyshire;m.1901)
                5. Marjorie Hutchinson
             sp: Denley Horrobin
                5. Eileen Hutchinson
                 sp: J Allen (m.8 Jan 1942;d.Bef 1946-RAF in WWII)
                 sp: Another Allen
         sp: Elizabeth Anne Bassingdale (b.Abt 1865-Bowes/ Patrington,Yorks;m.1897)
        3. John Boam (b.17 Apr 1844-Shipley,Derbyshire)
         sp: Sarah Ann Meakin (b.23 Jun 1845-Heanor,Derbyshire,Derbys;m.23 Oct 1864;d.8 Sep 1883-Commonside,Heanor)
            4. George A Boam (b.1868;b.9 May 1869-Heanor Marlpool Cemetery)
            4. Clara Boam (b.Aug 1870;b.16 Oct 1870-Heanor Marlpool Cemetery)
            4. William A Boam (b.1871/1872-Heanor,Derbyshire)
            4. Joseph Henry Boam (b.1873/1874-Heanor,Derbyshire)
             sp: Eliza Fretwell or Mary Ann B Flint (m.2nd quarter 1901)
                5. Catharine Boam (b.Abt May 1902;d.Abt Feb 1903-Fair View,Heanor)
            4. Amos Boam (b.30 Dec 1876-Heanor,Derbyshire;d.22 Aug 1960)
             sp: Elizabeth Ethel Wiles (b.14 Nov 1881;m.26 Dec 1904;d.5 Jul 1943)
                5. George Harold Boam (b.Abt Jan 1906;d.Apr 1906-Langley Mill)
            4. Harriett A Boam (b.1878/1879-Heanor,Derbys)
        3. Emmeline Boam (b.Abt 1846-Shipley,Derbyshire)
         sp: James Meakin (b.Abt 1847-Ilkeston,Derbyshire;m.1867)
            4. Sarah Jane Meakin (b.Abt 1868-Shipley,Derbyshire)
            4. George H Meakin (b.Abt 1871-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. Edwin A Meakin (b.Abt Aug 1880-Cotmanhay,Derbys)
    2. Samuel Boam (b.5 Oct 1801-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.3rd quarter 1883-Registered in Derby)
     sp: Tamer Trueman (b.Abt 1809-Ilkeston,Derbyshire;m.30 Apr 1827;d.Bef 1881)
        3. Emma Boam (b.Abt 1834-Shipley,Derbyshire)
        3. Thomas Granville Boam (b.Abt 1839-Shipley,Derbyshire)
         sp: Sarah (b.Abt 1835-Derby,Derbyshire)
            4. Granville Horton Boam (b.Abt 1867-Derby,Derbyshire)
             sp: Florence Jane Drewry (b.1866/1867-Nottingham,Notts;m.2nd quarter 1894)
            4. Sarah E Boam (b.Abt 1869-Derby,Derbyshire)
            4. Clara J Boam (b.Abt 1871-Derby,Derbyshire)
        3. Tamer Boam (b.Abt 1842-Shipley,Derbyshire)
    2. Sarah Boam (b.28 Mar 1804-Cotmanhay,Derbys)
    2. Thomas Boam (b.4 Sep 1806-Shipley,Derbyshire)
     sp: Alice Booth (b.Abt 1808-Cotmanhay,Derbys;m.30 Mar 1830)
        3. William Boam (b.17 Dec 1830-Shipley,Derbys;d.Sep 1890-White House Farm,Shipley)
         sp: Jane Harvey (b.1832/1833-Mapperley,Derbys;m.17 Nov 1856;d.Feb 1896-White House Farm,Shipley)
            4. Sarah Jane Boam (b.1856/1857-Shipley,Derbys)
            4. Annie Boam (b.1858/1859-Langley,Derbys)
            4. Alice Boam (b.1860/1861-Langley,Derbys;d.Dec 1876-Marlpool,Heanor)
            4. Emily Boam (b.1864/1865-Langley,Derbys;d.Nov/Dec 1874-Marlpool,Heanor)
            4. Louisa Boam (b.1865/1866-Heanor,Derbys)
            4. John T Boam (b.1867/1868-Heanor,Derbys)
            4. William Herbert Boam (b.Abt Jan 1869;d.Jun 1869-Marlpool,Heanor)
            4. William Boam (b.1872/1873-Heanor,Derbys)
            4. Herbert Boam (b.1874/1875-Heanor,Derbys)
             sp: Elizabeth Stirland (b.1882/1883-Marlpool,Derbys;m.1st quarter 1901)
        3. Cornelius Boam (b.5 Mar 1833-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.4th quarter 1890-Registered in Basford)
         sp: Sarah Cross (b.Abt 1830-Beeston,Notts;m.10 Jul 1856)
            4. George Boam (b.Abt 1864-Somercoates,Derbyshire)
            4. Cornelius Boam (b.Abt 1866-Selston,Notts)
             sp: Hannah Boam (b.Abt 1868-Shipley,Derbys;m.Abt 1887)
                5. Cornelius Boam (b.Abt 1888)
                5. Hannah Boam (b.Abt 1889)
                5. Arthur Boam (b.Abt 1890)
                5. Rachel Boam (b.Abt 1893)
                5. Sarah Boam (b.Abt 1894)
                5. Ethel Boam (b.Abt 1895)
            4. Alice Boam (b.Abt 1868-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
             sp: Godfrey Hardy (b.1866/1867-Shipley,Derbys;m.2nd quarter 1889)
                5. Arthur Hardy (b.Abt May 1890-Ilkeston,Derbys)
            4. Arthur Boam (b.4th quarter 1871-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
            4. Fanny Boam (b.Abt 1875-Ilkeston,Derbyshire)
             sp: Herbert Morley (b.1878/1879-Ilkeston,Derbys;m.4th quarter 1898)
                5. Percy Morley (b.1899/1900-Ilkeston,Derbys)
        3. Herbert Boam (b.24 Jun 1835;d.3rd quarter 1840-Registered in Basford)
        3. Alice Boam (b.Abt 1837-Shipley,Derbyshire)
         sp: John William George (m.2 May 1865)
        3. Thomas Herbert Boam (b.Abt 1841-Shipley,Derbyshire;d.1sr quarter 1910-Registered in Derby)
         sp: Emma Smith (or Simmons) (b.Abt 1845-Northampton;m.4th quarter 1867)
            4. Herbert Boam (b.Abt 1869-Derby,Derbyshire)
            4. Montague Charles Boam (b.3rd quarter 1873-Derby,Derbyshire)
             sp: Jessie Clara MacGregor (b.1877/1878-Stoke Newington,London;m.3rd quarter 1902)
                5. Montague Charles Boam (b.3rd quarter 1902-Registered in Paddington)
            4. Florence Boam (b.Abt 1874-Derby,Derbyshire)
            4. Beatrice Boam (b.Abt 1876-Derby,Derbyshire)
            4. Mabel Boam (b.Abt 1877-Derby,Derbyshire)
            4. Harold Boam (b.Abt 1879-Derby,Derbyshire)
        3. Fanny Boam (b.4th quarter 1846-Shipley,Derbyshire)
    2. Cornelius Boam (b.10 Apr 1810-Cotmanhay,Derbys;d.20 Jan 1898-Canal Wharf,Shipley)
     sp: Ann (b.Abt 1810-Newthorpe,Notts)
        3. Hannah Boam (b.Abt 1838)
        3. Elizabeth Boam (b.Abt 1840)
        3. Ann Boam (b.Abt 1841)
        3. Louisa Boam (b.1846/1847-Shipley,Derbys)
         sp: William Robinson Annibal (b.1838/1839-Nottingham)
            4. William Boam Annibal (b.1869-Bramcote,Notts)
            4. Frank Robinson Annibal (b.Abt May 1870-Lenton,Notts)
            4. Arthur Toplis Annibal (b.1872/1873-Lenton,Notts)
             sp: Elizabeth (b.1877/1878-Lenton,Notts)
                5. Louisa M Annibal (b.1898/1899-Shipley Gate,Derbys)
                5. William A C Annibal (b.1899/1900-Shipley Gate,Derbys)
            4. Herbert S Annibal (b.1874/1875-Lenton,Notts)
             sp: Esther (b.1875/1876-Hucknall,Notts)
            4. Albert E Annibal (b.1876/1877-Lenton,Notts)
            4. Henry Annibal (b.1876/1877-Lenton,Notts)
            4. Gilbert Annibal (b.1882/1883-Lenton,Notts)
            4. Annie Annibal (b.1884/1885-Lenton,Notts)

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