Richard Leigh

This photo just has 'Richard Leigh' written on it.  I would assume it is not Richard Sr. as he died in 1869.  Click on the picture for a larger view.

My Great-Great Grandfather was Richard LEIGH. He was born in 1836 and according to census records, he was born in Tennessee.  His parents may have been Richard LEIGH Sr. and Martha (or Patsey) HUMPHREY who died in Carroll Co., TN in 1859-1860.

Richard married 1860 to Mary Elisabeth GREEN who had been raised in Carroll Co., TN  by a widow named Elizabeth HUMPHREY (maiden name not known).  

In trying to figure out how these families are connected, or if they even are, we have gathered quite a bit of information.  I present here for you what we have and implore you to contact us if you have any further info.

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We have a new cousin: Janis Partian.  She is also descended of Richard who md Mary McGlothlin.  They had a dau named Emma Corrine who was Janis' grandmother.

Patty Whitecotton  is descended from Richard's son Richard who md Mary McGlothlin.  They had a dau named Lucy who was Patty's grandmother. 

Welcome David Sills who descends from Mary Elisabeth (b. 1873) who married Granville Redmon. 

Descendants of Richard Leigh, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. RICHARD1 LEIGH was born 1802 in Georgia or South Carolina1, and died Dec 1859 in Carroll Co., Tn2. He married MARTHA "PATSEY" HUMPHREY Abt. 1825.

We don't know for sure if this is our Richard's family. All the evidence seems to add up, but we don't have any definite proof yet. Some of the information here comes from 1850 Tippah Co., MS census, 1860 Carroll Co., TN census, a will of Richard Sr's and some land deeds. Unfortunately, the will does not list his children and although the deeds state that Richard and Hildra are selling land they inherited from their father, Richard's doesn't mention his wife or children. We do not know where Richard and Patsey are buried (yet), perhaps that will add more clues.

Some members of this family are in the Carroll County, TN History Book.

There was a pneumonia outbreak in Carroll County in the winter of 1859-60. It must have been terrible for the children to lose both their parents just a month apart. It must have been an awful epidemic as I only have one page of the mortality schedule for 1860, but over half of those listed died of pneumonia--something I, personally, have had several times.

Richard's will reads:  (Click here for scanned copy)

[pgs 351-352 Will Book A, Carroll County TN ]

I Richard Leigh Senior do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made

First I direct that my personal expences and all my just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any moneys that I may died possessed of or may first come into the hand of my executrix

Secondly I give and bequeath to my wife Patsey Leigh formerly Patsey Humphrey all my Land with all the appertinances thereto together with all my person property money notes of which I m ay die possessed of to use as she may deem most conducive to her interest during her natural life and after he death what remains unconsumed by her I will that it be equally divided between my legitimate children.

Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my wife Patsy Leigh my exutrix and excuse her from giving security in witness where of I do to this my will set my hand & seal this ___ day of April 1855

Richard Leigh (X his mark)

Signed sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names herto in the presence of the Testator this ___ day of April 1855

test Jesse Giles

M. C. Giles

State of Tennessee, Carroll County, Term of 1859

We have recently found out that Richard Leigh made a deed to Jesse Giles signed Oct. 17, 1860 (page 247/248) and Hilda Leigh made the next deed Sept. 29 1860. These were both recorded May 7, 1868.  I have sent for these records.  ( Click here to see what they have to say. ) While they do indicate that Richard and Hilda sold their interest in their share of their father's estate, the documents still do not clarify that this Richard is Our Richard but it does strengthen our circumstantial evidence.

Matilde  Humphrey.jpg (46443 bytes)

Jesse Giles is mentioned in several documents. I got this from my Aunt Mid:  "The picture I am sending is an old tin-type. I got it from a lady years ago who was related to the person. Written on the back of the picture is: "Aunt Matilde Humphrey, Lee Giles' sister." The picture is from Susie Josephine (Goats) Giles, wife of Oscar W. Giles. Her mother was Martha E. (Mattie) Giles, dau of Leander (Lee) Granville Giles who was the son of Jesse Giles."  (Click on the image to see a larger view.)


i. EMELINE2 LEIGH, b. 1827.  In the 1860 census of Carroll Co., TN Dist 8, House 933, they are living in Christian's Chapel Church of Christ area; Emaline 33, Adaline 31, Eliz J 27, Nancy C. 22, Lucy 20, James D. 18, Wm. D 16, Lucinda 13, Sarah 11 and next door, Richard 24 with wife Mary E. Green age 20.

ii. ADELINE LEIGH, b. 1829, Tennessee.

iii. HILDRA LEIGH, b. 1831, Tennessee.

iv. MARTHA LEIGH, b. 1833, Tennessee.

v. ELIZABETH J. LEIGH, b. 1835, Tennessee.

vi. RICHARD LEIGH, b. 11 May 1836, Tn; d. 06 Jan 1894, Christian Co., Mo.

vii. NANCY C. LEIGH, b. 1840, Tennessee. Married Thomas W. STACY.  This was his 3rd wife.

viii. LUCY LEIGH5, b. 07 Apr 1840; may have married  JOHN WILLIAM TURNER BUSH, 24 Nov 1861.  They are both buried at Christian's Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery, Carroll Co., TN

ix. JAMES B. LEIGH, b. 1842, Tennessee.

x. WILLIAM D. LEIGH, b. 1844; d. 08 Mar 1864 during the Civil War and is buried at Memphis TN.  

xi. LAODICIA (or Ludicee) LEIGH, b. 1846, MS.  married James Ceburn LAWRENCE.  Their children were Monroe, James Priestly, Elizabeth Josephine, Murry and Ella.  Elizabeth (b 1878 d 1956) married George H. Wright KELLY 24 Sep 1898.

xii. SARAH A. B. LEIGH, b. 1848, Ms; may have been married to  ISAIAH MORRIS6 who served the Union Army in the Civil War.

This photo is of my grandmother, Rosie LEIGH holding her daughter Leona, Rosie's husband Roy HENRY, Mary Elisabeth GREEN LEIGH, Lilly, Margaret holding Earl, Dorothy and standing proudly next to his new phonograph is William "Bill" LEIGH. This was probably taken about 1909.  Click on it for a larger view.


"Mary's parents are unknown and, according to family stories, they died of yellow fever by 1850 when she is being raised by 'a near relative'. Mary Green is listed in the 1850 census of Carroll Co., TN in the family of Elisabeth Humphrey, a widow, age 60, with several children of her own. Mary was 11 years old. She had an only brother, Joseph M. Green and a grandmother whose last name was Bly or Blythe. This grandmother suposedly left Mary an estate in TN which was never collected by Mary or her family and was probably lost to taxes or by some other means." [Mildred Ambler, 1998]

Elizabeth HUMPHREY

Elizabeth and her family are in the 1850 & 1860 census of Carroll Co., TN Dist 8.  In 1860 they are in House 960: Enoch Humphreys 42 b TN; Elizabeth 70 b NC; Anna 32 b NC

In House 959: Joseph Humphreys 27 b NC; Adaline 20 (believe this is Julia A. Wilson m 19 Aug 1859)

In House 936: (All born in TN) Wm. Humphrey age 32; Mary M. 29; George W 10; Joseph H. 5; Emily J. 3; Malinda C. 9/12

In House 987: (All born in TN) James H. Humphreys 34; Martha C. 31 (nee Black); James H. 10; Alexander 10; Rebecca 8: Emily 6: Sarah P. 3; and Lucinda.

I believe those in houses 959 and 936 are Elizabeth's children.

Enoch deeded Elizabeth 90 acres, (for love and affection for his mother), on 15 Dec 1851. Jesse Giles witnessed this transaction. Then on 28 Dec 1857, Jesse Giles deeded 50 acres to Enoch and Joseph Humphrey. 


Children of ELIZABETH are:

i. ENOCH2 HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1818. 

ii. ELIZABETH HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1823.

iii. ANN HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1825.

iv. SARAH HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1827.

v. PHEBY HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1828.

vi. WILLIAM HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1829.

vii. JOSEPH HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1833.  He is buried at Christian's Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery, Carroll Co., TN1

viii. MARION HUMPHREY, b. Abt. 1834.

ix. JOSEPH GREEN, b. Bef. 1839.

x. MARY ELISABETH GREEN, b. 25 Dec 1839, Greenville, Greene Co., Tn; d. 18 Jun 1913, Ozark, Mo.


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