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Death Certificate

Sarah was born on (9 May 1799 in Dartfort, Kent, England
to Silas GILBERT and Anne LAWRENCE

She was christened on 31 May 1799 in Dartford, Kent, England

) - this information is currently being investigated as it is believed she may infact have been the daughter of John GILBERT and Alice DUNK who were married on 24 December 1797 at Bredgar in the same church Sarah later went on to marry Richard MILNER in 1826.

She came to New Zealand in 1840 aboard the Martha Ridgeway

She died 27 Apr 1856 in Wellington, New Zealand of Dropsy
She was buried on 30 April 1856 in Bolton Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Sarah married Richard MILNER on 27 September 1826 in Bredgar, England

They had the following children:

1. Sarah MILNER (1827-1875)

2. Richard MILNER (1829-1897)

3. George MILLNER (1831-1913)

4. Rose Hannah MILNER (1833-1877)

5. Jane MILNER (1835-1892)

6. Jesse MILLNER (1838-1912)

7. Ann MILNER (1840-1840)

8. Thomas Edward MILNER (1843-unknown)

9. Mary Ann MILNER (1844-1938)

10. Stephen MILNER (1848-1933)

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