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Benton High School 1967
Benton, Saline County, Arkansas

Benton High School 1967 Yearbook Cover.

This does not include all names in the yearbook at this time nor all the photographs. If you wish a photograph that is not included, please email me here. Be sure to type 1967 Benton Yearbook in the subject line.

If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please email me so that I may include that information. The names of those I know to be deceased are shown in italics. If I have the obituary, I have a link by the deceased's name. Please click on the link to view the obituary.  Be sure to check out the Class of 1967 Website.


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Most Beautiful
Charlene Smithson, Beverly Spivey, Kathy Powell, Karen Crowe

Most Handsome
Mike Perry, Dennis Beaty, James Spears, Larry Adams

Saline County Fair Queen
Debbie Richards and Susan Walker (runner-up)

Junior Miss Delegate-at-Large
Reggie Richards and Dorothy Maddox

Homecoming Queen and Royalty
Queen: Kathy McAdoo
Senior Maid: Dianne Davis
Junior Maid: Donna Johnston
Sophomore Maid: Karen Crowe

Mr. and Miss BHS
Kathy McAdoo and Jerry Moore

Key Club Sweetheart
Mary Jack Sturgeon

Y-Teen Beau
Ronnie Glosson

Mardi Gras Queen and Royalty
Queen: Reggie Richards
Jean Scott, Mary Jack Sturgeon, Pat Parsons, Rosemary Dopierala

Panther Miss
Renee Westerman
Susan Walker, first runner-up
Mary Jack Sturgeon, second runner-up

Panther Mister
Kent Brewer
Doug Wilson, first runner-up
Bill Blakely, second runner-up



President: Bobby Meeks
Vice-President: Nick Landers
Secretary: Susan Walker
Treasurer: Dorothy Maddox


Sherry Shelnut
Jim Kelley


Science: Rosemary Normile
Choir: Ronnie Glosson
Math: Dean Rainey
Band: Carroll Davis
English: Mary Jack Sturgeon
Commercial: Joyce Kates
Home Economics: Pam Wisdom
Physical Education: Kay Smith
Physical Education: Ricky Lumpkins
American History: Theresa Williams


Carroll Davis, Ronnie Glosson, Tim Lewis, Bobby Meeks, Kenneth Musteen, Mike Ramsey


Donna Barber, Marie Burruss, Dianne Davis, Barbara Farley, Paula Madden, Janice Nelson, Kay Smith, Mary Jack Sturgeon


Wittiest: Jim Kelley and DaVonne Harris
Cutest: Beverly Spivey and Kenneth Musteen
Friendliest: Dorothy Maddox and Bobby Meeks
Most Likely to Succeed: Rosemary Normile and Dean Rainey
Most School Spirit: Paula Burton and Tim Lewis
Most Courteous: Susan Walker and Bob Hogue
Most Talented: Reggie Richards and Billy Killian
Best Personality: Jim Kelley and Marilyn Herring
Best Dressed: Rick Crawford and Barbara Farley
Best-All-Around: Bobby Meeks and Kathy McAdoo


Allen, Carla

Atkins, Ruth

Barber, Donna    Girl's State

Barnes, Carolyn

Barnes, Marilyn

Barnes, Wilma

Beam, Phyllis    Phyllis was born 23 July 1949, and was married to Lannie Carl Rickard. She died 4 August 2013.    Phyllis Beam Rickard Obituary

Beggs McAdoo, Linda

Biehslich, Helen

Blankenship, Ben Edward

Borgman, Richard

Bowen, Patricia Ann

Bradford, Frank    Franklin E. Bradford was born 1 January 1947 and died 29 July 1983; A1C US Air Force Vietnam; buried Hicks Cemetery, Benton, Arkansas

Bragg, Susan

Brown, Linda Gail

Brown, Timothy Wayne

Bridges, Bill

Brisban, Susie

Burks, Donnie

Burks, Suzanne

Burruss, Marie    Girl's State

Burton, Beverly Jean

Burton, Paula Marie    Most School Spirit

Butler, Ricky Lynn

Catton, Mike    Michael Lynn Catton was born 14 August 1949 and died 27 February 1973.

Caviness, Lynda

Chambers, Thomas W.

Chastain, Sherry Lynn

Childress, Peggy Ann

Chism, Glenn    Glenn Ray Chism was born 30 April 1949 and died 3 February 2007.    Glenn Ray Chism Obituary

Combs, Betty

Cook, James D.

Crawford, Rick    Best Dressed

Crowson, Nick

Darrow, Elizabeth

Davis, Carroll    Boy's State, Outstanding Senior Band

Davis, Diane (or Dianne)    Homecoming Senior Maid, Girl's State

Davis, John

Dickens, Willie Carolyn

Dickerson, E. W.    Eastman W. Dickerson was born 8 August 1949, and died 8 September 2003.

Dopierala, Rosemary

Dovers, Dennis Ray

Drennan, Johnny L.

Dunkin, Judy Maxine

Edgin, Wayne

Edmonson, Charley    Charles Morris "Charley" Edmonson was born 1 February 1949 and died 11 July 2011.    Charles Morris Edmonson Obituary

Ellis, James W.    He died 5 March 1998.    James Ellis Obituary

Elrod, Mike

Emmons, Sidney William

Etzberger, Bazel L.    Bazel Lonzo Etzberger Jr. was born 16 May 1949 and died 3 October 1991.

Farley, Barbara Ann    Girl's State, Best Dressed

Floyd, Donna

Fox, Janet Dianne

Freeman, Charles

Gatlin, Carolyn

George, Jerry

Gillis, Bob

Gilmore, Martha

Glosson, Ronald Dale "Ronnie"    Boy's State, Outstanding Senior Choir, School-day Photo

Gray, Gwendolyn Carol

Green, Geanice

Griffith, Ronnie

Halbert, Shirley Jean

Hall, Linda Kathleen

Hambric, Carroll    Carroll H. Hambric was born 8 October 1949 and died 23 July 2016.    Carroll H. Hambric Obituary

Hanley, Bob    Robert Lindsey "Bob" Hanley was born 18 April 1948 and died 24 March 2011.    Robert Lindsey "Bob" Hanley Obituary

Hannon, Calvin Calcutta    He is deceased.

Hannah, Greg    He is deceased.

Harrington, Charles

Harris, Anita DeVone (or DaVonne)    Wittiest

Harrison, Chrys G.

Harrison, Diane

Henry, Phyllis

Heard, Piercy

Hecox, Janet Sue

Herring, Marilyn Sue    Best Personality

Hester, Paul

Hill, Shirley

Hockersmith, Tip

Hogue, Robert Paul "Bob"    Most Courteous

Hollinger, Billy Carrol

Hopper, Howard    Howard J. Hopper was born 16 May 1949 and died 9 March 1984 and is buried in New Rosemont Cemetery.    Howard J. Hopper Obituary

Houpt, David

Huggins, Charles

Hughes, David Terry

Hughes, Reba J.    Reba was born 3 August 1948 and died 21 February 2010.    Reba Hughes Gay Obituary

Hutchings, James

Hutchings, Larry

Johnston, Gary

Jones, Eddie

Kates, Joyce    Outstanding Senior Commercial

Keaton, Joyce

Keen, Butch

Kelley, Jim    Senior Favorite, Wittiest, Best Personality

Killian, Bill (or Billy)    Most Talented

King, Ronald

Kitchens, Suzette Sharon

Kyle, Donald

Landers, Nick    Class Vice President, School-day photo

Langley, Dave

Langley, John    John Otis Langley Jr. died 13 October 1990.    John Otis Langley Jr. obituary

Langley, Randall

Laster, Elizabeth

Lee, Cloteal Yvonne

Leird, Donna

Lewis, Evelyn Kay

Lewis, Tim    Boy's State, Most School Spirit

Lovell, Gary Michael

Lovell, Anita Jolene

Loyd, Mary Elizabeth

Loyd, Peggy Irene

Lumpkins, Ricky    Oustanding Senior Physical Education    Richard Lynn Lumpkins was born 14 July 1949 and died 13 February 2007.    Richard Lynn Lumpkins Obituary

Madden, Paula    Girl's State

Maddox, Dorothy    Class Treasurer, Friendliest

Marshall, Beth

Matthews, Bridgett

Markel, Nick

McAdoo, Kathy    Homecoming Queen, Miss B.H.S., Best All-Around

McCutcheon, Joe

McWilliams, Mickey Lee

Meeks, Bobby    Class President, Boy's State, Friendliest, Best All-Around, School-day Photo    He is deceased.

Miller, Patricia Ann

Moberly, Carol Sue

Moody, Darlene

Mooney, Debroah

Moore, Connie

Moore, Jerry P.    Mr. B.H.S.

Morton, Dorothy

Musteen, Kenneth    Boy's State, Cutest    He died 30 June 2009. Kenneth Musteen Obituary

Nalley, David Mark

Nalley, Linda

Nelson, Dale

Nelson, Janice (or Janis)    Girl's State

Nevin, Jim

Nichols, Linda Lee

Nolen, Tommy

Normile, Rosemary    Outstanding Senior Science, Most Likely to Succeed    Rosemary Normile Edwards was born 23 August 1949 and died 18 June 2004.

Owens, Muriel

Owens, L. Ralph

Parish, Vickie

Parker, Paula

Parsons, Patricia

Pelton, Jackie

Perry, Mike

Powell, Linda A.

Powell, Tommy

Prince, Phillip E.

Prince, J. Ronnie    Ronnie Prince is deceased.    James Ronald Prince Obituary

Rabb, Mike

Rainey, Dean    Outstanding Senior Math, Most Likely to Succeed

Raney, Robert J.

Rains, Fred

Ramsey, Mike    Boy's State    He is deceased.

Ramsey, Tommy    Thomas "Tom" Ramsey was born 8 August 1949 and died 3 December 2016.    Thomas Ramsey Obituary

Ray, April

Ray, James

Reddig, Gary

Revis, Jerry

Richards, Jeff

Richards, Regina Lynn "Reggie"    Most Talented, Mardi Gras Queen

Rickett, Lowell

Rickman, Ellis

Riley, Janet

Robbins, Dennis   Dennis was born 26 September 1949 and died 26 August 1968 while serving with the US Marine Corps in Republic of Vietnam, South Vietnam.  He was awarded the Purple Heart and is buried in Pinecrest Memorial Park Cemetery.    Dennis Truman Robbins Obituary

Rollans, Sam

Rollon, Carol

Sample, Carol

Sample, Richard

Samples, Charlene

Sanderlin, Linda

Schrimph, Stephen

Scott, Susan Marie

Selph, Linda

Shelnut, Sherry    Senior Favorite    She was born 3 December 1949 in Benton and was married to Oren Austin. She died 18 November 2005. Sherry Lynn Shelnut Austin Obituary

Shore, Bonnie Jean

Smith, Fred

Smith, Kay    Girl's State, Outstanding Senior Physical Education    She is deceased.

Smith, Phyllis

Spears, Ralph

Spivey, Beverly    Cutest

Stevens, Carol Dean

Stone, Gary

Struble, Bill

Sturgeon, Mary Jack    Girl's State, Outstanding Student English, School-day Photo

Styles, Tracy

Sullins, Sylvia

Sykes, Boyd

Tackett, Jerry

Teague, Carolyn

Tedford, Kathy

Thomas, Debbie    classroom photo

Tull, Martin

Turbyfill, Mickey

Tyson, Virginia

Verdier, Oneta Faith

Walker, Susan    Class Secretary, Girl's State, Most Courteous    She is deceased.

Wallace, Betty

Walters, Linda J.

Warden, Richard Edward

Weser, Jim

Weise, Barbara Ann

Westbrook, Thomas Bartley

Whitley, Ronald N.

Wickliffe, Jim

Williams, Teresa (or Thersa)    Outstanding Senior American History    She is deceased.

Wilson, Chester Lee

Wilson, Doug

Wilson, James    James Oliver Wilson was born 2 June 1949 and died 26 August 2015.    James Oliver Wilson Obituary

Wilson, Kay    Wanda Kay Wilson died 24 June 1968.    Wanda Kay Wilson Obituary

Witham, Janie

Whitmire, Ronnie

Wisdom, Pamela Jo "Pam"    Outstanding Senior Home Economics

Wright, Danny

Yarberry, Marsha Sue



President: Donald Covert
Vice-President: Joe Caldwell
Secretary: Shelley Tedford
Treasurer: Jan Harrison


Dianne Brummett
Rusty Wilbanks


Bill Adams, Larry Adams, Alvin Anderson, Glenn Arrowood, Patricia Ashley, Brenda Austin, Ann Babb, Linda Bailey, Larry Barnett, Wilberta Barnette, Jim Baxley, Mary Beaty, Mike Beaty, Frances Begoom, Judy Bergner McAdory, Ronnie Blacklock, Bill Blakely, Charles Blevins, Randy Bowen, Mike Bradshaw, Don Brazil, Paul Breitweiser, Dianne Brummett, Linda Bufford, Faye Bullock, Vicki Bumgardner, Pat Burchfield, Billy Burnett, Joe Caldwell, Diane Calfee, Stanley Carson, Judy Catton, Don Chappel, Jimmy Chism, Kenneth Chism, Kathy Clay, David Clemens, Curtis Cloud, Alberta Cole, Peter Collier, Clark Conrad, John Cook, Vicki Cook, Donald Covert, Nancy Cox, Danny Crowson, Ben Crumley, Ann Cuzzort, Dee Daniels, Ronnie Davenport, Floyd Dawson, Debbie Doughty, Ginger Drennan, Cherry Edmondson, Paula Edwards, Faye Elliot, Jackie Farner, Brenda Farrell, Don Ferguson, Connie Fikes, Nancy Fikes, Lanny Fite, Carolyn Fox, Roger Freeman, Susie Gaither, Clifton Garrett, Susette Garrett, Paul Gattin, Toby Gattin, Gann Glenn, Shirley Golleher, Donnie Griffis, Linda Hainey, Joe Hardin, Donna Hargrave, David Harper, Emily Harper, Jan Harrison, Rosemary Harrison, Judy Harville, Evalee Hass, June Haynes, Tom Hecox, Sandra Helton, Pam Hilborn, Billy Hill, Glenn Hill, Phil Hill, Joy Hockersmith, Pam Holicer, Jim Holland, Nicky House, Margaret Jefferson, Donna Johnston, Eric Jones, Darlene Jones, Whitney Jones, Jim Kane, Randy Kauffman, George Kerr, Donald Kesterson, Gary Kindy, Betty Lasiter, Dusty Leavelle, Kathy Leeman, Maurine Lewis, Alvin Lievsay, Marilyn Littlejohn, Judy Love, Dimity Maddox, Jack Maddox, Carol Martin, Betty Mayberry, Bonnie McAdoo, Terry McClenahan, Gary McCormick, Betty McCutcheon, Ronnie McDonald, Herman McElhaney, Vicki McGohan, Dalvin Metcalf, Carolyn Meyers, Diane Milam, Margaret Mitchell, Johnny Mooney, Ben Moore, Lonnie Morrow, Ronnie Nalley, Kaye Neal, Jeannie Newcomb, Phyllis Owens, Larry Page, Judy Parish, Jimmy Parker, Travis Parker, Diane Phelps, Karen Petross, Grisham Phillips, Gary Pierce, James Posey, Kathy Powell, Carolyn Pritchard, Kirk Pritchard, Diana Pyle, Richard Ramsey, Mike Rasburry, Beth Ray, Fanda Ray, Butch Redden, David Rich, Debbie Richards, Linda Richmond, John Riddle, Janice Rowland, Kathy Russ, Richard Sabo, Charles Sample, Greg Sawyer, Pete Schrimpf, Jean Scott, Ann Scroggins, Janice Seals, Jimmy Sheridan, Albert Strickland, Pat Stiles, Travis Smith, Greg Styles, Charlotte Sykes, Nancy Tanner, Patsy Tarvin, Linda Tate, Debbie Taylor, Shelly Tedford, Kay Thomas, Linda Thornberry, Robert Thornton, Gary Tidwell, Vicki Toland, Beverly Underwood, Jackie Underwood, Charles Walker, Ronnie Walker, Linda Wallace, Wayne Wallace, David Walls, Jimmy Walsh, Janet Ward, Joe Ward, Darrel Warford, Delaine Warford, Pat Watkins, Allen Watts, Richard Watts, Sharon Watts, Jerry Westerman, Renee Westerman, Joyce Wheeler, Claud White, Rusty Wilbanks, Pixie Willis, Eddie Wilson, Joe Ellen Wilson, Mike Wilson, Scott Wisely, Johnny Witham, Joy Womack, Roy Womack, David Wood, David Woodall, Danny Wright, Al Yates, Cathy Yates, Garry Yielding, Teddy Youngblood



President: Gordon Griffin
Vice-President: Arthur Wilson
Secretary: Karen Crowe
Treasurer: Kathy Walker


Kathy Walker and Don Curtis


Cathy Abbott, Johnny Abbott, Larry Adams, Jeff Alder, Billie Anderson, Yvonne Anderson, Nancy Asbury, Bill Ashley, Gloria Ashley, Gary Atkinson, James Babbitt, Linda Babbitt, Becky Bailey, Louise Bailey, Jerry Baker, Garry Ballard, Louise Balmer, Walter Banks, Patsy Barrett, Shirley Bean, Bob Beaty, J. P. Blankenship, Diane Bickle, Dalton Bradbury, Narrie Bolt, Rickey Bragg, Doug Bradley, Johnny Bramlet, Kent Brewster, James Brown, Betty Bryant, Johnny Bryant, Peggy Burchan, James Burrow, Frankie Butler, Candy Callahan, Diane Callahan, Sherry Carden, Peggy Carroll, Mark Carter, Debbie Cash, J. R. Cash, Bill Chastain, Steve Clift, Tamara Cockman, Drue Silla Coleman, Sharon Collatt, Kathy Cox, Dusty Crain, Terry Crnak, Dave Crawford, Kathleen Crook, Karen Crowe, Jim Crutchfield, Don Curtis, Larry Curtis, Jeff Davenport, Tommy Davis, Mary Dodson, Mike Doughty, Pam Downs, Denny Dyer, Donna Edmonson, Vickie Evens, Charlie Farr, Betty Fletcher, Brenda Fowler, paul Franklin, Bill Featherston, Bruce Galbraith, Rhonda Gault, Laura Glover, Sharon Glover, Jana Golden, Aurthur B. Gooding, Freddy Goodwin, Darlene Grant, Karla Green, Tim Greer, Charlotte Green, Susie Grisham, Diane Griffin, Donna Griffin, Gordon Griffin, Libby Guffey, Debbie Halpain, Eutha Hamm, Kathy Hamm, Mary Gwyn Hansen, John Hannah, Jacelyn Hannah, John Hayes, Sam Hayre, Gary Harris, Tommy Harris, Alan Harrison, Duretta Harrison, Patty Harrison, Karen Hawkins, Rosie Heard, Peggy Hellen, Alfred Hendrix, Ann Henson, Bradford Higgins, Carl Hill, Joanna Hobbs, Joe Hockersmith, Ronnie Hogue, Linda Hulsey, Joe Hutchingson, Justin Ives, Rita Ivy, Linda James, David Johnson, Doris Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Bobby Jones, Jean Jones, John Kane, Cheryl King, Rickey King, Ronnie King, Glenda Kreceman, Larry Kyle, Mike Kyle, Rudy Kyle, Dennis Laird, Vicci Lancaster, Linda Ledbetter, Mary Ledbetter, Vickie Lovell, Dan Leeman, Bill Lequieu, Joyce Linton, Bill McAdoo, Peeny McCray, Doug McCutcheon, Robert McPherson, Jackie McDaniel, Lloyd Mcelhaney, Mickey McGuire, Becky McMurry, Bill Magee, Juanita Madison, Jan Marshall, Dale Martin, Spurg Mask, Larry Mattingly, James Middlebrooks, Larry Mattingly, Ralph Melton, Coleen Miller, Danny Mitchell, Shirley Moore, Theresa Morris, Jimmy Morrow, Mary Morton, Betty Nalley, Joan Nalley, Joy Neely, Paul Nicklaus, Kathy Nicklaus, Jerry Norris, Roy Norris, Danny O'Brien, Frank Opitz, Charles Owens, Rhoda Parker, Diane Parson, Sandra Parson, Debbie Perry, Ralph Pettit, Joe Pierce, Larry Pierce, Krissy Plummer, Christy Pope, Larry Porterfield, Dale Poulnott, William Prysock, Linda Puckett, Johnny Purtle, Rickey Purtle, Marsha Ramsey, Lloyd Radican, Don Red, Shiela Rice, Larry Reeves, Jane Robertson, Bill Rowland, Mary Rowland, Terry Russell, Tommy Ryburn, Bobbie Sanderlin, Adotha Scott, Claudia Scott, Mike Scott, Johnny Selby, Debbie Shears, Sandford Shell, Charles Shellnut, Randy Shellnut, Rusty Sheridan, Barbara Simmons, Wayne Simpson, Darlene Sims, Ralph Sims, Gerlene Singleton, Charles Skinner, Kenneth Smith, Travis Smith, Jane Smithers, Kathy Smithers, Leon Snearly, James Spears, David Steele, Rachel Sturm, Beverly Stuckey, Stan Stone, Gay Tapley, Chuck Tanner, Rickey Tedford, Ralph Tillery, Eddie Todd, Calvin Turbyfill, Patti Vance, Ronnie Vehn, John Verdier, Angela Vick, Everett Wake, Kathy Walker, Donnie Ward, Owen Warford, Daryl Wells, David West, Pat West, Andy Westbrook, Bud Westbrook, Francis Whatley, Betty White, Bob White, Gloria White, Janette White, Jimmy White, Robert White, Susan White, Wayne White, Rudy Whitfield, Pat Wiggins, Milo Williams, Kathy Winemiller, Mike Wilson, Arthur Wilson, Robert Wilson, Don Wine, Sally Witham, Linda Withrow, Curt Wright, Jackie Wright, Ronnie Wright



President: Keith Thomas
Vice-President: Preston Cooper
Secretary: Rebecca Bivens
Treasurer: Dennis Beaty


Rebecca Bivens and Keith Thomas


Queen: Deborah Hollowell
Court: Cindy Fikes, Susan Carter, Debby Kaye, Sue Hodges, Debbie Grady, Donna Jefferson


Roberta Abernathy, Gill Adams, Jack Adams, Rickey Adkins, Ronnie Alexander, Cynthia Ammons, Darrell Ammons, JoAnn Armjo, David Arrowood, Kenneth Asher, Herman Ashley, Grace Atkins, Martha Austin, Cathy Avaritt, Janie Ballard, Vickie Banks, Karl Barnes, Garry Barnett, Alan Baxley, Brenda Beaty, Dennis Beaty, Felton Beaty, Ann Beck, Gary Benson, Peggy Berry, Franklin Berryman, Rebecca Bivens, Dewayne Bogan, Jennipher Boone, Diana Bowers, Rebecca Bradbury, Billy Bragg, Amy Brazil, Deborah Brents, Jane Bridges, Sharon Bridges, Clifford Bufford, Marsha Buie, Janet Butler, Dwight Burch, Janice Burks, Dennis Burrows, Richard Burrows, Delaine Caldwell, Virginia Canada, Marvin Caple, Roy Carper, Buddy Carter, Danny Cates, Alan Caviness, Ken Chastain, Roy Childress, Brenda Chism, Kathie Chism, Carolyn Cloud, Cathy Cobb, Chris Cobb, John Coburn, Wayne Collins, Chris Conrad, Wyndham Cook, Preston Cooper, Debra Covert, Darlene Cox, Gary Cox, Peggy Cox, Debbie Crain, Jim Crawford, Stephanie Crook, Wayne Crossley, Charles Cunningham, Debbie Cushing, Debra Dacus, Mike Darnell, Emily Davis, Geneva Davis, Connie Dawson, Lesse Dawson, Mark Dawson, Verdell Dawson, Jerry Dixon, Anita Doddridge, Catherine Dodson, Don Dodson, Benny Dyer, Danny Edmondson, Bonnie Ellis, Dwight Everett, Patti Fagan, Gayle Fish, Earlier Fisher, Bruce Fletcher, Dennis Floyd, Greg Floyd, Diane Fowler, Sam Fulcher, Waynette Gambill, Linda Gardner, David Garner, Linda Garrett, Tommy Garrett, Jackie Gibson, Patricia Gill, Susan Glenn, Sherry Golden, Jackie Gossage, Beverly Gray, Ricky Green, Frank Griffin, Tommy Grisham, Ronnie Hall, Kirk Hannah, Audrey Harper, Eugene Hawkins, Linda Haynes, Billy Hayre, Mona Hemphill, Dallas Hendrix, Pat Henry, Karon Hester, Sandra Hester, Vickie Hicks, Sherry Hill, Willie Lou Hill, Sue Hodges, Cindy Hogue, Deborah Hollowell, Vickie House, Audrey Howard, Becky Hughes, Irene Hulsey, Jerry Hulsey, Mike Hulsey, Katherine Hussey, Troy Hussey, Danny Ivy, Robin James, Ivory Johnson, Janice Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Marsha Johnson, Paul Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Bryant Jones, Hazel Jones, Janet Jones, Debby Kaye, George Keen, Charles Keene, Randy Kent, Delbert Kesterson, Jo Ann Keys, Karen Kinkaid, Vickie Lane, Carol Langley, Darryl Langley, Larry Langley, John Lawrence, Paul Lawrence, Tommy Lawrence, Larry Lewis, Stephen Lewis, Dianna Leonard, Lee Leonard, Lynn Loe, Allen Lovell, Dric Lovell, Mike Lovell, Cathie Mabery, Jerry Mabry, Charles Marshall, Wanda Marvel, Wanda Mauldin, Andy McCallister, Alma McClendon, William McClendon, Sherry McClenny, Jackie McCray, Gynola McDonald, Neil McGlothlin, Joel McPherson, Sam McPherson, Paul McWilliams, Martin Metcalf, James Milam, Darryle Moody, Debby Moore, Dennis Moore, Ramona Moore, Verna Moore, Gary Morrow, Ronnie Mullins, Jeff Nalley, Linda Nelson, Sue Nelson, David Newcomb, Charlie Noble, Martha Nobles, Collie Norris, Jerry Norris, Susan Nutt, Darlene O'Brien, Patsy Owens, Sonny Parker, Linda Patrick, Doyle Peal, Kenneth Peal, Cathy Peeler, Debra Petross, Lynn Pierce, Bobby Plummer, John Posey, Jimmy Powell, Lynelle Purcell, Rosemary Racheal, Bob Ramsey, Tim Redden, Albert Reed, Dana Rice, Lola Raye Rice, Ronnie Rich, Betty Richmond, Nancy Ricketts, Laura Riddle, Cathy Robinson, Johnnie Robinson, Joyce Robinson, Joan Rockwell, Ricky Roers, Stewart Rogers, Johnny Rollans, Randy Rowland, David Samples, Tommy Samples, Camille Sawyer, Larry Scott, Rhonda Shannon, Linda Shaw, Brenda Shelnutt, Finis Shelnutt, Linda Sims, Kay Smith, Robert Smith, Sandy Smith, Shirley Ann Smith, Shirley Inez Smith, Charlene Smithson, Tresa Smithson, Susan Snodgrass, Kathy Southworth, Sherry Starkey, Kathy Sturm, Bill Suggs, Charlotte Summerville, Kathy Sykes, Regina Tackett, Keith Thomas, Edward Thompson, Kathy Tillman, Barbara Toney, Skip Turner, Ricky Underwood, Martha Vaughn, Wylie Vaughn, Larry Wagner, Linda Wagner, David Wallace, Jerry Wallace, Kelvin Walls, Kathy Ward, Roy Ward, Sandra Warren, Eddie Washington, Diane Wear, Gary Web, Joe Wehunt, Bill Weser, Brenda West, Helen Westbrook, George White, Kenneth White, Rochelle White, Danny Whitfield, Wendy Wiggins, Donna Wilson, Linda Wilson, Mary Wilson, Taylor Wilson, Sherry Wimberly, Bruce Wingfield, Ann Witham, Bois Witham, Mary Witham, Ricky Witham, Mike Woodall, Susan Woosley, Jean Wright, Paula Wright, Steve Wright, Bobby Ziegler