Thomas Bernard of Carlow (Son of William and Mary)

The Perkins of Ballintrane (Ballintrain) Co Carlow were a complex family with most of the males being named either John or Theophilus. The first mention of Perkins in Co Carlow is "County of Catherlough 1675 - John Watson of Kilconner had taken from him for tithe at several times, by Theophilus Perkins and Paul Neland for the us of John Plummer Priest, corn worth two pound fifteen shillings" Ref: The Great Cry of Oppression

Then, a deed in 1723 for a John Perkins, farmer, who was witness to a lease. It is estimated that John Perkins (Sen) was born about 1693 and died
in 1763. The aforementioned Theophilus Perkins is most likely to have been the grandfather of John Perkins, farmer. 

In John Perkins will in 1763 he mention his brother Theophilus and his cousin Theophilus, but none of his children.
Reference is made to the purchase of the lands of Ballintrane in Co Carlow from James Kennedy and the lands in Oldtown from Beacham Bagnell. (1). Before his death in 1763 John Perkins and James Kennedy released the lands of Oldtown to Humphrey Perkins. (2)

Although no children were mentioned in the will of John Perkins (Sen) it can be deduced from various deeds that John had three sons: Humphrey, Theophilus and John.

  • Humphrey Perkins of Oldtowne, Co Carlow. In the marriage settlement for Humphrey to Catherine Brunton in 1746 (10) Humphrey is described as the eldest son of John of Ballintrane. The Perkins and Brunton family were previously aquainted as Theophilus Perkins was the attorney for Mary Brunton, mother of Catherine Brunton. Her father was Anthony Brunton, merchant, deceased at the time of the marriage.
January 1745. A complaint being made to the House of a breach of privilege, committed by Mrs. Mary Brunton, and Mr. Charles Barry, executors of the last will and testament of Anthony Brunton, deceased, and by Theophilus Perkins, their attorney, against John Stratford, Esq; (a Member of this House) by serving the said Mr. Stratford's attorney, during the time of privilege, with notice in a suit, commenced by the said executors in the court of Exchequer against the said Mr. Stratford;
                    (Ref: Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland, Volume 7)

I have not found a record of any children from this marriage.

After Catherine's death Humphrey Perkins married again in 1767 to Susanna Bernard, daughter of William Bernard of Cloghristick, Co Carlow. In the marriage settlement Humphrey is described as "the eldest son of John Perkins late of Ballintrane, gent deceased".  Given the age at Humphrey's first marriage it is estimated that he was born about 1720. He died in Oldtown, Co Carlow in 1776.

There are various records of a John Perkins, son of Humphrey who married Henrietta Smith in 1796. I have assumed that John must have been the son of Susanna (Bernard) Perkins as, in a deed dated 11th Jan 1782 there is mention of John Perkins "a minor" who is ward of William Bernard of Carlow. William Bernard was the father of Susanna (Bernard)  Perkins. Humphrey died in 1776 so it could be presumed that Susanna had also died before 1782.

John Perkins - In a deed dated 1796 John Perkins of Powerstown conveys part of the lands of Graignespidoge and Templepeter in Co Carlow to Paul Carter, mentioning that the lands had formerly been held by John Perkins and Humphrey Perkins, both deceased. (3)

The Registry of Deeds (ROD) holds several memorials of transactions naming John Perkins of Graiguenaspidoge and Templepeter in Co Carlow (and later in the City of Waterford), deceased before 1833. Each mention his wife Henrietta Smith whom he married in 1796 and their children: John, Anna Maria (married James Wilson), Rosina (married John Hitchcock, 1827), Henrietta (married John Colclough in 1839), Ellen, Elizabeth (21 in 1833), William (deceased before 1833), Mary and Susanna (died in 1842).

1800 John Perkins was a captain in the Carlow Militia

In 1833 Elizabeth Perkins attains the age of 21 and claims her 1/7th portion of her inheritance. The deed names her father John as the son of Humphrey Perkins.

1838 County Carlow Registered Voters include John Perkins "Place of Abode-Graiguenaspidoge";  "Situation of Franchise-Templepeter"

1842. The will of Susanna Perkins (spinster) also mentions her father John was the son of Humphrey Perkins

  • Theophilus Perkins of Dublin is assumed to be the son of John Perkins (Sen), farmer of Ballintrane. He was probably born about 1723. He would have married about 1740-1744. In 1756 a Theophilus Perkins was an attorney to the Exchequer Court. A Theophilus Perkins died in Johnstown, Co Carlow 16th Nov, 1768.  
    • John Perkins (b about 1743 - died 1763 in Dublin). King's Inn's Alumni lists a John Perkins in 1760. There is a will of a John Perkins of Dublin in 1763. Refers to brother Theophilus and cousin Theophilus. (1)

    • Theophilus Perkins (b about 1747)  married Ann Eaton in 1768 (before both were 21 years old). They eloped to Scotland and were married in Portpatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland (used by the Irish for underage marriages as Gretna Green is used by the English today). Marriage Settlement mentions John brother of Theophilus, deceased (4). 
There is a second marriage settlement for a Theophilus Perkins of Dublin to Elizabeth Houghton in 1772. The settlement references John Perkins (deceased), brother of Theophilus. The deed is witnessed by Humphrey Perkins of Carlow.  This appears to be the same Theophilus Perkins. If it is then his first wife Anne must have died before 1772.

There are several deeds referencing Theophilus Perkins as an
attorney, in the Dublin Gazette in 1742 and 1743. There is no listing for Theophilus Perkins in the  Alumni Dublinenses nor in the King's Inn's alumni. It is possible he attended a university in England.

  • John Perkins (Jun) of Ballintrane was the son of John Perkins (Sen) of Ballintrane and was born about 1725. He probably married about 1744 (name of wife not known) and had five daughters: Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Jane and Joanna. After the death of his first wife John Perkins (Jun) married a second time in October 1756 to Priscilla Coles (MLB Ferns Diocese) It is not known if Priscilla was a spinster or a widow at the time of her marriage. In the 1772 marriage settlement for Jane Perkins to James Garrett there is a reference to Theophilus Perkins as "only son of John Perkins of Ballintrane". Yet there is no mention of Theophilus Perkins in the will of John Perkins (Jun) in 1779.

    Children of John Perkins (Jun) of Ballintrane and his first wife (name unknown), probably married about 1745.

    • Anne Perkins, born in 1747, married in 1765 to Henry Brewster. (6). Witness to the deed Humphrey Perkins of Oldtown.  Following Henry Brewster's death in 1777 Anne re-married to ? Evans.  Children of her first marriage:
      • Samuel Brewster  1768-1790
      • Mary Brewster b. 1766
From Dunleckney Cemetry inscriptions: " Here lyeth the body of Henry Brewster of Lebinasy who departed this life September ye 9th 1777 in the 34th year of his age. Also three of his children.  Here lyeth the body of Anne Brewster Perkins otherwise Evans, who departed this life the 18th April 1787 aged 40 years.

    • Jane Perkins (born about 1748 - died 1788) married in 1772 James Garrett (born 1740).  James died in 1818. (7). Trustees to the marriage settlement were Theophilus Perkins, "only son of John Perkins", and Samuel Brewster (father of Henry Brewster, Jane's brother-in-law). Witnessed by Humphry Perkins of Oldtown.
    • John Garrett. Died unmarried
    • William Garrett, b. 1783, d 1818. Married 1809 Margaret Raymond
    • Mary Garrett, married John Watson
    • Priscilla Garrett. Died unmarried
    • Anne Garrett married Gilbert Pickering about 1800.

    • Elizabeth Perkins born about 1752 married in 1770, Henry Flood (8).  Elizabeth died in 1790. Humphrey Perkins was a trustee named in the marriage settlement. Theophilus Perkins was a witness to the deed. Children:
      • John Flood, b. 1775
      • Henry Flood, abt 1771
      • Frances Flood b. 1773
      • Mary Flood b. 1774
      • Perkins Flood. abt 1772
        From The Irish Genealogist, Vol 8, #1, p. 58

"Kilkenny, 17 March 1770
Married. On Thursday last, Henry Flood of Viewmount, Esq; to Miss Perkins, daughter of John Perkins (Bro. of Theophilus), of Ballintrane, in the county of Carlow, Esq ; a most amiable young lady, with a fortune of 2,000.
Other daus. were Jane (wife of James Garrett), Joanna wife of (Thomas Whelan), Anne (wife of Henry Brewster) and Mary (wife of Arthur O’Brien)."

    • Joanna Perkins born about 1755. Married Thomas Whelan in 1778 (9).  Thomas Whelan died before 1798 leaving two sons:
      • John Thomas Whelan a lieutenant of the the 64th Regiment of Foot
      • Thomas Whelan

    • Theophilus Perkins, son of John, Co Carlow. There is no record of a birth or marriage although he is mentioned in several of his sister's marriage settlements. I have estimated that he was probably born about 1749. There are various referneces to a Theophilus Perkins in Carlow between 1779 and 1804, however, I cannot confirm that any of these are the son of John Perkins.

Other Perkins

Records show:

Theophilus Perkins of Dublin married Barbara Fenn in 1733. They had a son, also Theophilus in 1741. In the will of
John Perkins of Ballintrane, 1763 he mention his brother Theophilus.  This Theophilus is probably the brother of John Perkins of Ballintrane.

In 1779 in the The Gentleman's and London Magazine:Or Monthly Chronologer, 1741-1794 there is an announcement of the birth of a daughter. "In Oldstown Co. Carlow the lady of Theophilus Perkins, esq of a daughter".

1803 Theophilus Perkins is a Lieutenant in the carlow Militia

In 1804 a Theophilus Perkins of Carlow is entered in the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland Membership Register

In the early 1800s there are several deeds regarding John Perkins of Carlow.

Theophilus Perkins of Dublin married Charlotte Lenon in Dublin in 1803

Chronological notations:

The assumptions about the Perkins family are based on the following references to Perkins which, in chronological order are:
1746 - 1757 Various deeds for Theophilus Perkins of Dublin. (Assumed to son of John Perkins (Sen) of Ballintrane)
1740 - 1744 Deeds for John Perkins of Dublin
Abt 1743 John Perkins (Jun) married his first wife (name unknown)
1745 birth of Mary Perkins
1746 - Humphrey Perkins of Ballintrane, eldest son of John (Sen), marriage to Catherine Brunton. One can assume his birth was between 1720 and 1725
1746-1758 There are several deeds describing leases shared between John Perkins of Ballintrane and Theophilus Perkins of Dublin.
1747 birth of Anne Perkins
1749-1754 - numerous deeds for Theophilus Perkins of Dublin
1749 posible birth of Theophilus Perkins son of John (Jun) of Ballintrane
1752 birth of Elizabeth Perkins
1753 birth of Jane Perkins
1755 birth of Joanna Perkins
abt 1755 death of first wife of John Perkins (Jun)
1756 - John Perkins (Jun) was married to Priscilla Coles (Diocesan Marriage License Bonds - Diocese of Ferns).
This was the second marriage for John Perkins of Ballintrane.
1760 - A deed between John Perkins of Ballintrane and Theophilus Perkins of Dublin
1762 - A deed between John Perkins of Ballintrane, Theophilus Perkins of Dublin and Humphrey Perkins of Oldtowne, Co Carlow
1763 - Death of John Perkins of Dublin.
1765 -  Marriage settlement for Anne Perkins eldest daughter of John Perkins of Ballintrane, to Henry Brewster. Humphrey Perkins was a wintness to the deed.
1766 - Deed refers to the the groom, Theophilus Perkins of Johnstown Carlow as the "only brother & heir of John Perkins of Dublin". Both Theophilus and his wife Ann (Eaton) were under 21. Anne died in 1768.
1767 - A deed refers to Humphrey Perkins of Oldtowne as the "eldest son of John Perkins of Ballintrane" in a marriage settlement with Susanna Bernard, daughter of William Bernard of Clogheristik, Co Carlow. This is believed to have been a second marriage.
1770 both John Perkins and Theophilus Perkins are mebers of the Grand Jury for the County of Carlow Ref:Finn's Leinster Journal 1770
1770 - Marriage settlement for Elizabeth Perkins daughter of John Perkins of Ballintrane to Captain Henry Flood. Theophilus Perkins was a witness to the deed.
1772 - Theophilus Perkins (brother of John Perkins, deceased) married Elizabeth Houghton (Ref: Irish Builder, Vol 30; and ROD 411/495/272534)
1772 - Marriage settlement for Jane Perkins daughter of John Perkins of Ballintrane to James Garrett. Refers to Theophilus Perkins as "only son of John Perkins of Ballintrane". Humphrey Perkins was a witness to the deed.
1776 - Death of Humphrey Perkins, Old town, Co Carlow (Gentleman's magazine)
1778 - Marriage settlement for Jane Perkins daughter of John Perkins of Ballintrane to Thomas Whelan
1778 - Priscilla (Cole) Perkins died
1779 - John Perkin (Jun's) will, handwritten and very dificult to read, mentions all his daughters (Probate June 1781).

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