91st PA in Military District of Washington

Statement of troops

Statement of troops in the Military District of Washington, Brig. Gen. James S. Wadsworth commanding, May 31, 1862.

[I didn't transcribe Whipple's Brigade or Sturgis' Brigade]

Provost Guard (*)
Maj. W. E. DOSTER.
10th New Jersey (eight companies).
86th New York (seven companies).
2d Pennsylvania Cavalry (two companies).
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry (two companies).

Infantry (+)
2d District of Columbia, Col. I. A. Peck.
32d Mass., Lieut. Col. F. J. Parker.
69th New York, Col. Robert Nugent.
86th New York (detachment), Col. B. P. Bailey.
26th Pennsylvania (one company), Capt. J. B. Adams.
91st Pennsylvania, Col. E. M. Gregory.
99th Pennsylvania, Col. Peter Fritz.
1st U.S. (one company).
11th U.S. (two companies).
12th Virginia (one company).

[Official records, series 1 volume 12 part 3 page *]

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