Rescuing Stray and Feral Cats and Kittens: Cats - How to Trap a Cat Resources, How to Build a Cat Trap, etc. Bogalusa, Washington Parish, Louisiana History, Links, Maps, and Photos

Caboodle Ranch, Inc. gave my 6 cats a "forever home!" Click here to see their photos. Jan. 22nd, 2001

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Rescuing Stray and Feral Cats and Kittens

I wouldn't recommend any individual rescue feral cats as it is a major undertaking!

How to Trap a Cat Resources

How To Build a Cat Trap Resources

How to Tame a Feral Cat Resources

How did I get started rescuing cats? See "The Movie Kittens" web page in 1998 while being the proud owner of two cats. I lived in Louisville, KY at the time. I now live in Largo, FL.


  1. National Feral Cat Resources

  2. Animal Resources in the Tampa Bay Area

  3. Animal Resources in the United States

  4. How to Trap a Cat Resources

  5. How To Build a Cat Trap Resources

  6. How to Tame a Feral Cat Resources

  7. My MIDWEST cat playpens set up for taming a feral cat.

  8. Outdoor Enclosures and Cat Fencing

  9. My Cats

National Feral Cat Resources

Alley Cat Allies


Animal Resources in the Tampa Bay Area

includes Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties

Animal Coalition of Tampa

Friends of Strays (St. Petersburg, FL)

Save Our Strays, Inc. is a non-profit, humane organization whose mission is sheltering and finding homes for abandoned or homeless cats and kittens in Pinellas County, Florida. An all-volunteer, nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to rehoming abandoned cats and kittens  --  727-481-5091 / Intake 727-481-5262. Their My Space page:

SPOT...Stop Pet Overpopulation Together! (Pinellas Park, FL)

SPCA of Pinellas County

9099 130th Avenue North, Largo, FL 33773-1441
Phone: (727) 586-3591
Fax: (727) 499-0368

SPCA of Tampa Bay

Humane Society of North Pinellas Inc.

3040 State Rd, Clearwater, FL
General Information:
Volunteer Opportunities:

Pinellas County (FL) Animal Services (a.k.a., "Dog Catcher")

12450 Ulmerton Road
Largo 33774
(727) 582-2600
TDD (727) 582-2636

Rabies/Bite/Quarantine Line (727) 582-2608

Lost or Found Pets Hotline (727) 582-2604

Yahoo! Humane and Rescue Societies > Florida > Complete List


Animal Resources in the United States

American Humane Association, AHA

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA

Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah

Humane Society of the United States, HSUS


How to Trap a Cat Resources

Animal Care Equipment & Services (ACES) - gloves, housing, traps, poles, etc.

Animal Traps - Tru-Catch Live Catch Traps - High quality powder coated animal traps, many sizes available.

Carol Olson's Super Trap - for very hard to catch cats!

Florida Cat News -  Click on the link: "Trapping and Care" to see and read about:


How To Build a Cat Trap Resources

Alley Cat Allies - Instructions for building a "Drop Trap"

Carol Olson's Super Trap - for very hard to catch cats! Also see article from PAWS to THINK, The Pet Savers Foundation Magazine (Spring 2005; Volume 4, Issue 2):

To Catch A Feral: How Carol's "Super Trap" Finally Trapped Sherman, and It Can Work For Your Elusive Ferals Too!
by Laura Beth Heisen

This is my modification of Carol Olson's Super Trap since I have a different style trap than she has. I used the door style illustrated in the Drop Trap Design Bank (Laura Burns):

I covered the trap with these moving blankets in advance of catching the cat. Then when the cat was in the trap, I flipped the blankets to cover the trap completely. I used clothespins to secure the blankets since it was a bit breezy:

I used two long  (8 foot) 1" diameter PVC pipes to very gently prod the cat into the smaller trap to take him to the vet. It is easy if you have 2 people doing this.

I donated this trap to Animal Coalition of Tampa after catching the elusive "Raider."

Drop Trap Design Bank (Laura Burns)


How to Tame a Feral Cat Resources

Taming Feral Kittens and Cats


MIDWEST Homes For Pets - America's Largest Home Builder For Pets. If you use these outdoors try to put them under an awning or other structure to keep them from rusting.

Hawks Will Custom Wood Work


My MIDWEST cat playpens set up for taming a feral cat.

Here is a photo of the 2 MidWest Cat Playpens with a home-made bridge/tunnel between the top openings. (To see the New and Improved version of the Bridge/Tunnel, click here.) My cats have been enjoying the playpens (that is why you see the bottom cage doors open) and wondering when the new cat is going to arrive. I have a bunch of black moving blanket that will allow me to almost completely cover each cage in case the cat(s) are real nervous.


I added a slot into the top of the bridge near the side of one of the playpens. I can slide a piece of wood to block the cat from going to the other side so that I can clean the litter box, cage, etc. I added small blocks of wood at the bottom of the slot area to reinforce the door from being pushed at the bottom. If you do catch another cat, you could  leave the divider in the slot so that each cat can have their own cage.


I bought 3 extra benches (2 for one of the playpens and one for the other playpen) and made a long bench from shelving material that runs the length of a cage and it is using at least 3 long cup shaped hooks at each end.


The bridge is made of 1/4" finished plywood and wood strips:


Another view of the feeding area and play area, as well as sleeping area.


This is the litter box playpen, also with a sleeping area:


I use this spring-type mechanical tool to reposition bedding and to dust off shelving and benches in the top portion of the cage as it is not accessible due to the bridge inserted into the cages' top doors.


I picked  up "Angel" this morning from the vet (August 17, 2006) and she won't come out of the cat carrier that is inside the one playpen. The carrier opens at the top (and front).



Updates on Angel:

Sept. 27, 2006:

She has been out of the carrier for amount a month. She normally hides in the tunnel/bridge until she knows that I've settled down for a while to watch TV.

She sometimes sleeps in the tunnel/bridge with her back turned from me. Other times, she sleeps on the soft bedding.

She is slowly coming around but still hisses at me.

She likes to watch "Raider" eat his breakfast and dinner outside. She jumps up on the highest bench to look out at him. "Raider" is a semi-feral cat that I'm slowly getting closer to when I fed him.



She also seems to enjoy seeing my other 7 indoor cats. I sometimes pick them up and pet them so that she can see that they trust me and like me to touch them.

Here are "Georgie Boy" (brown tabby), "Buddy Boy" (black & white) and "Cleopatra" (calico) watching a squirrel on the post outside:


Updates on Angel (continued):

Oct. 18, 2006:

"Angel" is doing better and now she has her old friends back (Georgie, Raider and Buddy Boy):

"Georgie" was crying to be picked up in my backyard a couple of weeks ago. He ate for about 4 cats for almost a week. He was abandon, not feral.

"Raider" was finally caught using my modified trap (mentioned above). He is semi-feral, while "Angel" appears to be completely feral. She will be a challenge.

They are all probably part of a feral and semi-feral cat colony. They seem happy to see each other. "Angel" and "Georgie" are acting concerned about "Raider." They are comforting each other in their own ways. "Raider" is still half asleep due to being "fixed." I'll post a photo of him soon.

I'll also post photos of the other cats evidently.

New and Improved Bridge/Tunnel:

I'm too exhausted to paint the inserts!!!


Outdoor Enclosures and Cat Fencing May 19, 2008

AnimalNetwork Cat Enclosures: "Bring the outside in: Indoor or outdoor? Enclosures give you some of each." By Peggy Scott

Affordable Cat Fence 1-(888) 840-2287

Bandobi Pet Products 1-(714) 227-1733

CagesByDesign 2-3-2011

The Cat's Den 1-(866) 484-0644

CAT FENCE-IN™ 1-(888) 738-9099

CatsOnDeck 2-3-2011 or make your own?

C & D Pets 1-(888) 554-7387

FeralVilla - homes for feral cats that get them off the ground and protect them from coyotes! 1-22-2011

Google search results for "outside cat enclosure" 1-22-2011

Hawks Will Custom Wood Work -

KatKabin 2-3-2011

MIDWEST Homes For Pets 1-(800) 428-8560 - America's Largest Home Builder For Pets. If you use these outdoors try to put them under an awning or other structure to keep them from rusting.

Outback Barney's - Outback Cat Hotel 1-(800) 967-5604

Pet Samaritan - cat run 1-(801) 451-0100

Playscapes for Pussy Cats 1-(512) 828-7000

Purrfect Fence 1-(888) 280-4066

Safe Kitty 1-(207) 929-4128

Ultralite Products Inc. - Animal Enclosures & Pet Cages. Questions? Call 1-(888) 858-7298

YouTube - search results for "Building cat house, " "cat enclosure" 2-3-2011 Also see this cute video: The Mean Kitty Song


My Cats - Caboodle Ranch, Inc. gave my 6 cats a "forever home!" Jan. 22nd, 2001

Cats accepted by Caboodle Ranch, Inc. are:

3 feral (wild), 2 semi-feral (semi-wild) cats, and one regular cat have found a "forever home!"

Financially having all these cats has put a severe strain on my budget since moving to Largo, FL in 2004 and rescuing them!!! Additionally, I've developed an allergy to them, 4 out of 5 scale. I hadn't started taking any anti-allergy shots, yet due to the expense and time running back and forth for the shots.

Ferals: "Angel," "Socks," and "Talker;" and semi-ferals: "Lucky" is a brown Tabby/Maine Coon mix (who is perhaps closer to be domesticated than semi-feral) and "Raider" (who is closer to being feral than semi-feral); and fully domesticated: "Georgie Boy" is a brown Tabby.

All are micro-chipped and have had their shots. I rescued them from my backyard over the six years of living in Largo, FL. Some are due to their annual visit which is a major undertaking with feral and semi-feral cats!

Animal Services would only put them down, so a barn (better yet: Caboodle Ranch, Inc.!) would be an ideal location. There is a $500 fine here in Pinellas county, Florida if I were to leave them outside and get caught, plus the coyotes are overrunning my neighborhood. Pinellas County, Florida does not allow for Trap-Neuter-Return of stray and feral cats. All cats are required to be kept indoors or on a leash. Shame on them!

When re-homing feral and semi-feral cats, they need to be kept in a barn for a month or so until they understand that is where they live. If they are let out too soon, they may try to come back to me and get hit by a car, etc. So, feeding them in the barn or other enclosed structure for a short while will provide you with good mousers or just keep them from running off.

Fully domesticated "Georgie Boy" (brown tabby) who is apparently married to "Angel" (She is black and white, and is feral but will sleep near you if "Georgie Boy" is there.) and there semi-feral best friend, "Raider" who is solid black.

This  photo is a little fuzzy as it was taken about 25 feet away. "Angel" (because she looks so much like my cat, "Lady" who passed away ), "Raider" (because he would take the food that I put outside for him but never stay around), and "Georgie Boy." I think that "Georgie Boy" was the father of "Angel's" babies that died while she was under anesthesia for her 1st examination by a vet and for neutering procedure. Neutering "Angel" cost me over $900 because she was pregnant at the time (which I didn't know about or would not have had her fixed until after the litter was born) and the bill left me speechless, needless to say!


Another photo of "Raider" who is semi-feral and will allow me to pet him when he wants to be petted. "Raider," is the cat that got 3 cats rescued because while trying to catch him for about a month, 2 walked up to be rescued ("Buddy Boy" and "Georgie") and I rescued "Angel" because she was so afraid to come out of hiding to eat and she looked a lot like my cat that died, "Lady." He is getting more and more comfortable around me. His latest thing is getting up on my computer desk to get petted:


Another photo of "Angel" who is feral (wild) and when she moves or runs it is like watching art in motion.


Another photo of "Georgie Boy," the brown Tabby, is "Angel's" boyfriend but is very domesticated. He is just so, so sweet! He loves to be held and petted. He does love "Angel" so much and "Angel" pesters him a lot because apparently she is in love with him. He likes to "make biscuits."

"Georgie Boy" was rescued Aug. 9, 2006 and quickly got out into the rest of the home with the other cats in about a week. When I rescued in my backyard, he cried to be picked up!

"Georgie Boy" who is now a female, too, due to a problem with urinary blockage. His surgery was $3,000.


"Socks" was staying on top of my compost bin most of the time. It is under an overhang on the house. The coyotes are overrunning our area so I trapped him and brought him into the house. He has been neutered, micro-chipped. He his gray with 4 white feet:

"Talker" is feral but is starting to come around. I "fostered" her and her 4 little kittens last year through Save Our Strays, Inc. and they had the 4 kittens adopted almost immediately. Only 3 kittens are pictured here:


I rescued "Lucky" (a Brown Tabby/Maine Coon mix) from my backyard after finding him wounded a couple of years ago. He is a cool cat but only like to be combed and not much else. He gets testy when I trim his nails. He is perhaps closer to being semi-feral than domesticated). He was apparently a stray for a long while.

More photos of "Lucky:"

"Lucky" was almost starved to death. He had been beat up by other stray / feral cats (maybe "Morris?") pretty bad. He had a huge abscess on his back and bites on his left cheek, and left rear leg. He was adopted on March 26, 2008. I named him "Lucky" because he is the last cat that I had planned to adopt. Thanks to Save Our Strays, Inc. for help with his medical bills!!!

"Lucky" has the saddest expression that I've ever seen on a cat. Poor fellow.


This is a snapshot of a bite on his back:

How did I get started rescuing cats? See "The Movie Kittens" web page in 1998 while being the proud owner of two cats. I lived in Louisville, KY at the time. I now live in Largo, FL. I wouldn't recommend any individual rescue feral cats as it is a major undertaking!

 My cats that I am keeping:

"Mr. Mister" and "Buddy Boy:"

I'm am keeping these 2 cats (even though I've developed are allergy to cats - 4 out of 5 scale) because of their age and illnesses.

"Mr. Mister" was my 1st male cat and is now my oldest cat. He is a real sweetie! He is absolutely adorable and is a real affectionate cat. He was rescued in Louisville, KY in 1998. I recently had to have one of his eyes removed and a cancerous tumor removed from his back which produced another big vet bill - about $700! The tumor apparently is the type to reoccur unless he get chemotherapy or radiation therapy which I can't afford:

Other photos of "Mr. Mister:"

"Mr. Mister" after surgery ($2,500) to make him a female due to kidney stones. He is not a happy camper here. Now, he does seem to be "frustrated" and a little more aggressive to some of the other cats. He will "make biscuits" on a blanket, then act a little angry and go pick on one of the other cats. He has had numerous "time outs" and has been told "no fighting:"


Then, "Buddy Boy," a.k.a., "Buddy" was the 1st cat rescued after my beloved "Lady" passed away shortly after me moving to Largo, FL. "Buddy Boy" is "Mr. Mister's" playmate. "Buddy Boy" is very playful and mischievous. He loves to lick which I'd bet money on as to why he was put outside by someone. Now, he has Mr. Mister to lick on as I don't like being licked with a sandpaper tongue, either:


This is "Mr. Mister" (solid black) and "Buddy Boy" sleeping. Buddy Boy is still asleep and I just woke Mr. Mister taking this photo.

My cats who have "passed away:"

"Sassy Frassy" after getting a bath. She was my 1st cat ever! I adopted her from a humane shelter in Louisville, KY:


"Sassy Frassy" liked to look at me and purr, but I think she didn't like my Aunt Jan taking our photo here:


"Sassy Frassy" liked to drink her water from an insulated mug. She would lick off the condensation because it was cool. She would fall asleep with her head on the cold mug! I can't remember how many times I had to mop up the water from the carpeted floor because she would nudge it off of the table. "Cleopatra" is in the background.


"Cleopatra, Queen of Denial," a.k.a., "Cleopatra." She was adopted in Louisville, KY from an elderly gentleman whose cat had a litter:

"Lady" and "Queenie" (and "Annie" - see below) were sisters rescued from a tree in Louisville, KY. (Read about it here.):

"My Fair Lady," a.k.a., "Lady" passed away due to a heart problem:




"Lady" in my bed and in my spot!

"Annie Hall," a.k.a., "Annie" is the "Fat Cat" of the house:


"Morris" relaxing in his cat playpen. He was adopted on Feb. 25, 2008. He was aggressive to other stray cats out in my backyard, so he will be gradually introduced by allowing the other cats a little time to get to know him before I let him out into the house. Thanks to Save Our Strays, Inc.for help with his medical bills!!!

More shots of "Morris" ...





Update: "Morris" now has full run of the house. He sleep in my bed in the morning to get his pets but is still semi-feral as far as being able to pick him up.

Here he is getting some sun at the front door:

Unfortunately, I found Morris" dead one morning of unknown cause. I took his death the hardest of all my cats because it was so unexpected.

The cats' dog, "Rusty." This dog knew his place and I was one notch below him. (Sept. 1, 1998 - Sept. 2009). This photo was taken in 2004 or 2005:



Max has been adopted!!!

Offer: Dog (Lab / Greyhound mix) in Largo, FL

Max was my sister's dog but she could not keep him, so I'm boarding him until I can find him a new home preferably with another large playful dog.

Max is about 18 -24 months old and needs a big backyard to run in and a playmate. He is neutered, current on all shots, and is in excellent health. He is sweet and gets along with my other dog as well as my cats. He is somewhat fearful but he is getting better as he has more exposure with new experiences. He also has some separation anxiety that is also getting much better.

I will need to check out his new living arrangements and would like to visit him from time to time the first year to ease his transition.

If this adoption doesn't work out, I am willing to take him back and try again to find him a good home. Please contact me if you are interested in giving Max a home.

Thanks, Pat McClendon


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