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The RYFF family came to the United States from Switzerland in 1845. Their mother, Anna Marie Heinemann, died and was buried at sea while traveling here with the family. We have extensive information on some members of the family and would like to contact others who might be related to us. We descend from Jacob III who died during the Civil War when about 31 years of age. Their name was spelled as RYF on the original Swiss records but has changed to at least 20 different spellings here in the United States.

The picture below is of a Civil War soldier which we are beginning to believe is our Jacob Ryff. It was in the possession of one of his grandchildren and was labeled only as "Hugh's Family." There is no other reason Hugh Fradenburg would have had the picture - unless it was that of his own father, Alonzo Fradenburg, who was also a Civil War soldier. This is a mystery we will probably never be able to solve.

Believed to be a picture of Jacob Ryff

Gravestone of Jacob RYFF at the
Custer National Cemetery in Montana.
He is buried under the name Jacob RIFF.

Amelia - 14 children & still smiling!

The Family of Jacob Ryff and Amelia Förster

          Family Group Sheet

 FAMILY OF Jacob RYF/RYFF and Amelia Augusta FÖRSTER

          Jacob RYF/RYFF
          b ca 1833/34 Berne, SWZ
     m 02 Sep 1855 Watertown, Jefferson, WI
          d 19 Sep 1864 Fort Rice, Dakota Territory
          His Father: Eusebius RYF
          His Mother: Anna Maria HEINEMANN Ryf

          Amelia Augusta FÖRSTER Ryf/Ryff Maier
          b 18 Mar 1839 Weinbele (Wunbele), Sachsen, GER
          m 02 Sep 1855 Watertown, Jefferson, WI
          d 13 Jul 1914 Harrison Twp, Kandiyohi, MN
          Her Father: Samuel FÖRSTER
          Her Mother: Johanna Rosina "Rosa" NELSON Förster
          Her Other Husbands 2: William (Wilhelm) MAIER

          1. Amelia Wilhelmina "Minnie" RYF/RYFF Fradenburg
          b 11 Feb 1858 Forest City, Meeker, MN
          d 16 Jan 1921 Ridgefield, Clark, WA
          m Alonzo FRADENBURG 01 Jun 1873 Harrison, Kandiyohi, MN

          2. John Samuel RYFF
          b 19 May 1860 Forest City, Meeker, MN
          d 11 Jul 1934 Paynesville, MN
          m Mary Ann STOFFERS Ryff 15 Jun 1882 Atwater, Kandiyohi, MN

          3. Mary Elisabeth RYFF/RIEFF Lehrer
          b 27 Apr 1862 Forest City, Meeker, MN
          d 22 Feb 1910 Red Lake Falls, MN
          m Andreas/Andrew LEHRER MN?

4. Maria RYF/RYFF Witthoeft
          b 27 June1864 Forest City, Meeker, MN
          m Heinrich WITTHOEFT 30 March 1880 Harrison, Kandiyohi, MN

Amelia's other 10 children with William Maier are shown under the surname of MAIER.

The Family of Eusebius Ryff
 and Anna Maria Heinemann

          Family Group Sheet 25 Apr 1998

          FAMILY OF Eusebius RYF and Anna Maria HEINEMANN

          Eusebius RYF
b 02 Jan 1792 Basel, SWZ
          d 28 Jan 1867 Helenville, Jefferson, WI

          Anna Maria HEINEMANN Ryf
          b SWZ
          d 1845 Died/buried at sea

          1. Eusebius RYF/REYFF
          b 04 Feb 1820 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ
          d 18 Aug 1862 New Ulm, MN
          m Margreth ROCK Reyff
          2. Anna RYF
          b 18 Nov 1821 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ
          d 18 Feb 1826 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ

          3. Anna Maria RYF
          b 27 Mar 1823 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ
          d 24 Sep 1823 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ

4. Heinrich (Henry) RYFF
          b 11 Jan 1825 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ
          d 30 Oct 1870 Jefferson, Jefferson, WI
          m 26 Apr 1886 Jefferson Co, WI

          5. Johannes RYF
          b 08 Oct 1826 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ
          d died USA

          6. Jacob RYF I
          b 17 Aug 1828 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ
          d 25 Dec 1828 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ

          7. Jacob RYF II
          b 04 Oct 1829 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ
          d 05 Oct 1829 Bennwil, Basel, SWZ

          8. Gottlieb RYF
          b 25 Dec 1830 Basel, SWZ
          d 28 Feb 1908 Atwater, Kandiyohi, MN
          m Feronica/Fannie STECKEL Ryff 1864 WI
          other marriages 2: Augusta KUHN Ryf/Rief

          9. Jacob RYF III
          b ca 1833/34 Berne, SWZ
          d 19 Sep 1864 Fort Rice, Dakota Territory
          m Amalia Augusta
FÖRSTER Ryff Maier 02 Sep 1855 Watertown,
                 Jefferson, WI

          10. Samuel RYF/RIEFF
          b 19 Mar 1837 Basel, SWZ
          d 09 Dec 1881 Helenville, WI
          m Anna Barbara MARTIN Rieff 21 Sep 1862 Helenville, Jefferson, WI
          other marriages 2: Margaretha Barbara REUL Rieff

          11. Benjamin RYF/RIEFF
          b 28 Nov 1840 Berne, SWZ
          d 01 Sep 1870 Helenville, Jefferson, WI
          m Katarina Barbara THOMA Rieff 06 Nov 1862 St. Peters Lutheran, Helenville, WI.

          12. Emanuel Meathaene RYF/REYFF
          b 14 Jul 1841 Berne, SWZ
          d 01 Aug 1915 Atwater, Kandiyohi, MN
          m Anna Maria Margaretha WOLFMEYER Ryf/Reyff 31 May 1867 Helenville, Jefferson, WI

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