91st PA--Philadelphia Home Guard

Local Intelligence: The Home Guard

[source: 'Local intelligence: home guard', Philadelphia Inquirer, 29 April 1861, page 2]


Most active steps are being taken for the complete and effective organization of the Home Guard of the Thirteenth Ward. The first Company of Juniors have organized.--Mr. E. A. [sic] GREGORY was elected Captain by acclamation. In addition to this fine company, 154 members have been enrolled and sworn.--These, when 200 names are received, will comprise the Old or "Reserve Guard," and the second Company of "Juniors." A civil organization, composed of the members of the three companies, has been formed, the object of which is to provide funds for the support of the families of any members or companies who may be called into active service. The entire corps will be most handsomely equipped. A large fund has been contributed for the purpose, so that, should there be any members unable to provide their own uniforms, they will be furnished from this general fund. The arrangements in regard to this matter are admirable.


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